The IELTS cue card is a section under the IELTS speaking portion of the IELTS test. You can get prepared for this test by knowing the topics beforehand and by practicing speaking regularly. You must get perfect grammar and vocabulary to make the sentences with the right words and execute them meaningfully. You can make your mark in the judges’ minds by speaking fluently.

Do you want to speak proficiently before the examiners? Are you seeking the Makar IELTS cue card answers for 2022? If yes, you need to go through the article till the end and understand the ways of speaking before the examiners in the speaking section.

The January to April 2022 cue card topics are also given in the article so that you can get prepared for the IELTS exam 2022. You can speak well and fetch high scores in the examination. Let’s start with the topic to understand it.

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IELTS Speaking Test

The speaking test of the IELTS exam tests your skills of communication, grammar, vocabulary, and representation. If you are perfect in all of these skills, you can excel in this test conveniently. You need to focus on developing and enhancing your skills of speaking and representing yourself with confidence.

These skills can be built up with knowledge as without knowledge neither you can be confident nor can speak up before the examiners. To get a piece of perfect knowledge, you need to first go through the topics concentratedly and practice them regularly. The topics come from familiar backgrounds but you need to get prepared beforehand so that you don’t take much time to think and take long pauses.

You are given only one minute to think about the answer to the topic given by the examiner. You can ace the test with your determination and perseverance. Start preparing for your test now so that you get perfect in all the sections before the exam. The speaking section also enables you to get perfect in the communication professionally as well as personally.

You can communicate well with everyone and get the best opportunities in life with the best speaking skills.

Makar Sankranti IELTS Cue Card

The festivals in India are celebrated with great pomp and show. Makar Sankranti is a festival for Hindus. It is primarily famous for kite flying and its sesame sweets. Well, this festival is greatly popular for the winter solstice.

This festival brings joy to all generations of people. Everyone enjoys having food and flying kites in great weather. It is celebrated as a significant festival in India. This festival proves that life is a movement as its literal meaning is movement.

In India, sweats related to winters are popular during this time. People get together with their family members to celebrate it and have fun. I enjoy this festival very much as I celebrate it with my family. We decorate our house and fly kites.

We even organize games to play with cousins and friends. This gives all of us a break from the stressful life and brings joy to everyone. I believe that everyone should understand the value of different festivals and celebrate it with joy.

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January to April 2022

The IELTS cue card topics are given below for you to acknowledge. You must go through each of these topics and prepare answers for it. All of these topics are hugely important because you can be asked to discuss any of them or related ones to discuss in the cue card section.

You should be prepared to talk about your perceptions. Therefore, get prepared by penning down the points coming to your head and practicing speaking.

#1. Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

#2. Talk about a time when you moved into a new house

#3. Describe a skill that was hard to learn

#4. Talk about an exciting or interesting book you ever read

#5. Describe a cafe that you like to visit

#6. Talk about a situation when you had to be friendly with someone you did not like

#7. Describe an occasion when you received good service from a company or shop

#8. Talk about  a difficult decision that you once made

#9. Describe a successful sportsperson that you like

#10. Talk about a long bike, motorbike, or car trip that you would like to take

#11. Describe an interesting foreign person that you know

#12. Talk about a time you waited for something special to happen

#13. Describe a place you visited on your vocation

#14. Talk about a person whose creative work you admire Sample 2

#15. Describe an occasion when you paid more than expected

#16. Talk about a habit your friend has and you want to develop

#17. Describe an activity you usually do that wastes your time

#18. Talk about a Business-person you admire/ like

#19. Describe a family member that did something that made you feel proud

#20. Talk about something you did that was difficult but successful

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Hopefully, this article has given you knowledge regarding all the essential points related to the January to April 2022 IELTS cue card. If you seek more information related to the IELTS exam, visit the IELTS Ninja website.

The website has multiple articles that will give you the most incredible information related to the test. Also, you can get into the lectures taken by the best experts to understand multiple English-related concepts along with practicing them.

The professionals resolve all your queries and give you the right direction to move on so that you can achieve your deserving destination. You can make your career by learning and getting an education from the best universities in the world.

This is possible through the IELTS test and you can get higher bands in the test with the best advice and practice. So, make your way to the zenith with the right choice in life.

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