For students looking to pursue an education abroad, Australia is a good option. There are eight universities ranked among the top 100 in the world, providing an outstanding learning environment.

Australia is one of the most preferred destinations among Indian students for two reasons. Firstly, tuition fees are more affordable than those in the United Kingdom and the US. Secondly, international students are entitled to a work permit for four years after graduating. As a result, chances of permanent residency in Australia are higher. Read further to know all about Australia visa requirements.

Australia Study Visa Requirement

#1. Report of Medical Examination

Students from foreign countries may be required to undergo medical tests from physicians authorised by the host country. You should start the process a few days before applying for the visa since the doctors need time to prepare the reports.

#2. Acknowledgement of the Institution’s Acceptance

A letter of acceptance from the institution you will be joining might be needed when you apply for a student visa. If you wish to apply for a student visa, you have to be enrolled full-time in a course (undergraduate, master, or doctorate).

Applicants must register with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students. Upon enrolment, students will receive an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) certificate from the university.

How many PTE Scores are Required for Australia Student Visa?

#3. A Valid Passport

A student must possess a valid passport before applying for a student visa. Make sure that the passport you plan to use for the visa stamp has two blank pages.

#4. Proof of Funds

Knowing whether you have adequate funding with you is of paramount importance to the host country. They need to know how you would pay for your education and cover the basic costs of living.

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#5. Be a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

A GTE statement must be written, preferably in English. A translated copy of the statement is required if it is written in another language. Student GTE statements are analysed to identify students seeking a student visa for reasons other than education.

#6. Character Requirement

For Australian student visas, individuals aged 16 and over must meet character requirements. To meet the requirements, you must do the following when applying:

#. You must provide a complete declaration of the criminal conduct if you have engaged in any.

#. The questions asked must be answered in a true manner

#. Provide the Ministry of Home Affairs with the requested information.

#7. Interview for a Student Visa

After submitting the visa application, it’s time to prepare for the visa interview. However, not every country requires all countries to conduct a visa interview, and some require it on a conditional basis.

#8. Requirements for English Language Proficiency

Your English language proficiency will be required as part of your application for an Australian student visa. Usually, this requires passing a secure English language test to qualify for application.

Major English-speaking countries ask for language ability certificates to ensure that the student can communicate effectively in English, which is also the medium of instruction. Exams like IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE need to be taken by students from non-English speaking countries.

How many PTE Scores are Required for Australia Student Visa?

Students aspiring to study in Australia have relied on PTE Academic for 11 years to prove their proficiency in English. Currently, the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) accepts PTE Academic for graduate students, skilled workers, and work and holiday travellers, as well as former residents.

There’s a minimum score required for acceptance which the candidates need to know to apply successfully for a student visa.

How many PTE Scores are Required for Australia Student Visa?

PTE Requirement for Student visa

#. Minimum Score: 42

#. For 10 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 36

#. For 20 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 30

Note: ELICOS is the English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students program.

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Other English Exams Minimum Requirements

IELTS for Australia Study Visa

#. Minimum Score: 5.5

#. For 10 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 5

#. For 20 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 4.5


#. Minimum Score: 46

#. For 10 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 35

#. For 20 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 32


#. Minimum Score: 162

#. For 10 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 154

#. For 20 weeks ELICOS, the minimum score is: 147

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