IELTS Speaking is the exam which makes everyone tensed a lot and this nervousness is obvious since in this exam, questions are asked for which you have to respond spontaneously. Memorised responses do not work in this scenario and this is the reason why candidates are so much worried. IELTS speaking test comprises of three sections viz. introduction, cue card and follow-up questions, so the last section is follow-up part where the candidate is supposed to give his opinions on a particular topic along with reasons as well as speculations.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 

Part 3 questions in IELTS speaking test are related to the cue card topic and hence, you can predict the kind of vocabulary you can use in these follow-up questions. In the below questions, the cue card given to the candidate was related to music. So, follow-up questions are also surrounding the topic of music which the candidate describes in the cue card section.
Let us try practicing these questions one by one, which are submitted by one of the IELTS candidates who appeared recently in the exam. You can read every question aloud and then respond to it. It is better to record yourself so that you can analyse later on. After you have answered, just make comparison of your answer with the sample answer below. Along with this, you can also judge yourself for self-correction, repetition, hesitation (for content and/or for words) and pauses.  


What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Though I like almost all sorts of music but I just love to listen to rock music since it makes me feel extremely energetic. Whenever I listen to it, I get motivated a lot towards my goals. Apart from this, I also like classic music sometimes when I am in light mood.

How often do you listen to music?

Since I am a college student, I hardly get enough time to listen to music properly. But while travelling and during evening time, I often listen to rock music. I have some good collections of rock music which I like to listen a lot. In the weekdays, I listen to rock music while in the weekend, classic music is usually the genre I like to play and listen to.

Did you listen to the same music when you were a child?

Yes, I have always been a fan of rock music. But when I was a kid, rock music was not very popular in my area or among my friend circle. After I took admission to my college, I started loving it more because of my friends who used to play guitar a lot and hence, I am now more interested in listening to rock music as compared to the other type of music.

Useful Vocabulary:

  • I like almost
  • I just love to
  • I also like
  • I often listen to
  • I have always been a fan of
  • I am more interested in
  • Hence
  • Since
  • While
  • Apart from this