Every paragraph will have and should include a topic sentence that helps the readers identify the main idea or the main reason for the paragraph. One should first get the idea of what the writer wishes to make the reader as to why he/she has written the paragraph. Most of the times the topic sentence appears at the beginning of the paragraph and sometimes the very first sentence. Here is an article to provide you with how to write topic sentences in an academic IELTS essay and also how to write a topic sentence in general.

A topic sentence that will lead the paragraph should be a general one that can state the whole paragraph’s subject and give a clear point of view so that the readers becomes interested. This article talks about all the topic sentences that are very important for an IELTS essay.

How to Write Topic Sentences in IELTS Essay?

This is a helpful way to write topic sentences

# First, one should understand what a topic sentence is, as the name suggests that topic is the main idea of any paragraph or context while you are writing

# To choose a topic sentence one should read the paragraph first and then think about why he/she wrote this paragraph and the motive.

# All the details and the supporting details should be noted and will help you to develop and explain the topic sentence.

# Read thoroughly through the topic so that you get the correct idea or else it might be a disaster

# It should not be too public or too distinct

# While you evaluate and consider the options for it, look for something general enough to predict the main idea of the paragraph

# Your thinking should be general when you answer or contradict it while writing it should be something specific.

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How to Write Topic Sentences in an Academic and General IELTS Essay? 

While the Essay is Academic one should follow these steps

# Always look at your question first and read it twice before answering, it is important to form the arguments for the topic sentences

# Outline your position and write the statement whether it is general or academic

# This will help you with your plan to focus on the paragraph

# For academics one should always have an idea about the topic and thoroughly collect the statistics and measures.

# For general one should always have written it in a form of an indirect one

# Academic should rather be a researched one than a general which is based on facts

# Every paragraph of the essay should be made into supporting points that will help you develop the main idea.

# Remember, hard solid statistics should be included in academic while writing generally you can have your points and views there

IELTS Essay Topics 

Number One to Four 

# Some folks suppose that extra-legal web downloads prevail as a unit having an unfavourable result on the music company. Others feel that they require very little or no consequence on artists. Discuss each perspective and provide your own viewpoint.

# Some folks understand that every one teenager ought to comprehend a remote terminology from the time they begin college, whereas others believe it’s higher to attend till a toddler is at lyceum. Communicate each impression and provide your impression.

# Nowadays, a lot of folks would rather purchase food than cook gathering. What area units the advantages and shortcomings of this trend? offer concepts concerning that may be a higher approach in keeping with you and why?

# In some countries, pupils are a unit inspired to picture or voyage for a year between completing high school and beginning university research. Discuss the benefits and drawbacks for children UN agencies determined to try to to this.

# Some folks feel that the agencies have the sharpest effect on people’s lives. Others feel that its politicians’ UN agency has the foremost management over the technique of folks’ existence. Discuss each view and provide your own opinion.

Number Five to Eight 

# Some folks spend tons of currency accompanying cultural or sports events. Is it an honest or a foul thing? offer your opinion and examples from your own expertise.

# Some folks assume that new homes ought to be in-built constant vogue as older homes within the native space. Others argue and say that native authorities ought to permit folks to create homes within the varieties of their alternative. Discuss each impression and provide your belief.

# Does one assume it’s higher for college kids to figure before their institute study? Why? Use reasons and certain illustrations to support your alternative.

# Some folks understand that kids ought to do federation activities in their independent time whereas others understand that kids ought to be unengaged to do what they need to try and do in their free time. That perspective does one approve with? Use specific reasons and illustrations to support your answer.

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IELTS Preparation 

# Always take a price test before you start

# Understanding the test format and pattern before preparation

# Always be aware of the test time constraints

# Enhance your English talents and skills and IELTS strategies

# Multitasking during the listening section should be done

# Enhance and develop your reading skills

# Use applicable and powerful English phrases while writing

# Speak with elegance and confidence in communication and don’t be afraid

# Submerge yourself in English


One should always remember that while preparing for the examination one should try to gain knowledge and not think about the results, the more knowledge you gain, the more successful you will become and the more confident you will get to crack the examination. We hope you found this article useful, feel free to comment in the comment section below for any doubts or queries, IELTS Ninja is always there to respond.

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