Many might wonder what do people do after they receive their IELTS scores and how to send ielts scores to universities? These are common doubts and they can be easily answered and this article provides you with a structured way to get all your answers about sending ielts results or the test score to the university.

Read the whole article to get a clear picture about the IELTS results or the test scores and sending them to the universities, because with scores in hand and waiting doesn’t get you anywhere and looking at various universities and planning according to that from the start helps and one should always have many possibilities in their mind about their university that they will be studying in and what are their requirements. Don’t worry if you didn’t we will now tour across it.

How to Access Your IELTS Results?

#Preview your IELTS results online

Login to your dashboard and get your results there.

#Receive your results by SMS

Your registered mobile number will buzz with your results.

#Receive your IELTS results by mail

Your registered email will alert you with your results.

#Collect your IELTS results from your Test Centre

If you want to have to collect your results physically then you can approach your test centre and collect your results there.

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How Do I Send IELTS Scores to Universities?

Here are the steps that will help you to send your IELTS scores to universities

Choose Universities

You can request up to 5 additional TRFs sending to 5 numerous institutes or institutions freed from charge within one month from the test date. If you request quite five TRFs, you’d pay extra fees for extra copies. If you request additional TRFs after one month from the examination date, you would like to buy each copy. Just make an inventory of your preferred schools. Check whether your IELTS total meets their provision and choose what probability of universities you’d desire to apply to.

Request Score Sending

There are two ways to request IELTS score sending, you’ll request during the registration process or after receiving your score. If you favour making the request during enrollment, furnish university names and addresses when booking a test on the test centre website or fill out the appliance form with 5 universities and send it to the closest test centre. During this case, universities may receive your total before you do. Sound alarming? Therefore, to recommend making the request after getting your total. If you’ve taken IELTS multiple times, you’ll send the simplest score! Login to the website of the IELTS test centre where you’re taking the test in the UK, India and Hong Kong. Then find Apply for additional TRFs at the left-most side of your result pane and fill out application forms online.

Choose Delivery Method

You can send your total by either electronic score report delivery or paper TRF delivery. Before selecting a score delivery procedure, check the official website of your dream universities and confirm which method they accept. you furthermore may need to buy courier or regular delivery if you send sheet TRFs. We strongly recommend choosing courier delivery like DHL instead of regular delivery because couriers can better track your payload and ensure it has been delivered.

Submit and Pay

Now you’ll accept your application and pay for it. In most cases, universities can obtain your electronic achievement report in five business days and a sheet score report in five to 10 business days.

Though the procedure sounds a little complicated, it’s a necessary step for international college application. Don’t ignore sending your achievements before application deadlines and organize everything in headway!

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How Can I Send My IELTS Score Electronically? 

The universities and the institutions have their admissions open electronically and the scores which you get can be posted electronically and there will be options given for you to choose and if you choose the E-TRF option then you have to notify or inform your desired university to download your electronic data and then from their website after they download it, you will be receiving an Extra TRF sending notice. Please concern the STED RO catalogue from the downloads category before connecting for an extra TRF.

Step by Step Procedure

#Go to the IELTS exam registration site, know the test dates and location idp IELTS India.

#Sign in to your dashboard as an aspirant.

#On the Aspirant Database, click on Apply Now which will be shown under the Add TRF section.

#Proceed with the stages as illustrated in the successive sheets. You can choose whether to send the records physically or electronically.

#Electronic records sent to institutes recorded in the STED RO chart are free whereas you will have to pay 400/1500 INR for each institute if you desire to document the records physically. The fee can be paid online after furnishing all your required details of the institutes and you do not desire to deliver any Demand Draft or DD.

IELTS Score Reporting Procedure 

Included in your test fee, British Council will send up to 5 original score records to the professions you choose. However, you want to propose this at any time during the registration process, or alternatively, you’ll request this service any time after you’re taking the examination, throughout the whole certainty period of the achievement.

Many institutions are found out to simply accept results electronically from British Council, during which case, the service is included in your five free TRFs. Once more, verify with the institute application website to ascertain if they’re going to accept an electronic TRF. Once your score is formed accessible, the varsity can continue with downloading it. It’s timely and reasonable!


Nevertheless, note that payments apply to send the physical TRF to universities via email or courier: British Council charges a further $3.75 for physical copies to be sent via airmail, or a further $19 for courier service to global destinations. Additional test reports take up to 14 working days to process after request, plus sending time, so leave a lot of time for the universities to urge the TRF, taking under deliberation the appliance deadline.

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Charges for Sending the Score 

Payments for delivering the physical document of TRF:

By Post: You expect to pay INR 400 for sharing your records with every institution. In this, IDP will not share the tracking or reference digit with you. They are moreover not accountable for the delivery.

By Courier (DHL): You are required to spend INR 1500 for sharing your IELTS records with every institution. The tracking ID/reference digit will be shared with you once the record is mailed.

Electronically: Sending the first five documents is free which you get at the moment of enrolling for the examination. After that, you are required to pay INR 250 per institute for mailing an extra score document.


So now after you know how to apply one should be clear about where to apply, you should have a clear idea in mind about which institute you have to choose and then work for it, every institute has its own requirements and that we hope your doubts have been cleared about the how to apply to the university and how to send your IELTS scores both electronically and physically. All the best for your examination and your life ahead.

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