Do you want to immigrate to Australia? Great. Australia is a beautiful and perfect country for you to migrate to. Moreover, it’s a dream destination for many.

Every year, people from several countries like Southeast Asia, South Africa, UK, etc migrate to Australia. Why? Because Australia has many things to offer the world.

What is the process to get Australia PR?  You have come to the Correct Website. In this article,, we will tell you everything about  Australian permanent residency and the process to get Australia pr from India.

Australia Immigration

Every year Australia receives thousands of migrants. In 2019-2020, 140,366 got their Australian permanent residency Visa. This number keeps on increasing every year.

Australia also welcomes these migrants. Moreover, it comes under the list of the easiest countries in my head.

Countries Migrating to Australia

# England

# China

# India

# New Zealand

# Philippines

# Vietnam

# South Africa

# Italy

# Malaysia

# Scotland

Different Types of Immigration

Australian Government categorizes Immigrants into different categories.

# Skilled Occupation Visa

This type of visa is granted to skilled labourers, these workers are evaluated on point with his assessment,

# Student Visa

This visa is given to foreign students on the basis of the basic requirement of a confirmed offer from the Australian Education Institution

# Family Visa

The Australian government also provides visas for families of Permanent Australian Residents.

# Working Holiday Visa

This type of visa is granted to travellers which allows them to work or study in Australia during their travel

# Investor Visa

Australia also provides investor visas to businessmen and investors who want to invest in Australia.

# Humanitarian

Australia also provides Visas under humanitarian programs such as Refugees or Special Humanitarian Programme (SHP).

Migration Program

The Australian government provides various migration assistance programs to support migrants of Australia. Some migration program is as follows:

# Adult Migrant English program.

# Translating and Interpreting Service National.

# Settlement grants program.

# Australian Cultural Orientation Program.

# Humanitarian settlement service program.

# Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme.

# Asylum seeker Assistance scheme.

# And also a variety of community-based activities.

Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

There are several reasons why you and other people choose Australia.

Best Place to Work

Australia is regarded as one of the best places to Work according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Australian gives emphasises to work-life balance and provide a better work environment.

Better Career Opportunities

Australia is a developed country, and its economy is continuously growing. With the growth and stability in the economy, multiple jobs are produced. These jobs offer you better salaries, working conditions and better prospects to grow.

Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra are known to provide better and stable jobs to the people.

Standards of Living

People living in Australia enjoy a number of benefits. The residents enjoy fresh and clean air, less pollution, a view of natural wonders, and better facilities.

Moreover, Australian people have laid back lifestyle, and they give importance to work-life balance. They are friendly and have a welcome stance for immigrants.

Better Education System

Australia’s education system is sure to be envious of. If you are planning to move there with your family, then this can be the main reason for you. From nursery to high school, students are nurtured to grow and become better people.

Natural Scenery

Australia is blessed with wonders of nature, there are many beautiful sceneries to enjoy. Wherever you will head, you will see beautiful mountain ranges, coastal views, etc.

Multicultural Society

Australia’s population is a combination of different cultures. It is a perfect example of a multicultural society. You can easily socialise with other people and enjoy music, dance, and theatre with them.

No Language Barriers

In Australia, there is no kind of language barrier. They generally use English which allows you to settle easily. Moreover, the government provides assistance for immigrants to learn English.

Better Healthcare Facilities

An Australian healthcare facility is one of the best in the world. It provides assistance to cover hospitalization and medical bills for its citizens.

Australia Permanent Residency

Australian Permanent Residency Visa allows you to work and settle in Australia for a period of 5 years. After this, you can also apply to change your status as a Citizen.

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Benefits of Australian PR

There are several benefits of Australian Permanent Residency Visa:

# Live freely and work or settle in any part of the country.

# You can bring your family with you.

# You can also sponsor your family relative for PR.

# Enjoy your life as an Australian.

Difference between Permanent Resident and Normal Citizen

Do you know there is a difference between a Permanent resident and a Normal Citizen? A Normal Citizen is a natural inhabitant of the Country and thus enjoys special privileges.

# Voting rights: An Australian Normal Citizen can enjoy his voting rights. On the other hand, Permanent residents registered before 1984 can give votes.

# Travel entry: A Normal Citizen can get entry into the Country even without a Visa. But a Permanent Resident must have his PR Visa to gain entry into the Country after a foreign visit.


# Age: Applicant age should be less than 45 years.

# Points: 65 points is required for Australia PR.

# English Language: You need to have proficiency in English.

# Occupation: Your Occupation should be listed in the MLTSSL list.

# Skills Assessment: Your Skills should be assessed according to education and experience.

# Medical Status: Your health condition should be good.

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Categories of Australia PR Visas

Australia categorises PR processes Visa into several categories. As mentioned above, These types are combined into Two main streams: Skill Stream and Family Stream.

Skill Stream

This is one of the popular Streams to get Australian PR. This stream consists of:

# Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

# Skilled State-sponsorship Visa 190

# Skilled Regional Visa 489

# Skilled work regional Visa 491

# Business Visa 890

# Investor Visa 891

# Business Talent Visa 132

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How to Apply for Australia PR from India?

Skilled based Visas allows you to work freely in Australia. The eligibility criteria of these Visas are determined by Point-based Evaluation i.e. General Skilled Migration.

How to Apply for Skilled based Visas?

#1 Select your Occupation from the MLTSSL (Medium and Long term Strategic Skills List) list.

#2 Get these Documents: IELTs score and Skill assessment report.

#3 Submit your Expression of Interest in the Online Skill Select System.

#4 On receiving ITA, submit a Visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

#5 You should also prepare documents for MEdical Verification.

#6 If everything is alright you will receive your Visa within 3-5 months.

How to Increase Points for Australia PR?

You can increase your Points by following ways:

You can get extra Five points for being able to translate and interpret English dialogues.

You can gain an extra five points by studying in an Educational Institution located in a Designated Regional Area of Australia.

# You can also gain an extra 10 points by ensuring the eligibility of your spouse.

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Family Stream Visas

You can also apply for Australian PR visa if your family member resides in Australia.

# Spouse

# Parents or Grandparents

# Relative

# Adopted Children

Different Visas

# Partner Visa

# Prospective Marriage Visa

# Dependent Visa

# Family Sponsorship

How much Time does it Take to Get an Australian PR Visa?

According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the general time within which you can get your Visa is 8-12 months.

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What is the Cost of an Australian PR Visa?

Primary Applicant: $4,045 AUD or Rs. 204,200.

Spouse or Relative above 18 years: $2025 AUD or Rs. 102,300.

Children: $1010 AUD or Rs. 51,000.


Australia is a wonderful place to settle. And if you want to immigrate to this country you better start your application now.

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Any doubts? Simply comment below and we will answer all your questions.

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