A widespread misunderstanding among students is that foreign students have no scholarship resources available. Oh, this isn’t real. Governments and universities around the world support high achieving students and have many scholarship programmes designed to draw the best and the brightest minds in their country.

Scholarships and grants are an ideal way to reduce net foreign education costs. A widespread misunderstanding among students is that foreign students have no scholarship resources available. However, this isn’t real.

Governments and colleges around the world support high-performing students and have numerous scholarship schemes aimed at recruiting their country’s best and brightest minds. 


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Types of Available Scholarships

For any kind of student, there are different kinds of scholarships available, and some strategic planning and in-depth analysis will help you land the best of them. Scholarships to study abroad are largely categorised as:

Study Abroad for Indian Students on the Base of Merit

Depending on the academic record or extracurricular interests of a pupil, such as accomplishments in athletics and community service.

Unique to the Student

These scholarships may be available to students who apply based on considerations such as gender, ethnicity, faith, family and medical background.

Several public bodies, states or institutions provide students from a specific country with bursaries and grants. For example, for international students from Commonwealth countries, scholarships are given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of New Zealand or the Chevening fellowship provided by the UK Government.

Specific to Subject

Any colleges and institutions award grants to learners who are intending to undertake a particular area of study.

Related to Students Needs

These scholarships are given on the basis of the financial history of the parents, targeted at students facing financial restrictions. Authorities can require documentation from you, such as family income, tax statements, proof of employment, etc.

Athletic Based Scholarships

These scholarships, given to top-notch sportsmen, require you to commit to intensive preparation and to represent the university at events while juggling your studies.

We know that with so many opportunities open, it can be a little overwhelming which scholarship to go for, and that’s why international education experts partner, IELTS counsellor will help you to discover and apply for the right scholarships for you.

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Explore the Opportunities: Scholarships to Study Abroad for Indian Students

There are various government and university-specific scholarships intended to draw students with good achievement as well as those looking to work after graduation in the region. Many of these services provide a large bulk payout, tuition subsidies, or housing allowances intended to make life simpler for those who wish to study abroad. Thus there are multiple opportunities for scholarships to study abroad for Indian students

In addition, services for students preparing to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD studies abroad are also available. Regardless of if you choose to do a Bachelor of Arts in Australia or doctoral study in the UK, watch out for options for scholarships open to you to study abroad for Indian students.

Who Provides Scholarship? Abroad Scholarships for Indian Students

Here is a detailed list of countries that provide scholarship opportunities for foreign students 


The Australian government and universities have a broad foreign student scholarship network and spend more than $770 million annually in programmes at universities and other tertiary institutions around the country. Many of the country’s best universities offer scholarships with additional extras such as health insurance to study in Australia.


Students may qualify for grants from the government of Canada, universities and other bodies. Indian students can be seen in Canada in many respects, and most universities are able to provide students from these countries, including India, with grants and scholarships.

New Zealand

Many of the scholarships in New Zealand depend on encouraging students to access their colleges from the Pacific and Commonwealth areas. At both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, the government has a variety of services intended to support foreign students.

United States of America

As US universities emphasise internationalisation, many international students, including Indians, are given scholarship options. Your IDP IELTS advisor will assist you with the available opportunities for government and non-government scholarships.

United Kingdom

Numerous scholarships are open to learners from developed countries. For academically sound students to pursue education abroad, the Government of India also offers scholarship opportunities.


There are several scholarship opportunities for students from India open to the Irish Government, higher education institutions and other private establishments. Your IDP advisor will assist you in selecting the right scholarships available and help you in the application process.

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Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Studying abroad is not only a perfect way to add additional academic abilities to your resume, but compared to an Indian degree, even Indian businesses often offer priority to a degree from a reputed foreign university. Any of the key reasons that students use to study abroad are improved facilities, higher education and emphasis on science. 

Until coming to this conclusion, however, every student analyses the countries where they want to go and which perfectly address their needs. This is to find the best country to study abroad for Indian students.  We can evaluate them on the basis of different criteria to identify the best country where you can follow your higher studies in order to find the best country to study abroad.

Choosing the Best College for You

The country with the best system of education is the United States Of America. The US is known to have a well-established higher education system with several world-class universities and research-oriented study. Their oriented mindset and creativity choice makes them one of the most sought-after countries for learning and working abroad.

The United Kingdom, in comparison to other countries,  their high living conditions still draw the highest number of foreign students per year. In addition to the United States, the United Kingdom has the world’s most recognised global institutions. Reputable universities such as Cambridge and Oxford and high standard living make it one of the best destinations for studying abroad. The most employable graduates of reputed UK universities are known to deliver. According to the 2017 Global University Employability Index, employers around the world favour graduates from popular UK universities.

Cheapest Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Canada is also the most chosen destination of the international student population with educational institutions with global renown, accessible quality tuition, and post-study job prospects. This is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian students. Additionally, Germany follows the list. 

Aside from Canada, when it comes to the finest school program, Germany and Australia are at the top. Germany is the hot-favourite destination for students who want to study abroad, with virtually no tuition fees and state-of-the-art universities. Also, Australia has made this list huge and stunning. The top 35 Australian universities have a spot in the ‘World University Rank of Times Higher Education’

How to Get a Scholarship to Study Abroad for Indian Students? 

Although the criteria may vary on the basis of the scholarship title, here is a general list of what to expect the eligibility criteria to be. 

  • Students under 30 years of age are granted priority.
  • For the selection of award recipients, the main requirements are:
  • Constantly outstanding scholarly records
  • Genuine Economic Necessity
  • Admission to a very prestigious university or research programme
  • The importance of the research field to the focus areas of AKDN
  • Candidates are expected to make every attempt to receive support from other sources, as well as from other sources.
  • In order to be able to reduce the amount demanded by the Foundation to a minimum. Applicants should be prepared to be interviewed by local Scholarship Boards about their financial status, their academic results, extracurricular successes and career aspirations. Priority is given to those who have been able to receive any support from alternative sources.

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We hope that this blog gave you a clear picture of the scholarships programs along with the best colleges to study abroad. IELTS is not necessary for all colleges, as some colleges abroad focus mainly on SOP. Make sure you have good marks in the English subjects of your previous grades or graduation.

Different nations are making reforms to their immigration programmes by making stringent regulations for immigrants. To know how to pass these regulations and to stay updated on the ever-changing migration rules, check out the blog on  IELTS Ninja

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