Education can be described, in its broadest sense, as any formative experience that has some sort of impact on a person. As a consequence, this may influence the way the person, or student, thinks, feels, or behaves. In education, pedagogy is an important concept that refers to teaching technique. Thus it is essential to get a quality education.

In the continent, there are more than four thousand higher education organisations, ranging from leading academic institutions to small universities with a teaching emphasis. Europe itself, extending from the Arctic Circle to the coast of Africa, is not as distinct from other continents. Below is a list of top universities in Europe for Masters.

Top Universities in Europe for Masters

The universities here account for just over 40 per cent of the ranking of the world’s best universities.

More than 1,500 universities worldwide are ranked by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021. Among them, just over 500 are in this continent. The following below will also answer the question of where to study Masters in Europe?

Though Italy has 49 universities in the scoring, its top-ranking university, the University of Bologna, jointly listed 167, does not make it into the top 50 or the top 100 in the 2020 World University Rankings.

Nordic countries perform well anywhere in the continent, with Sweden as well as Finland hitting above their performance relative to their overall population, with 12 and nine universities in the chart, respectively. The top university in Sweden, the Karolinska Institute, is in the top 50 of the 2021 World University Rankings, while the University of Helsinki in Finland ranks in the top 100. The Netherlands also fared well in these rankings

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Can I Do Masters in Germany and Work In Europe?

EU people have the right to obtain jobs in Germany without the need for a work permit. As an EU citizen, you will be handled in the same manner as German citizens in terms of access to the job market, working conditions and social and tax advantages.

In order to find jobs related to their studies, students from non-EU countries who choose to work in Germany after graduation may extend their residency permit for up to 18 months. You would need to: in order to apply for the extended residency permit:

  • You will need a Passport
  • You will also need a university degree diploma or the university official document stating that you have successfully finished your studies
  • You will need a report which shows that you have health insurance
  • A Proof that you have a way of financially sustaining yourself is also required

As soon as you obtain your final exam results, the 18 months begin, so during your final semester, you can start searching for jobs.

Masters in Architecture in Europe

The top five universities for architecture here are

  • The Architectural Association, AA.
  • Roma Tre University.
  • Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.
  • Universidade do Porto.
  • Technical University Delft.

Best Artificial Intelligence Masters in Europe

This can be found in

  • MSc Artificial Intelligence – University of Liverpool Online Programmes
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence German Degree- AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH – Lübeck , Germany

How to Apply for Masters in Europe?

If you’re from outside the EU, you still have the privilege of moving freely through countries. If you have a passport and you have a student visa for a country, you can still go through the other ones, so that’s pretty good.

But, on the other hand, as opposed to EU/ EEA students, the tuition fee is likely to be higher, often two or three times higher.

Among other items, the application contains an online application form and a request packet consisting of the following:

  • A duplicate of the online form for the submission.
  • Photocopy of scores for the evaluation (GRE, TOEFL, TSE IELTS IDP).
  • CV
  • Monetary documents (if required).

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Can an Indian Work in Europe after Masters in Finance?

In this sector, there are jobs, but they’re not so easy to get.

Normally, you need

  • Successful experience, good experience
  • Solid guidance from the top management of the company in the continent where you are looking for jobs.
  • Impressive grades in your graduation post
  • Niche abilities that separate you from Germans and Europeans

IELTS Exam / IDP Exam British Council Requirements

The IELTS minimum score for admission to undergraduate programmes is usually 5.5 or 6.0, while the minimum score for postgraduate students is 6.5 or 7.0, although it can differ depending on the academic institution.


Did you know that thousands of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD courses are either fully or partially taught in English in the European Union? As part of their English language entry requirements, many European Higher Education institutions, including a significant number of private and state universities, already accept IELTS ratings.

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