The writing test of the IELTS exam is conducted to test your skills of creative writing along with Grammar and vocabulary. You should have learned perfect writing methodologies to fetch high scores in this examination.

This section is considered highly significant due to its vast advantages. If you can write well, you can get high opportunities to work in English-speaking countries. You must prepare well beforehand to include important points in the content alongside sufficiently required words and phrases. Learn the art of building relevant content to impress the examiners and get band 8.

In this article, the model answer for the sample topic: buying a new house is available along with the tips and techniques to excel in this section of the test. Continue reading to acknowledge all the points.

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Buying a New House: IELTS Model Answer

The candidates must know the analysis of their answers for writing task 1. Therefore, we have an analysis below on the given model answer. Let’s learn the points for IELTS preparation. Imagine that you are writing a letter to your friend saying that you have moved into a new house. In your letter, write about the following bullets:

#. Reasons for shifting

#. Describe your new home

#. Invite him to your new home

Buying a New House

Dear Bill,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. As I was busy moving house, I wasn’t able to write to you earlier on.

I’d to move house in a hurry as the landlord wasn’t extending the rent period. At the last minute, he asked us to find a new place for ourselves.

However, luckily the new house which I found out is nice. It’s closer to my office and all the necessary amenities are nearby. Now I feel, whatever happens, is for the good.

Since Diwali is approaching, why don’t you all come here to Mumbai for the vacations? Since this new house is bigger, you and your kids can use the guest room. Also, as mentioned before, as all amenities are nearby we all can roam around and have fun.

Awaiting a positive reply. Charu and Chitra are already excited in hope of spending Diwali with you all.

Yours truly,


IELTS Writing Task Analysis

Now, let’s analyze the given letter for the writing task. It will tell you the correct way to start and end the letter which is perfect to view, read, and understand. Look below to understand the best writing technique from start to end.

Paragraph 1

The strength of the first paragraph is that it has a greeting statement which is written excellently well and the news to the friend is mentioned perfectly. All the statements are error-free, readable, and understandable. The reading capability makes the content worth fetching higher marks and ultimately the best place to study. However, the correction can be made on one point. The sentence with “earlier on” can be simply written as “earlier”.

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Paragraph 2

The major strength of this paragraph is the reason as per the first bullet point of the question is mentioned. Also, all the statements are error-free. This paragraph has no corrected erroneous statements. The paragraph contains relevant and to-the-point content. Moreover, the grammar is perfect.

Paragraph 3

The prominent strength of this paragraph is the sentence connector, however. It is used appropriately. The sentences are free from grammar, tense, or any other errors. It is essentially a good sign of vocabulary (amenities). The corrected erroneous statement here is: “However, luckily, the new house which I found out is nice”. This paragraph has an interesting lookout for the reader due to the lack of errors.

Paragraph 4

The fundamental strength and readability of this paragraph are that complex sentences are used. The third bullet point in the question is well-written with power and good paragraphing is made in the whole letter. This aspect is supported to provide clarity to the examiner or the reader. However, a few changes can make it more readable and worthy.

Now, let’s have a look at the corrected erroneous statement:

#. “the guest room” can be “our guest room”.

#. “Also, as mentioned before, as all amenities are nearby we all can roam around and have fun.” should be “as all amenities are nearby, we all can roam.”

Paragraph 5

The best part of this letter is that the ending is written quite perfectly. There are no errors for the readers to complete the letter. However, some corrected erroneous statements can be, “Awaiting for a positive reply.” This should be ending with an exclamatory sign as “Awaiting for a positive reply!” “in hope of” can be “in the hope of”. Therefore, the complete letter has correctness and readability but a few more corrections can make it even more worthy.

IELTS Preparation

The candidate needs to write an essay or a letter without any error. The errors include grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, readability, and other imperfections. The candidates must prepare for writing well before giving the examination as the examiners need to be satisfied with your content and the write-up must be eye-catching and understanding.

You must stick to the topic or the question while writing its answer along with giving relevant examples for the same. You can provide the best-suited examples from your knowledge and experiences. It will help the examiners to have a linkage with the content.

You are required to write at least 250 words. So, ensure that every word is relevant and use good phrases to explain the related terms. Let’s learn new processes to write the perfect content in the writing section through the following steps.

