Suppose you are given the topic -describe an intelligent person you know, you are given 1 minute by the examiner to prepare yourself to talk about the particular subject for the IELTS. Topics like these cover the speaking portion of your IELTS exam. This subject is going to be called a cue. As a reference, the cue card topic, as well as guidance about the subject, are written. The topics are among the cue card topics

You need to go through 4 parts to score well in IELTS:- writing, listening, chatting, and reading. To complete the entire IELTS test, you are given 2 hours and 45 minutes. Your English speaking abilities are measured in the speaking portion. Not only does it assess the way you express yourself, but as you answer the subjective questions, several minor points are concentrated on.

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IELTS Exam Speaking Section

The speech test is the second component of the IELTS exams that will test you for your language fluency and speech skills. It is done face-to-face via video call appointments with a specially trained expert in speech and linguistics to rate you. A cue card with a subject or a topic you’re going to talk about on the spot is given to you. You are given a long training period of 1 minute and you can speak for up to 3 minutes. This is followed by a number of questions.

One such among the many cue card topics for the IELTS exam is to describe an intelligent person you know. Here is how you can answer this,

Points to Keep in Mind

Before you begin speaking you must keep in mind that you answer these key points,

You must answer this first:

  • Who is this person?
  • Why are you calling him/her smart?
  • How do you understand him/her?

Note: For one to two minutes, you will have to speak about the subject. You’ve got one minute to think about what you’re about to say. If you wish, you can make some notes to help you.

Introduce Your Topic Aspect- Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

Begin by speaking on a broad spectrum, do not directly begin by answering,

Some things that you can begin saying with,


Introducing your speaking part by saying

  • I know a number of people who are intelligent.
  • Several of my colleagues, teachers, and acquaintances I find really smart.

Answer the Question and Elaborate

Some things that you can say

  •  Who is this individual?


I would like to speak here about a friend of mine, Sonia, who is very brilliant.

She’s now 18 years of age.

She’s not tall, but she looks very handsome.

She’s got curly hair and her eyes are sparkling black.

We studied from 1st to 10th together.

Describe Your Answer In Detail

  • What’s he/she doing?


She preferred the medical stream then, while I opted for trade.

I recall vividly that, in class, she frequently ranked first.

We all used to study at home daily as we were neighbours.

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Justify Your Answer with Proper Reasoning

  • Why do you think he/she is intelligent?


In mathematics, I was slow, but she led me in such a way that I also began achieving regular mathematics grades. She was among all the good teachers’ books.

Not only was she good at studies, she still very regularly engaged in extra-curricular activities.

She took part in a quiz show organised by the Rotary Club at the state level and bagged the trophy for our school.

She has a wonderful personality and can, by cracking jokes, turn any stressful scenario into a fun one. She’s got plenty of ready wits. I just appreciate her company.

She took the IELTS exam recently and scored an overall band ranking of 7.5.

Reflect and Answer Your Personal Feelings on the Topic


She also inspired me to take the IELTS so that we could study together in Canada at a good college.

So, the person I find really intelligent is her.

I feel closer to her and respect her choices.

Prepare for Follow Up Questions

Here are some examples of follow-up questions that may be asked by the cue card “describe an intelligent person you know” by the examiner during your speech.

  1. Are most Smart People Happy?  Do You think So?

Not necessarily, however. Intelligent individuals have strong life standards. When things don’t go according to their plans, they can feel unhappy. But, at the same time, I believe it is hard to generalise. Smart people are conscious that happiness is a state of mind, so they should do their best to remain happy.

  1. Do You think People with Intellect are Selfish?

No, selfishness doesn’t have anything to do with intellect. I think being selfish is personal in nature. A smart guy may succeed in his life and may seem to be greedy, but he really is not. Also, individuals who are not so smart can be selfish. It is simply human nature to first take care of one’s own interests. Therefore, it can not be said that.

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  1. Do You Agree that Smart People are Helpful?

Well, knowledge also has nothing to do with a helpful disposition. Anyone can be helpful, but with their intellect, intelligent individuals can contribute in better ways. By giving money, people who are not intelligent but have money can help, but smart people can help by educating the disadvantaged.


In the IELTS test, scoring in the speaking segment is harder than you think. And even small details are being assessed as you speak. And as a result of scoring poorly in the talking segment, we sometimes fail to concentrate on those minor details. To know more about cue cards in the IELTS exam, check out IELTS ninja.

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