Australian PR grants you permission to live and work there forever or maybe for five years in the initial immigration period. There are various criteria that you need to meet while applying for an Australian PR visa. Every criterion takes time to get evaluated. Nevertheless, the number of applicants migrating from India to Australia to be permanent resident is increasing each passing day.

Applying for an Australian PR visa can sometimes be a difficult task. So let us discuss some important facts regarding why does Australian PR take so long to get your visa evaluated as soon as possible!

This will help you sort your required documents and all other essential factors while applying for an Australian PR visa. Make sure you check the correctness of the proofs you provide to the authorities as this can also be a factor for delay in your visa processing.

Other Factors Affecting the Evaluation Time of PR in Australia Visa

  • Overwhelming visa applications received by the department of immigration.
  • Intricacy or easiness in your visa application form.
  • The number of areas/ places listed in the skilled migration category of Australian visa.
  • Unfinished and incorrect PR for Australia visa application forms.
  • Not submitting complete required documents.
  • Failing to give an appropriate reply to some other queries asked by the immigration officials.

These are some of the comprehensive factors mainly responsible for the delay in Australian PR visa evaluation. Nonetheless, the visa category you select is one of the biggest reasons for the delay in an Australian PR. The period of visa evaluation varies from category to category. Considering these categories and subcategories with their respected period required for visa evaluation is of utmost importance. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1- Skilled Migration Category of Visa

This category is further divided into three subclasses. The sub-classes have a major impact in processing the Australian PR visas. The following table will help you go through the main subclass of the skilled migration category of visa.

Subclass The Time Required to Process the PR Visa

(after completion of the full fee payment and correct form)

Other Important Points
Skilled Independent Visa or 189 Visa
  • 75% of visa applications – Eight months
  • 90% of visa applications – 11 months
After the complete submission of all your documents and fees, if you are not contacted by any Case officer, your skilled independent/189 visa will be processed in about four and a half months.
Skilled Nominated or 190 Visa
  • 75% of visa applications –  Nine months
  • 90% of visa applications – 12 months
After the completion of the correct form with an attachment of the complete document kit, you may be contacted by a case officer. This will put your visa evaluation process on hold. Your visa evaluation process will be resumed after you deliver the required documents to the Case Officer.
Skilled Work regional or 489/491  visa
  • 75% of visa applications – Seven months
  • 90% of visa applications – Nine months
With respect to the skill select applications, subclass 489/491 or skilled work regional visa is given the topmost priority.

2- Parent Category of Australian PR Visa

This type of category takes most of the time for the visa evaluation process. As these categories are not one of the top priorities in the evaluation of PR visas for Australia. On the other hand, this type of visa category needs many documents for verification. The processing time for this category is between one to three years.

Role of PR Points for Australia Visa Evaluation

The PR points you will be scoring according to the Australia PR calculator are directly proportional to the visa evaluation time. So, if you score around 65 points or more than 65 PR points, then there are chances that your visa may be evaluated without much delays.

However, note that the upper limit of PR points in Australia is changed every 11th day. Based on these points and the applied job in Australia, the time to receive a letter of Invitation To Apply may vary.

Australia PR Points Calculator

This PR points Calculator can be dependent on several criteria. Every criterion will assign you some points, and at the end, a total will be provided. This will be your ultimate PR point for applying for an Australian visa. Make sure you choose appropriate criteria according to your Subclass of skilled migration category of visa. The following factors are considered while calculating your PR points.

  • Your age
  • Your educational qualifications
  • Your experience in the work field
  • Your English Language Proficiency
  • Necessities for study in Australia
  • Language qualifications
  • Partner skills qualifications
  • Study or professional year in Australia

These are the basic criteria used in measuring PR points calculations. Additional criteria may be considered based on the Subclass you choose for Australia PR from India.

One of the Most Important Criteria in PR Point Calculations

For Australia immigration, English language proficiency is one of the most important criteria in PR Point Calculations. As an English speaking continent, it looks forward to applicants who are proficient in English. Hence the most considered exam in Australia which provides English proficiency proof are TOEFL, IELTS, OET and PTE.

IELTS is accepted and trusted globally for testing the English proficiency of candidates. Hence one should do a strong IELTS preparation, which will increase your chances of gaining more PR Points according to the Australian system.

Myths About IELTS, OET and PTE

There are certain myths regarding some of the TOEFL, IELTS, OET and PTE versions that these tests can be taken at home. The Australian Government does not accept these versions of tests which are taken at home in a PR visa application.

IELTS Academic and General Training, TOEFL iBT, PTE Academic, OET and PTE are the only English proficiency exams considered by the Australian Government for the Australian PR visa. You can also check the official Australian government immigration and citizenship site to have insights on the real facts to be known about the language proficiency proof accepted.


There are many reasons on account of which your PR visa for Australia may delay in evaluation. However, if you can complete the visa application forms correctly as per the Australian government requirements, you can gain your PR visa soon. The validity and correctness of your documents are of utmost importance. Make sure you fill the PR visa application form correctly.

Evaluation time for Australia’s PR visa is directly proportional to the job you choose from the Australian demand list and Australia PR points. One should consider all the factors of the Australian PR point calculation system. You may also choose an appropriate immigrant expert who can help you in understanding how to get PR in Australia. The minimum PR stay is of five years, after which you can apply for Australian citizenship.

IELTS Ninja can guide you well in your journey to Australia. We will help you to get into your dream university of Australia by mentoring you through all the important IELTS preparation needs. Stay tuned with our regular blogs to find more blogs and articles that can get your facts clear for Australian PR and Visa.

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