Practice is the key to clear the IELTS examination with the score that you want to get in your desired college or get an entry in your desired country. The IELTS examination is used to evaluate the English of candidates who are willing to study or work abroad. A candidate is evaluated on his/her listening skill, reading skill, writing skill, and speaking skills. This segregation has further criteria on the basis of which the candidate is evaluated in these 4 segments.

The speaking section is only for 15 minutes, hence, you have to get your magic to work only on those 15 seconds. So you have to practice the speaking section, regularly. Other than the fluency of the candidates, components that are evaluated are-

  • Use of wide grammatical structure.
  • Correct pronunciation.
  • Vocabulary.

Describe a Famous Person that You are Interested In: Introduction

For this cue card, you can start with the name of the person, and the reason why you are interested in that person.

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Answer Module-1

One person that I have been fond of is Barack Obama, who is the former president of the United States. I was given a project of doing research on a person who has a unique type of leadership style. This was the part of our Leadership chapter, which we wanted to clear with this project. When I was thinking about a leader with whom I can relate was only one, he was Barack Obama. He is the only person that I could identify as a leader that we need in today’s world. I did thorough research on him, and since that time I am really fond of him. He has been a leader like no other person has been. He has his own unique style of leadership with a blend of simplicity and jolliness.

Answer Module-2

I have always been interested in sports because I am really good at it. I love playing outdoor sports like Badminton. I have been playing badminton since the age of 10. I used to play it with my father who taught me the technicalities of the game as well. Being associated with the same reason, I am really fond of and interested in Saina Nehwal.

She is the world’s number one badminton player, and when I saw her match on the TV I was starstruck by her game. She has participated in a plethora of events national and international. And has also made India proud by winning many medals. She has also competed in the Olympics winning the bronze medal. She played badminton, this was the first intriguing thing that attracted me towards learning more about her, but when I slowly and steadily read about her I became more interested in her.

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Main Body

You can continue by describing why you are interested in that person or what makes him/ her unique from others.

 Answer Module 1

“ When I read about him, I got to know how empathetic he was. Along with having good people’s skills he is also a good orator, on the basis of which he was able to win the US election. He was able to make the whole of the US believe that he was part of the country as equal as they are. He made them believe that they are one unit and being a unit no power can destroy them. When I heard his first speech I got goosebumps because the speech was so energetic and so inspiring.

I also saw his videos and photos where during his work hours he was enjoying with other employees. There is a picture that went viral, Barack Obama is in the metro and there is one tired employee sleeping on the bench. This shows that he treated everyone equally. He not only preached what he believed but he practiced it, which is a really important value that a leader should have.

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Answer Module 2

I have always dreamt of meeting her in person because My interest grew bigger than before. I learned about her personal life and about her personality through news, media, and social platforms. She is one of the most successful and most loved sportspersons in India. Not only has she won the hearts of millions of Indians, but she has also earned the respect of billions of people, who regard girls as weak. Saina Nehwal overcame every struggle that crossed her way, and she never gave up. I can associate myself with her and she is not just my idol, but she motivates and inspires me to achieve what I desire to.

She started playing badminton at the age of 8 years, as a way of venting out her feelings. As back then her father got the promotion which led them to move from Haryana to Hyderabad, they didn’t know the local dialect. Thus Saina faced many issues that were frustrating at times. So to vent out these feelings she chose badminton to be the way out.


You can close by mentioning the qualities that you would like to inculcate in your personality from that person

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Answer Module 1

“When I completed my research and evaluated his tenure, I realized that he fits in the leadership category which is transformational. Transformational is the best type of leadership category that should be there within a person who is leading. Barack Obama never commanded any work to anybody, instead, he requested and guided the person all through the process, and stayed with them on the same page, this was his way of working. He never thought individually but his thoughts concept worked towards collectivity, which inspired me. His empathetic thinking towards every person born on this earth is what inspired me and me interested in him. When I submitted the assignment on Barack Obama, to my teacher I was given the highest marks and was applauded by the teacher.

 Answer Module 2

Now there is no one reason why I like Saina Nehwal, there are plenty of reasons and plenty of things that I have learned from her life journey. One thing that gave me a life lesson is that instead of complaining she found the solution to her aggressive feeling on her own. She found out her own way, and she never troubled her parents for it. Second, the love towards parents, when I came to know that Saina Nehwal started playing badminton to be the national level player because her mother wanted to be.

Her mother was a state-level badminton player in Haryana, and Saina wanted to fulfil her dream. She burned the midnight oil to fulfil the dream that her mother saw once, and she was adamant enough to achieve it.  With so many learnings from her, I feel proud that we have such a talented player in India to whom we can look up to.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Follow up Questions

After you are done with your description of the cue card topic given to you, you are asked a few questions from the examiner, these questions can be generic or they can be asked from what you have said in the description earlier.

  1. What do you think is the disadvantage of being a famous person?
  2. Do you think that there is a big role of the media in breaching their personal space?
  3. What is your opinion on the role of reporters in their life?
  4. Do you think having an idol in one’s life is important?
  5. Do you ever think of becoming famous, answer with a reason.



The first impression is the last impression. To give the examiner a good impression about how well you are prepared practice should be the key. It is advised that the candidate who is desiring to clear the IELTS examination with the flying color should practice the IELTS speaking section, by keeping important points in mind. As discussed above in the article that not only fluency of the candidate is evaluated, but other components like, a wide range of grammatical structure, correct use of pronunciation, and vocabulary are also evaluated.

In the IELTS section, you are only given 15 minutes, in those 15 minutes you have to give your best to score up your band in the IELTS examination. So prepare for the IELTS section like you are giving the final exam, this way you will not get anxious at the time of the final examination and you will be having all the important points in mind as well.

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