In the IELTS section, the speaking section is one such section where you will get the most interesting topic to speak on. Other sections are just for evaluating your reading skills, listening skills, and writing skills, but in speaking skills, you are not only evaluated on the basis of your fluency. Examiners focus on various other components while evaluating the person.

Other components like the use of correct vocabulary but avoid using words that are rare and the examiner might not know, the use of a wide range of grammatical structure, use of correct pronunciation, and voice modulation. Keep in mind these other components, and on this basis, you can start your preparation. You will get insight into how to answer the cue card question in this article where we have taken the topic:- Describe a Computer/Phone Game you enjoy playing since your childhood: Cue Card for IELTS.

Describe a Computer/ Phone Game You Enjoy Playing since Your Childhood: Introduction

When you are starting your description you can tell the examiner, whether do you still play the game or not, or are you a gamer. Then you can continue with specifying the game that you have been playing since childhood.

Answer Module-1

“I have always loved playing games since I was a child. I was involved in playing with my brother who installed great games on the computer that allured me to play them. Whenever I used to be free after school hours I started playing my favourite game which was “Counterstrike”. I was introduced to this game when I was in 5th Class. I became addicted to this game back then.

It was my routine that after coming back from school, after having a proper nap I used to start playing this game on the computer. If the computer was occupied by my brother or sister, then I used to cry my heart out and snatched the computer from them. Counterstrike is a fighting game where there are teams of army and terrorists and we need to defend our area by killing the opposition. When I sat to play a game, I used to play it for 1 to 2 hours continuously”.

Answer Module-2

“ My friends and I have been completely into games since the 4th standard. Our mother used to get so much fed up with our addiction towards games that they used to call each other and used to plan how to get rid of the games from our life. But we didn’t care as we were so engrossed, that we only cared about the games.

Going to school was also a burden for us and we used to make weird excuses to miss school to play the games. I had a better gaming system, so most of the time we all hang out at my place. One of the most played games was GTA. It is the most preferred game in today’s time as well. At that time we used to take turns to play the game. GTA is a game that is associated with real-life but in the game, we have missions to complete. And those missions were so interesting”.

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Main Body

You can go on by telling you about your memories attached to the game. Were you ever scolded by your parents when you played the game?

Answer Module-1

“ I love this game so much that till my graduation I was able to take the time out for playing this game, but in graduation, I managed like once in a month to play this game. And after we switched from computer to laptop. The first thing that I asked my brother to put on the laptop was that game. I just loved playing this game.

There were times when my brother and I played it on a different laptop and we were each other’s opponents. In such a scenario he was used to won, but playing like this was really fun, there were many times that I won too but it was only a few times but I didn’t get sad because the joy from that game was too much. Counter-Strike now has another version also, but the one I like is the classic one. It is really close to my heart

Answer Module-2

“We played in a group of 4, and each time we would end up making fun of how the other teammate would play.. It was a wonderful quality time that I spent with my friends when we played GTA. GTA has been the all-time favourite game. And still, it is one of my favourite games. I spare a few hours of the week to play the game.

I don’t know the reason but I feel so light when I play it. Whenever I am tensed or stressed out, I start the game and it is a way to escape from my upsetting feeling. As really my mother opposed to my gaming passion, but now she knows that it has done magic on me, hence, she supports me and has realized that I can manage my gaming passion and my career simultaneously

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At the end of the description, you can tell your feeling about the game and if you still play it or not.

Answer Module-1

“Whenever I used to feel gloomy or was upset with some of the other thing, I used to play this game. This game was a way of catharsis for me. When I felt like crying due to some reason, I played the game, and all that gloomy feeling that I was not able to express evaporated in the air. But as my life became hectic and I got busy on schedule I am not able to play it on a regular basis anymore. But I still have it on my laptop and want to play whenever I feel low.”

Answer Module-2

I am grateful to Rockstar games for introducing such a rocking game for the game lovers like me. I Love GTA, and I have not found any other game which is as interesting as this one. GTA has been updating itself, each year. Coming up with new features and new missions. The latest GTA version is super cool and it has three players, in it, with different missions allotted to the different players. GTA’s latest version has been a great hit, and many people have bought this version.

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IELTS Cue Card Topics Follow up Questions

When you have completed your description of the topic given to you, you will get a few minutes more to have a conversation with the examiner. It will be a two-way conversation where the examiner will ask you a few questions and you will be answering those. Questions will be given on the basis of the cue card topic given to you. But the questions can also be related to what you said in the description. Here, is the list of follow up questions that can be asked:-

  1. Do you consider yourself addicted to this game?
  2. What should be the parent’s role in a child’s act of playing games?
  3. Will you support gaming, give reasons?
  4. What are the benefits of playing the computer or phone games?
  5. What is your take on are today’s kids more into gaming or 90’s kids were more into gaming?
  6. What do you think about addiction to computers and phone games?

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The speaking section is the most interesting section in the IELTS because in this you will be interacting with the examiner and there are many interesting topics on which you can talk for hours, so you don’t have to make up anything.

The speaking section is also a hard section, because the candidate may become anxious in front of the examiner. The level of anxiety may impact the preparation of the speaking section. But you have to prepare in such a way that you are not afraid of speaking in front of anybody else. In this article, you will understand the structure of answers and important components to keep in mind while you are giving the answers.

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