In the cue card section, you are put in the spotlight where you will be analysed on your body posture, smile, grammar, fluency, vocabulary, knowledge and many other important aspects.

We know that the preparation time is shockingly short, but with the right approach, it can be done perfectly. So do you want to know how to give a proper answer to any cue card topic? If yes, this article is for you

Here is a sample cue card topic “Talk about a time when you gave advice to someone”. Check out the sample answers to learn the technique of answering.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card Questions and Sample Answers

Break the cue card topic into the following parts:

# Who you gave advice to?

# What advice did you give

# How it was helpful

# Explain how he or she felt about it.

Talk About a Time When You Gave Advice to Someone: IELTS Exam Sample 1

In India, giving advice is very popular. I have offered free advice to my family and friends. Honestly, I feel that by providing guidance, we demonstrate our respect and concern for others. Here I’d like to discuss the advice I offered to my friend Arjun.

He was torn between keeping his career and starting his own company two months ago. He is my closest buddy, and if he is feeling down, he calls me for advice.

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On the day, it was Sunday night, when he called and sounded really low. When I asked him about his dilemma at the time, he informed me that he had been dissatisfied with his work because it paid too little. He could not get any perks, raises, or other incentives. So he decided to start his own company but was unsure how to get started.

He explained briefly his dilemma to me. I respected his perspective and advised him that if he quits his job immediately, he would be without a source of revenue. So I recommended he open a side business, such as an online shipping company. I told him about the reseller application “Misho,” which allows you to gain money by selling an item with a predetermined profit margin.

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After several days, he contacted me again and thanked me for the advice for this business venture that often won him 10000 to 15000 Indian rupees per month. Surprisingly, I am overjoyed to see that my counsel has been beneficial to him.

Talk About a Time When You Gave Advice to Someone: IELTS Exam Sample 2

Whenever anyone asks me for advice, I normally give it. But I’d like to tell you about a period when I offered advice to my sister.

My sister called me this year to inform me of the good news. She informed me that she had given birth to a daughter. My family and I were on the 7th cloud at the moment. Within a week, my sister and baby returned home, and I also moved to her house.

Other than that, my sister spoke to me about the newborn’s future because anything today is really expensive, and she was concerned about it at the time. She endured a lot of pressures as a result of it.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Exam

The next day, I gave my sister some advice about how to protect her baby’s future. Fortunately, I work for SBI bank, which has a lot of the best study and wedding policies for newborn girls.

In addition, I mentioned a fantastic baby research policy. My sister will fill out 1000 rupees every month in that scheme, and after seven years, she will get approximately 5 Lakhs rupees in interest and the cashback money too.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

When my sister thoroughly researched the strategy and became very involved in it. Then she implemented the strategy and felt fantastic.

My sister is no longer stressed out about the baby’s upcoming studies. As per me, I gave excellent advice to my sister at the time, and when we recall that day, both my sister and I are pleased.

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Talk About a Time When You Gave Advice to Someone: IELTS Exam Sample 3

I’ve got a lot of advice from friends and family in my lifetime. There is a significant distinction between giving and seeking advice. I’m going to tell you about a moment when I offered my best mate some advice.

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Exam

I’m a very fitness guy who gets up at 5:00 a.m. daily. As diverse types of exercise, I favour morning walks, yoga, and meditation. Nevertheless, my best mate is too lazy and unconcerned with his health; however, I gave him a few of the best pieces of advice for living a healthier life. I made one statement, which is more of a motto than a statement: “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

Break the Paragraph: IELTS Speaking

I advised him to get up early in the morning and join me for some workout. Furthermore, everybody is aware that an idle mind is the devil’s lab. So I advised him to use his expertise and get input from others while doing his job. Because of his personality, he ate an unhealthy amount of junk food and snack foods. “Health is Wealth,” I still tell him. You risk everything in life if you lose your money.

He soon learned he was mistaken, and he began to pursue me. We go on a morning stroll, yoga, and meditation together. In addition, to improve our wellbeing, we entered a gym and began eating better.


With the help of this example, you might now have understood how you can prepare yourself for answering any question in the speaking part of the exam. Now that you have understood it, what are you waiting for? Go stand in front of a mirror and start your preparation for your exam. Whatever you feel like could be asked in the exam, write the answer to it and start practicing. Search over the internet for the different questions being asked in the speaking exam of IELTS and start your preparation.

Hopefully, with the help of the above information, you must have understood how to effortlessly and effectively answer this part of the question. Now that you’re prepared for it, go for that exam and succeed in it.

Good luck!!!

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