Conestoga College is one college that was established in the year 1967 and is a leader in Polytechnic education and is one of the fastest-growing public colleges in the city of Ontario. Today, there are around 18,500 full-time students that are studying, learning, and evolving at our eight campuses and the training centres. Along with this, there are over 30,000 continuing education registrations in over 200 programs.

It is one of Ontario’s fastest-growing colleges with enrollment growth of more than 42 per cent over the last five years. This college has been ranked among the very best of Ontario’s colleges for graduate employment as well as for students, graduates and employer satisfaction.

This college provides its students with more than 200 certificates, diploma, degree and postgraduate degree programs. It helps in bridging programs & universities agreements that provide the best opportunity for students to earn multiple credentials like degrees and diplomas.

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Conestoga College IELTS Requirement

In order for one to get accepted himself/herself as a Conestoga College students, one must:

#1. Meet all the program admission requirements.

#2. Provide their proof of English proficiency with the help of providing their scores for the IELTS or the TOEFL examinations. For this, IELTS through IDP or the Britich Council, both are accepted.

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Diploma or Certificate

For the Diploma and Certificate courses, it requires an individual to submit an IELTS band score of 6.0 {with a Conestoga College Band Requirement of no less than 5.5}.

Along with this, if a candidate decides to present his/her TOEFL score for the same, that must be at least around 80.

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For this, one must present a score of the IELTS examination of 6.5 {with a band score of no less than 6.0}.

For the TOEFL examination, the score should be somewhat around 88.

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Graduate Certificate

For this, one must provide a band score of the IELTS examination of 6.5 {with a band score of no less than 6.0}.

Also, for the TOEFL examination, the score should be somewhat around 88.

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Conestoga College Band Requirement

Conestoga English Level Academic IELTS Overall Band TOEFL iBT Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic
Level 1 0 – 2.5 0 – 29
Level 2 3.0 – 4.0

No band less than 2

30 – 45
Level 3 4.5 – 5.0

No band less than 4.5

46 – 60 36 – 45
Level 4 5.0 – 6.0

No band less than 5

61 – 79 46 – 62
Direct Entry to most diploma and certificate programs 6.0

No band less than 5.5

80 53 – 57
Direct Entry to graduate certificate and degree programs 6.5

No band less than 6

88 58 – 60

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Conestoga College Application Fees

In order for one to submit the Conestoga college application fees, one needs to follow a few simple steps. These are:

#1. Visit the International portal.

#2. Create an international application to the Conestoga college.

#3. Visit a list of available programs.

#4. Pay the $100.00 application that is mentioned there in order to get the application form and fill it successfully {payments can be made via Flywire}

#5. After submitting the fees, submit an application for review

#6. Upload the supporting documentation like the transcripts, study permits, etc.

#7. The next step is to view the status of your application to keep a track of it.

#8. Print the letters of acceptance

#9. Confirm the acceptance of an offer, if you have received any.

#10. Update your personal information at the end to completely fill the application form and submit it fully.

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Why IELTS is Important?

IELTS is an extremely important examination for all those individuals who want to provide proof of their language proficiency. It is also an important step in obtaining a visa effortlessly for an individual so that she/he can easily go out to work abroad. This exam is crucial and is extremely important for every other individual who wants to boost his/ her results as it is a standardised English language test that can help an individual to check their language proficiency for the place where they want to live, study, work or even settle in that country.


Hopefully, the above information must have helped an individual to know all about the knowledge that they always wanted to have regarding the Conestoga college that they have dreamt of going to. It is indeed, one of the most preferred colleges in the town and with that, it becomes the most chosen college that anyone would want to go or join.

If you have any information regarding the same, just feel free to comment down below and let us know all about it so that we can help you with that because we’ll be more than happy to help you out through this.

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