Well, do you want to study in Canada? Great, Canada is a beautiful country and a favourite destination for many. To fulfil your dream you have to understand basic procedures for Canada.

Canada is an English-speaking country. And therefore, to get accepted by any of Canada’s universities, you will have to pass an English proficiency test. There are several English proficiency tests for you to take.

So you have decided to go with PTE? But are you wondering Is PTE accepted in Canada?

In this article, we will discuss the PTE, and also if PTE is accepted in Canada?

Process to Get Admission in Canada

Canada is a beautiful country. It is famous for its natural scenery, Maple leaves, and easy Visa procedure.

Any student can apply for a student visa to get admission in Canada. For this, you’ll have to follow the following process.

# First, decide the course you want to apply for and the institution where you want to study.

# Second, fill and submit the Application form online.

# Wait for the letter of acceptance from the education provider.

# Receive electronic confirmation for enrollment.

Documents Needed to Apply for Offer Letter

You have to ensure you have these documents before applying for the offer letter:

# Birth and leaving certificate

# Passport size photos

# Passport

# Original mark sheets of 10th and 12th

# Diploma Mark Sheets

# Marksheet of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree

# Work experience letter.


After your confirmation of enrollment in Canada and university, you can apply for a Student Visa.

Documents Required for Visa Application

# Police clearance certificate

# Medical reports

# Academic certificates

# Proof of funds

# Official letters of acceptance from Canadian College

# Fees payment receipt of any Canadian University

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PTE Exam

PTE exam stands for Pearson Test of English. It is managed by the Pearson PLC group. It is a computer-based English language test, which is accepted by several universities globally.

The candidates who wish to go abroad to study in English-speaking countries are required to take these English proficiency exams, PTE is one of them.

It is a three-hour-long computer-based exam that focuses on testing your English skills. Also, test the ability of the student to understand English.


There are no specific criteria as set by the Pearson PLC group.

# However, it is a conventional brief that the student must be 16 years.

# The student below 18 years should have parental consent.

# Candidate should have valid Id proof i.e. Passport

Types of Exams 

exams are divided into two different tests: PTE Academic and PTE Academy UKVI.

PTE Academy Exam

Academy exam is conducted all around the email.

The students who want to apply for university or institution for educational purposes can apply for the PTE academic exam.

This examination consists of four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

PTE Academy UKVI

Academy UKVI is a secure English language test, which is approved by the UK Home Office for all UK Visas.

It is a fast and fair choice for the candidate who wants to work, study or live in the UK.

Cost of PTE

The standard Academy exams cost 13,300 rupees.

But the price can also vary according to the bookings of the examination process.



#  Visit The Official PTE Academy site.

# Second, create your own Pearson account, giving your details.

# Third, complete the registration process.

# You will receive a confirmation mail after 48 hours.

# Search for your nearest Test Center and also select a suitable time and date for the exam.

# Next, select all your details and proceed with the payment.

# Make the payment and save the final web page.


You can also register yourself for the exam via phone. If you want to register for the PTA exam via phone, you can call on this number 0008004402020.

You can call on this number Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

Exam Pattern 

The exam is divided into three parts, speaking & writing, reading, and listening. You will get a score on these three sections.

Speaking & writing:

For speaking and writing, you will be allotted 77 to 93 minutes.


You will be allotted 32 to 40 minutes.


Listening 45 to 57 minutes


Speaking and Writing

Personal introduction

Read aloud Question

Read Aloud

Repeating sentences

Describing images

Retelling a lecture

Answering short questions

Summarizing the text

Also, it can include writing an essay.


Fill in the blanks

multiple-choice questions

Reorder paragraphs


Summarize a spoken text

Multiple choice question

Fill in the blanks

Choose the correct summary

Highlight incorrect words

Select missing words right for dictations

PTE Results

The results are issued online. Within two working days from the test day

You will receive an email within five working days with the instruction on how to access the results

For this, you have to visit your Person account, and then you can share your results with the colleges and universities of your choice.

Scoring PTE Exams

PTE Scores Candidates on a scale of 10 to 90. The 10 stands for the lowest and 90 for the eyes. The scores are given based on the candidate’s ability to speak, write, and understand English sentences.


The scores of Academy exams are valid for two years.

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IS PTE Accepted in Canada?

Is PTE accepted in Canada for a study visa? Canadian University accepts PTE as a valid English Proficiency Exam. Your scores can help you to obtain your letter of acceptance in any of the Canadian designated Learning Institutes.

English Requirement of Canada 

Here are the required scores to get accepted into Canadian University.

# If you want to apply for diploma programs, your score should be 45.

# Minimum 36 for bachelor’s degree.

# Maximum of the minimum 45 for Graduate

# Diploma maximum 6.5 band score, and no less than 50 monsters problem, 6.0, and no less than six overall maximum 6.5 Or six zero.

Another Test of Canada

Canadian Universities and Colleges also accept IELTS Exams.

Which Test is Easier- IELTS or PTE?

Canada University generally accepts these English proficiency exams. But which one is easier? Let us help you to make your own decision.


# It is a computer-based exam while IELTS is an offline exam.

# It has 20 Different and shorter tasks. IELTS has five longer tasks.

For choosing which one you should choose, you have to ask yourself the following questions.

Can you use a Computer? If you can use a computer, and you have basic computer skills, then you can take the PTE exams.

If you have a Strange Accent, then you should offer IELTS, as there will be a human examiner who will be able to understand your conversation better.

How fast do you want your Result? If you want your results quickly you should opt for PTE.

IELTS or PTE, Which One is Easier?

IELTS is easier. The number of questions is few, and you don’t have to memorize many things.

They both require lots of practice. But to conclude, you can say, IELTS is easier than PTE. But it all depends upon your choice.

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Canada is a wonderful place to study and move. You can find the best educational institutions and career opportunities. Is up to you whether you choose- PTE or IELTS or any other English Test. But if you choose IELTS and need some help.You can always find it on IELTS Ninja. IELTS Ninja provides you with full information about IELTS and helps you to prepare well. So don’t wait anymore to begin your preparations now.

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