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Step 1: Understanding the Topic

The initial step is to read the task properly and analyze your ideas. You must understand the topic. It is magnificent as if the topic is not clear to you, the content is likely to go wrong. This part is required to be done carefully, not quickly. Many candidates don’t focus on the question, rather start writing soon. This can put you in trouble.

The task needs to be analyzed gently because two topics can be similar at reading but have different things to explain. You must know whether you are required to compare any two statements or aspects or oy needed to put the views.

It is extremely important to assess the task at the beginning. You must read the task and then put it in your own words. This can help you not only to understand the topic but also to fetch new ideas to complete it.

Step 2: Decide the Answer

After reading the task properly, you should decide on your position. It means that you should think about the perspective of yours for the given task. You should think, what’s my answer to the question? This will let you step forward towards appropriate content.

Generate the fundamental ideas to build the essay or a letter. Think about starting and ending it. Decide the relevant examples. Moreover, analyze the phrases before putting them on paper. If you don’t decide your take on the topic, you can form a perfect essay or a letter.

You should show your capabilities and proficiency at writing. Therefore, decide the answer before writing.

Step 3: Planning and Plotting

The candidates must plan the content to write before starting writing. Proper planning is essentially required to put extreme ideas and thoughts on the paper. You can’t mess up the perspectives. Expand the content slowly through the relevant words and use perfect Grammar as well as diction. The essay or letter must be logical and representative.

The reader should find it continuous and readable. Without planning and thinking beforehand, don’t start the writing part as it can have errors and messed-up ideas. You must analyze the positive and negative impacts of the topic. It will enable you to have an effective write-up.

Step 4: Effective Writing

After planning the ideas and thoughts, you must start writing the content positively. Don’t hurry up, rather think and write. You should use the appropriate words and phrases to describe your perspectives along with including the relevant examples.

Effective writing is the key to getting maximum scores. You can’t think of getting higher scores without an efficient approach to writing skills. You must prepare through the sample answers available online.

Step 5: Checking the Content

After completing the answer, you must check the complete content and analyze the errors. The errors in English can put you in heavy trouble as this test is largely to assess your proficiency in the language. It will give you the best sources to gather the mistakes to be corrected to make it perfect. You must read the essay or letter carefully to resolve the errors and make it worth reading.

Step 6: Analysing the Lexical Resources

You must use a wide range of clear, precise, natural, concise, and concrete vocabulary that should convey the proper meaning of each word and sentence. Read below to know the examples of lexical resources:

#. a sense of stability

#. rental contracts are temporary agreements

#. find alternative accommodation

#. owning your own home

#. house prices in the UK

#. interest on bank deposits is close to zero

#. taking out a mortgage

#. house price inflation

Step 7: Grammatical Accuracy

Grammatical accuracy is the need of any content. You must write an essay or a grammatically perfect letter. If the content has errors related to the grammar, it will be proved imperfect and unworthy of giving scores.

The grammar should be used with full control as many structures should be included with flexibility and appropriateness. You can reach up to the band of 8.5 to 9.0 with effective grammar. This is the best-needed thing to be carried out in the content.

This test is conducted majorly to test the English capabilities and the grammar can put you down in this context. You are not worthy to write and speak in perfect English if your grammar is incorrect. So the candidates have to work on this aspect.

Step 8: Reading the Content Once

Before and after making the corrections, read the essay or letter once. It will give you an idea of what you have tried to convey. If you want, you can add or remove the parts respectively. Reading the whole content gives you the perfect vision of your write-up. It will further give you the potential to fetch any more errors or reading mistakes.

Step 9: Ending it Perfectly

The ending of the essay or letter should be perfect because the first and last impression is important for the readers. If you don’t finish adequately, the examiners will not find it worth giving high scores. You must check the errors and end the answer with perfection.

You should read the complete content and then write the ending because it should be connected to the topic but should not extend the content, rather complete it effectively.

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We hope that you liked the article as it has everything related to the sample topic for the writing section. Well, it takes a lot of practice and patience to grab the highest bands in this prestigious exam.

So practice hard through the best platform and if you are confused about any single thing related to the examination or want any guidance and mentorship, visit the IELTS Ninja website without any hesitation and delay because it is the best platform to prepare you for your career and this test.

As you all know that this test requires a mindful of English speaking skills, the website has enormous articles related to the sections of the examination, tips to prepare, updates and details of the test like dates, methods, and related blogs along with the description of different universities of the world so that you can choose the best one for yourself. Therefore, put your best in the preparation to get the best results!

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