The IELTS speaking exam consists of 3 sections, in the first section, the candidate is asked personal questions by the examiner and the second section comprises the cue card topic, where the candidate is given a cue card topic and has to speak about the topic for about 1-2 minutes. The third section is a little broader one, where the candidate is asked questions about general life situations, and the answers require judgment, opinion, explanation and evaluation.

The candidate is asked 5 to 6 questions by the examiner, and the duration for this section is about 4-5 minutes. So, the aspirant should adjust the answers within the time frame accordingly, and support explanations with valid facts and examples.

In this article, you will get an idea about the pattern and structure of section 3 of the IELTS speaking test. Several models of IELTS speaking part 3 questions and answers are provided in the article to get a clear notion of the IELTS speaking test.

IELTS Speaking Part 2 and 3 Questions and Answers

In the second section of the IELTS speaking test, the examiner gives a topic card and the candidate has to speak about the topic for about 1-2 minutes. A minute will be given to the candidate to prepare thoroughly before speaking. The examiner will inform you when to start talking. The candidate must start speaking as soon as the examiner informs.

These are a few rare cue card topics given to the candidate for the IELTS speaking test part 2.

Rare Topics for IELTS Speaking Test Part 2

#1 Illustrate a piece of art you like.

#2 Illustrate a piece of advice you recently received.

#3 Illustrate a book you recently read.

#4 Describe a workout you know.

#5 Describe a time of the day you like the most.

#6 Talk about a gift you gave to someone previously.

#7 Describe a relationship with your family member you love the most.

#8 Illustrate a helpful website on the internet

#9 Describe your favourite hobby.

#10 Describe a kind person you know.

#11 Describe an unplanned journey you had.

#12 Describe your favourite sport.

#13 Narrate good news you recently received.

#14 Describe an unexpected situation you came across.

#15 Talk about a place you would love to visit.

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IELTS Speaking Part 3 

In the third and last section of the IELTS speaking test, the aspirant is asked questions about the topic spoken by him in the second section of the test. The candidate is required to elaborate the answers with further explanation and examples. The time limit for this section is only 4-5 minutes, which means that the candidate must adjust their answers within the time frame. The examiner will have a strict track on the timer.

Below are common topics enlisted related to which the IELTS questions can be asked to the candidate by the examiner.

# Art

# Clothes

# Education

# Family

# Food

# Health

# Media and News

# Internet

# Nature

# Society

# Travel

# Work

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions with Answers

Here are a few samples of IELTS speaking part 3 questions and answers. Have a glance below, to get an idea of the pattern of the IELTS test.

Question 1 (Topic: Art)

What kind of art do you enjoy?

Model Answer for IELTS

Well, art is an extremely vast and interesting topic. I immensely enjoy all kinds of art but when it comes to a particular one, I instil excitement about canvas painting. I still remember in school days when I used to make masterpieces of paintings of wildlife, nature and still life. I used to truly enjoy sitting in the garden with my canvas board and paints doing my magic.

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Question 2 ( Topic: Clothes)

Can clothing tell you much about a person?

Model Answer for IELTS

There are still many narrow-minded people who judge a person with their dressing. I believe it is absolutely wrong. Clothing can’t tell you much about a person. I agree that good and proper dressing impresses people but we can’t judge them by their clothes. Man makes clothes not clothes that make a man. Every person whether with good dressing or a bad one deserves to be respected. People should stop believing that clothes make a person.

Question 3 ( Topic: Education)

What makes a good student?

Model Answer for IELTS

I believe a student who is just good at academics cannot be considered a good student. A good student should be responsible and sincere at the same time. He should be confident and courageous. He should have the ability to balance things in life. He just can’t be a bookworm sticking to books all day. He should realise his other responsibilities too. He must be active and helpful to everyone. A good student has patience and willpower.

Question 4 ( Topic: Family)

Is family important in your country?

Model Answer for IELTS

Family is the most significant component in a child’s life. A person without family is considered the most unfortunate one. Families play a crucial role in our lives. The lessons we get from our parents and siblings will always remain in our hearts. The meaningful relations we keep up and the priceless love we get can’t be described in words. Family gatherings are the best moments of a person’s life. There are still people who desire to have the love of their family.

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Question 5 ( Topic: Food)

Do you think diet is important?

Model Answer for IELTS

Being just mentally fit is not enough. One should be physically strong and fit. Nowadays people are getting very careless about their physical being. They are just eating whatever they feel like. There is no control on their stomachs which can lead to dangerous consequences. Overeating is a very bad habit in fact it is the worst addiction of human beings. One should start thinking about the state and eat healthy food. Diet is a wonderful manner to keep a person in control. People should start realising that health is the only great wealth they require to live a happy and long life.

Question 6 ( Topic: Health)

How can people improve their health?

Model Answer for IELTS

As we all believe, health is the greatest wealth. One should stay fit and healthier to lead a better life. Regular exercising, following a diet, going for a morning walk, avoiding smoking and drugs are few methods to enhance your health. One should get a check-up by the doctor twice a year. Avoiding overeating and stuff that doesn’t suit your body are several precautions one should take. People should also keep their mental health good as well. Being mentally weak can also affect one’s health. Everyone must protect their skin and body too. They should eat healthy to get better, clear and glowing skin.

Question 7 ( Topic: Media and News)

Do you think everything you read in the newspaper is true?

Model Answer for IELTS

There are many sources of media like the TV, radio and the most accessible one the newspaper. I don’t believe that everything in the newspaper is authentic. Any news or information on the internet, TV, radio can be fake. Likewise, there is no guarantee that the information in the newspaper is correct. The news can be true from one perspective but, we don’t get the full authentic information. The newspaper can portray information that is favourable for a person. Some of the articles published in the newspaper showcase the writer’s opinion, which can be partial as well. They can disguise the real information and just keep their own thoughts. Believing everything in the newspaper is simply being fooled.

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Question 8 ( Topic: Internet) 

How has the internet transformed the way we work?

Model Answer

The Internet has affected the lives of people in many aspects. People are feeling more comfortable adopting the changes made by technology. Students prefer E-learning and the teachers feel comfortable passing the notes online to the students. Students don’t feel necessary to attend classes as they are getting the updates through their WhatsApp class group where everything is updated. People are getting addicted to the use of this scheme. During the COVID 19 pandemic, the internet made the way of work totally distinct. All work and jobs were shifted online which had a tremendous effect on the people.

Question 9 ( Topic: Travel)

Do you believe travelling to another country can change the way people think?

Model Answer

There are different cultures in various countries. Some rights are followed in few countries and some are not. People adopt the nature of the surroundings they brought up with. People in different countries have unique and distinct thinking because of the culture and atmosphere around them. One can change their thinking according to their surroundings. Many people who go abroad and get completely changed. There is a vast difference between the people of different countries which is the reason many individuals can’t adjust in other countries.

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Hoping that the above content was useful for you to get an idea of the IELTS speaking test. After having a glance at all illustrations from several topics for IELTS speaking exam part 3 questions and answers, hopefully, you have understood the general format and answering structure.

Go through the above sample questions with model answers. It is very interesting to develop answers according to your point of view. Constantly preparing and practising is essential for getting the band achievement of your choice. Do prepare thoroughly and give your best.

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