The main aim of the IELTS exam speaking test is to assess an applicant on their English speaking ability. You will be face to face with the examiner, and you might get nervous if you are not confident about your fluency in English.

The speaking section is an important part of the IELTS exam, and the section consists of an important question known as the cue card questions. You will be given a cue card topic, and you will get about one minute to prepare your answer. The examiner will instruct you on how to move forward, and you will have to speak for two minutes before the interviewer asks you to end. The interviewer will then ask some follow up questions about the topic.

One question which is often asked in the IELTS speaking test 2 is to talk about a toy you liked in your childhood. Let’s see how you will proceed.

IELTS Cue Card Topic – Talk about a Toy You liked in Your Childhood

The prompts for this topic are as follows:

  • What was the toy?
  • Who gave it to you?
  • How often did you play with it?

IELTS Cue Card Topic Talk about a Toy You liked in Your Childhood Model Answer 1

Introduction of IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

Indeed, discussing my toys makes me nostalgic. In my point of view, childhood is the brilliant period of one’s life, and recollections identified with it would consistently hold an uncommon spot. I had a lot of toys like remote-controlled cars or planes, many actions figures, and even some other kinds of toys.

What was the Toy?

But I loved toys where I could build something with them, with whose help I could channel my inner creativity. My favourite toy was my Lego set. Everyone knows what a lego set is. You have blocks of different shapes and sizes which you connect to create or build something. I was fascinated by them from the beginning. A booklet was included in the box which contained the basic instructions but I seldom used it.

How often did You Play with the Toy?

I used to build everything from them ranging from cars to spaceships and buildings. Whatever I made on them I would show it to my friends with pride. I used to play with them because they acted as a creative outlet. I had a lot of toys to play with but I used to be fiddling with my lego set all the time. I used to spend hours playing with them.


I was possessive about the Lego set, and would neither let my siblings nor my friends touch it. Even though I don’t play with the Lego Set, I still had it kept in my cupboard. Recently I gave them away to my niece because of the nostalgic and emotional value they hold.

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IELTS Cue Card Topic Talk about a Toy You liked in Your Childhood Model Answer 2

Introduction of  IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

I was very fond of collecting different types of toys since I was a child. I used to tell my parents to buy different kinds of toys every few months. I had a keen interest in having battery-operated or remote-controlled toys, and action figures.  Here I will talk about a toy which was given to me on my seventh birthday.

What was the Toy?

My father bought an Iron Man action figure from the US. He kept it with him and gave it to me during my birthday party. It was a red and golden action figure, which operated electrically with the help of AA batteries. There was nothing else in the box. It was made up of plastic, but I often thought it was made of Iron because it was an Iron Man action figure! It’s amazing how the mind of an infant works.

How often did You Play with the Toy?

I used to play with the toy throughout the day. I would not leave it alone for even a single moment. I would sleep, go to sleep with it, would take it to the park, I would also take it to my friend’s house and show it to them. Once I even snuck it in my school to show it to my classmates. The action figure had become a moment of pride for me because no one else in my school had it. It couldn’t do a lot of things. It would just raise its hand and say “I am Iron Man”, but still I would always play with it.


I don’t remember what happened with the action figure. I remember that I had dropped it and some parts had come off. My mother tried joining them but it wasn’t the same after that. I think she gave it away to an NGO or had donated it because I wasn’t able to find it. I still wonder if it had not broken, I would have kept it.

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Sort out some way to construct your vocabulary and how to make mind maps for this action as it helps unbelievably. Growing your vocabulary over a wide extent of disciplines will help when you read, create, tune in, and address people. You will moreover be more masterminded, having the alternative to get to the language and musings you need even more viably, so can do your closest to perfect on a test day. A fundamental perspective guide can be made if you consider how the subject and the point impact you directly. Your mind can work like this when you are given a question concerning something you do. To read more such IELTS cue card answers, click here.

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