Cue cards are a very important topic for the speaking round in IELTS. One should first understand the cue card meaning and as we break the word, which is cue means topic and one should pick up a card which has the topic and for this section of the IELTS exam you will be given 1 minute to get prepared.

The cue card will be having all the instructions and information which will guide you and help you to prepare your topic well. One should always understand that stress during the exam should not be taken as it might make you stutter and that’s not good, read the whole article to gain confidence.

Cue Card Topics 

These are some previous years cue topics that will help you and it will also tell you how the card looks like

Describe an Old Person that You Know

You should say:

#What your relationship is with this person?

#How often you see them?

#What people think about this person?

#Explain why you like them.

Describe a Present or Gift You have Given Someone

You should say:

#Who you gave it to?

#What kind of present it was?

#How it compared to other presents you have given?

#Explain why you decided to give this particular gift.

Describe a Happy Childhood Event

You should say:

#When it happened?

#Who was involved?

#How you felt at the time?

#Explain why you remember this particular occasion.

Describe a Meal that You had that You Remember Well

You should say:

#Where the meal was?

#Why did you had the meal?

#Who you went with?

#Explain why you remember this particular occasion.

Describe Your Favourite Song

You should say:

#What is the name of the song?

#What the song is about?

#When you first heard the song?

#Explain why it is your favourite song.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Cards 

This will help you in the one minute of your preparation, we all know that one minute is a pretty little time but, if you have this structure in your mind, then the little time can do wonders.

# Never panic or look stressed, you are going for an exam, not a war, so never get stressed. Go with confidence

# Now, if your mind is cool and you still have 50 seconds left, one should think of the cue card topic which is given

# The card will itself have questions and instructions which will be divided, do the same thing in your brain

# Now focus on each part and form sentences, like it is a question and answer round and you are answering each part of the instructions

# You are now ready, as you tell answers to the questions that you have formed will be coming out as normal speaking sentences.

# Research more on speaking topics and have a vast knowledge by reading books, materials, magazines, etc.

Cue Cards with Answers: Describe a Thing that You Purchased Recently

You should say:

– What it was?

– What it looks like?

– How you bought it?

– Explain how you felt about it.

What it Was? How You Bought It?

I had recently bought an iPad which has shiny silver and is easy to handle but too big to carry everywhere. I had bought it on the eve of December and there were many sales on Amazon which were running and the iPad was on sale and I couldn’t say no as it was at low cost. I always wanted an iPad because people always recommended that the iPad be very useful and games run smoothly on it. I felt happy because it was a gift from my mother and felt blessed to have her because she loves me dearly.

What it Looks Like/ Features

The features of the iPad are amazing and also the display has features like a retina display, 10.2-inch which is a diagonal, an LED-backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology, 2160-by-1620-pixel resolution at 264 pixels per inch, 500 nits brightness, fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, supports apple pencil.

The camera features are like 8MP camera, ƒ/2.4 aperture, five-element lens, hybrid, IR filter, backside illumination, live Photos, autofocus, panorama (up to 43MP), HDR for photos, exposure control, burst mode, autofocus, timer mode, auto image, stabilization, body and face detection, photo geotagging.

How You Felt about It?

I felt as spectacular and also a little excited that I was about to start a new journey and the iPad was the first gift of the start. I felt glad that my mother is supporting me in my new journey and also helping me with gadgets so that I do better in my life and I will prove it to her.

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Cue Cards 2021 with Answer

This is a sample cue card that can be asked in 2021.

# Describe a picture or photograph in your home

You should say:

What is in the photo?

Where this photo is in your home?

How this picture was taken?

Explain what this photo means to you

What is in the Photo? Where is this Photo?

Like different other households in my neighbourhood, I have a large portrait of my family hung on an embankment in my tenancy room. It’s the main aspect that you glimpse when you step into the hall.

How was this Picture Taken? 

This picture was put up a year ago at the happening of my cousin’s marriage. It occurred the first time in ages that my entire family had congregated together. Even my families who live distant away came home to attend the marriage. It was probably the first snapshot of my expansive family with my grandmother, all of my grandmother’s children and the in-laws, and I retain lost count of how many grandchildren are in it. It’s a gorgeous photo, with everyone laughing and happy, taken by an experienced shutterbug who put everyone at comfort.

What this Photo Means to You? 

As a particular conventional person, I cherish my family. Our relations are worth additionally more than gold. No matter what transpires, I positively speculate that my parents, siblings and relatives will constantly be on my standpoint, assisting me. The inclusive time I look at the portrait of my loving family, I appreciate that I was there and feel blessed and happy.

Latest Cue Cards 

Some latest cue cards are provided below Check how I edited in the prior section. Follow and do accordingly.

Describe Someone Who has had an Important Influence on Your Life

You should say:

Who the person is?

How long you have known him/ her?

What qualities this person has?

Explain why they have had such an influence on you.

Describe a Type of Exercise that You like to Do

You should say:

What the exercise is?

When you do it?

Where you do it?

Explain why you like this particular exercise.

Describe a Time when You Forgot Something Important

You should say:

When did it happen?

What you forgot?

Who you were with?

What was the result of your forgetting?

Explain why it was important


All the best for your IELTS exam and IELTS Ninja is always here to help you, there are many articles and courses here which you will be needing for your IELTS exam preparation and we are here to help you. Any doubts, suggestions or feedback please feel free to comment in the comment section below.

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