August is about to end and we all are ready for September. If you have thought of taking the IELTS exam in September, you need to read the article completely. Check out the IELTS exam date September 2021 table and make your plans accordingly. In this article, you will find details on the exam dates, test centres, registration process, fees and much more. So, read it thoroughly to not miss out on anything.

IELTS Exam Registration 2021

Applicants can enrol for the British Council or the IDP whether in online or offline mode. Annually, applicants can take the IELTS exam four times a month on 48 set days. You have the option to reschedule, cancel, or retake the IELTS exam. However, you must refund the exam cost in order to reappear or reschedule.

# The exam fee is INR 14,700

# The IELTS exam is available in both online and offline formats.

# IELTS can be taken in one of two formats: paper-based or computer-based.

# You can register for the test up to 24 hours before the exam, but you may not obtain the desired time slot.

IELTS Slot Booking Process

You must meet specific IELTS Eligibility requirements before continuing with the slot registration process for this examination. You must be 16 years old or older to take this exam, and you must have a valid passport. For Indian students, the exam price is about INR 13,000, which includes taxes. The IELTS registration procedure can be completed online or offline. Here is a full overview of the IELTS slot booking process:

Online Mode

Follow the steps below to register through the online mode:

# You can visit the IDP or British Council website and fill out the form. At first you will have to make an account.

# Complete the form to the best of your ability.

# Select your desired testing location and exam date.

# Use a valid credit card to pay the charge.

# You will get an email confirming your payment. It will also include instructions on how to take the IELTS online training program.

# If you pay for an IELTS slot using cash or a demand draught, you must provide the application acknowledgement and a copy of the fee invoice to the British Council office.

# It is recommended that you save the email since it may include important information that you will need later.

Offline Mode

If you want to register for the IELTS exam offline, you will have to visit a branch of the IDP or British Council. You can do the payment and fill out the form there in person.

IELTS Exam Date 2021 in August

In the table below, you will find the exam date of IELTS for the month of August 2021

IELTS Exam Date Test Type
6th August 2021 Academic Only
8th August 2021 Academic and General Training
22nd August 2021 Academic and General Training
29th August 2021 Academic Only

IELTS Exam Date September 2021

In the table below, you will find the exam date IELTS for the month of September 2021.

IELTS Exam Date Test Type
5th September 2021 Academic Only
12th September 2021 Academic and General Training
17th September 2021 Academic and General Training
26th September 2021 Academic and General Training

October 2021

Date Test Type
10th October 2021 Academic only
15th October 2021 Academic and General Training
24th October 2021 Academic and General Training
31st October 2021 Academic and General Training

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November 2021

Date Test Type
7th November 2021 Academic only
12th November 2021 Academic and General Training
21th November 2021 Academic and General Training
28th November 2021 Academic only

December 2021

Date Test Type
3rd December 2021 Academic only
5th December 2021 Academic and General Training
12th December 2021 Academic only
19th December 2021 Academic and General Training

List of IELTS Test Centres for 2021

Here is a list of all the test centres available in India:

# Ahmedabad-West

# Ambala

# Amritsar

# Anand

# Angamaly

# Barnala

# Bathinda

# Bengaluru

# Bhopal

# Bhubaneswar

# Calicut

# Chandigarh

# Chengannur

# Chennai

# Coimbatore

# Dehradun

# Firozpur

# Gandhinagar

# Goa

# Gurdaspur

# Gurugram

# Guwahati

# Hoshiarpur

# Hyderabad

# Indore

# Jaipur

# Jalandhar

# Jammu

# Kannur

# Kapurthala

# Karnal

# Khanna

# Kochi

# Kolkata

# Kollam

# Kothamangalam

# Kottayam

# Kurukshetra

# Lucknow

# Ludhiana

# Madurai

# Mangalore

# Mehsana

# Moga

# Mumbai-South

# Mumbai-West

# Nadiad

# Nagpur

# Navi Mumbai

# Navsari

# Nawanshahr

# New Delhi-South

# New Delhi-West

# Noida

# Patiala

# Patna

# Pune

# Raikot – Punjab

# Raipur

# Rajkot – Gujarat

# Rudrapur

# Sangrur

# Siliguri

# Sri Ganganagar

# Sri Muktsar Sahib

# Surat

# Thane

# Thrissur

# Tiruchirappalli

# Tirupati

# Trivandrum

# Vadodara

# Vijayawada

# Visakhapatnam

Test Center Instructions

To prevent any uncomfortable situations on test day at the venues, applicants must thoroughly familiarise themselves with the test day guidelines and criteria.

What should you bring with you to the IELTS test centre?

# Only pens, pencils, and erasers are permitted.

# Inside the test room, only the passport or national ID card that was used on the registration form will be permitted.

# Food is not permitted inside the exam room; only a drink in a clear bottle is permitted.

# Cellphones and other electronic gadgets must be turned off and put in the supervisor’s specified place with personal items.

Test Center Rules

Specific accommodations are available at venues for test takers with special needs. If an applicant requires a customised version of the exam owing to exceptional circumstances, he or she must provide the Test Center with three months’ notice so that the modified test version may be prepared. If an applicant needs additional administrative arrangements, such as extra time owing to specific needs, he or she must notify the test facility six weeks in advance.

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Test Day Tips

Getting to The Test Centre

Check the beginning of your IELTS exam and be sure you know how to arrive at the test venue on time for the day of your exam. We suggest doing this at least a week ahead of time to ensure you’re properly prepared.

Arriving for Your IELTS Test

Make certain you’ve read and comprehended the IELTS exam terms and conditions since they include crucial information concerning your test day. These can be seen in the section of your application form under “Test Takers Information.” You may be unable to participate in your test if you come late.

Turn off all electrical devices, including your phone. These, among other personal items, will be stored outside the testing room.

Your Identity Documents

When you arrive, IELTS personnel will verify your identification; the paperwork you got when you enrolled for the exam will specify which ID you’ll need. You will not be allowed to take the exam if you do not have the proper identification.

Before you take the exam, IELTS personnel will snap a photograph of you as an added security step. This photo will appear on the Test Report Form. You may also be requested to submit a finger scan in some nations.

At The End of  the Test

Remain seated until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the examination room. Inform the invigilator right immediately if you feel your performance has been harmed by any difficulties. You must fill the Complaint Form in one week of the exam date if you wish to file a complaint regarding your test day.

Special Arrangements

If you requested specific accommodations due to a handicap or another condition, you will be accommodated on the day of your exam.

Why is IELTS Important?

Providing proof of language competence is an important step in getting a visa so that you may begin working in another country. Language skills are regarded as a valuable asset and are one of the most important criteria for job success. If you’re seeking a work visa, you’ll need to demonstrate either “vocational” or “competent” English language abilities, which means you’ll need more than just conversational fluency in English.

The test is used by government offices as part of their application processes for permanent residency or citizenship. They look at how language skills are connected to people’s capacity to integrate into society and the workplace.

Many people question if IELTS is required for immigration. Immigration officials trust the test, and it plays a critical role in employing language evaluation as a tool for managing migration rates.


We hope that you were able to grasp each and every section in this article. We recommend you bookmark this page so that you can keep a check on the exam dates with just one click. If you are worried about the test centres, you can go through the 50+ cities which are facilitated by the IELTS organisation.

Pick a centre closest to you to easily reach the place on exam day. Remember to leave at least 1-2 hours early from the usual timing to avoid any kind of hassle.

For more informative blogs regarding the IELTS exam, go to the blog section of IELTS Ninja.

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