The IELTS cue cards are an important part of the IELTS preparation speech assessment module. This is the second of the three things that you have to do before the test happens. These tests include a host of qualities learned over time, the least of which includes being able to be fast on your feet, in order to be able to address them effectively.

For your IELTS preparation, you will be given precisely 1 minute to train yourself to talk about a specific subject in the IELTS Speaking exam, and this topic is called the IELTS Cue Card topics or Applicant Challenge Card. On a card issued to you by the interviewer, the directions to direct your speech are written. Your talk can last roughly 2 minutes before you are asked to stop the speech by the examiner. One or two questions will be asked by the examiner. These one or two questions will be answered by the examiner at the end. Read on to know how to answer a particular type of question as you go through the sample answer of – Describe an interesting conversation you had.

IELTS Preparation for IELTS Speaking Exam

A host of items will come to the rescue while you are placed under the spotlight in the speech test of the IELTS exam. Planning, faith, breathing properly, testing your body language and laughing can be used as shields or arms as appropriate.

An IELTS cue card subject, consisting of one main question and 3-4 questions that will advise you how to answer the question, will be given to you during the exam. There will be no modifications to the question you are asked and you will have a minute to write the answer. This blog will allow you to successfully respond to Describe an interesting conversation you had.

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IELTS Cue Card Topics Explained – Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had

For the cue card subject, here is a sample question that can be used as an experiment to consider the kind of issues that may arise during the IELTS speaking test. The example query involves the operation and also the forms in which it is possible to express the answer to the given question.

To write down your thoughts, a pen and paper will be given to you. These are some points you may include-

  • When that conversation occurred
  • Who you had it with
  • What you were talking about was
  • And explain why it was interesting to you.

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Sample Answer

I’d agree that I’m fairly introverted, so I’m less likely to have a chat with a stranger. In reality, by wearing my headphones sometimes, even though I don’t listen to music, I consciously strive to restrict conversations with strangers. There was one day, though, that I chose without my headphones to break my usual pattern and live life.

A lot of years ago, I stayed at a backpacker hostel in London—I think it was in 2014. Because of its rave reviews, I chose this hostel. Many people said they made friends with other travellers quickly just by sitting at the table, and that’s exactly what I wanted to do.

Who You had it With?

There was a Florida man who was travelling and working on a start-up. He plunged himself down next to mine on the barstool and ordered a beer. He struck up a dialogue with me without hesitation. We chitchatted for hours before the conversation turned to what I was doing, chatting about anything and everything. At the point, I was hopelessly undecided, not knowing whether to stay or Well, or travel to another country.

He didn’t even bother comparing the pros and cons for me, instead, he questioned me when I’d be checking out. I recall it was on a Monday.

Body and Conclusion

“Good! Nice  He called out, asking me if I had ever been to Paris, and I hadn’t. He said he was leaving, and he invited me to join him if I wanted to. I did, and after Monday, we went that direction.

I ended up unravelling my life and backpacking across Europe for summer because of this single conversation, which finally landed me in Eastern Europe, where I built a new life. In Amsterdam, Neil and I parted ways, and we have occasionally stayed in touch since then.

Another Way to Answer Your IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic

I find that I’m a really social person and I want to speak to strangers. There are some conversations I will never forget about. This particular conversation I’m trying to write about today occurred about four months ago, about five months ago, and with a stranger, too. I travelled by bus to Chandigarh for a review. At the next station, this person boarded the bus.

He sat next to me and we both started out casually.

The dialogue continued with everyday stuff, such as growing traffic and the sweltering summer sun, every day. He began asking me about his career after some time.

Of the merchant fleet, he was. So, I overwhelmed him with questions as soon as he told me about his career. He told me about the challenges and told me about the fun part of serving in the merchant navy as well.

Lead to Body and Conclusion

Several aspects have been really interesting. He told me he works just for eight months a year.

He spends the remainder of his four months with his girlfriend. During those four months, he plays golf, goes on holidays and does whatever he likes. I recall he was a little sad, though, because that year was the last day of those 4 months. All I could think about after this discussion was being a merchant marine. The craze vanished very quickly, like most childhood dreams. This conversation, though, will still be a part of my memories.

Describe An Interesting Conversation You Had – Follow Up Questions

What’s it that guys want to chat about? What about females?


Typically, men talk about athletics, business, politics, while women talk about clothes, families, and kids. Gender divisions, however, are vanishing very quickly. Seeing women speak about politics and men talk about cooking and clothes is not shocking.

Similarly, you may answer these questions-

  • What is the difference between a conversation face to face and a phone call?
  • When making a show, why are certain individuals nervous?
  • During a presentation, is it acceptable to make jokes?

Cue Card Topics for IELTS Speaking Preparation

  • Describe A Special or favourite Toy you liked in your childhood
  • Describe a favourite song that you like
  • Describe a restaurant you like (to go to)/that impresses you
  • Describe an Indoor Game that you would like to play
  • Describe an area of science you like or interested in
  • Describe An free time activity you like to do after study or work
  • Describe someone you consider a good leader
  • Describe one of your Family Member You Spend The Most Time With
  • An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone for the first time
  • Describe Someone in the news you like to meet

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Slouching, slumping, a surface or shallow breathing continuously rubbing; these are all signs of not believing what you are about to do. All face the same emotions and anxieties; the difference lies in how you train yourself to deal with them. Bear in mind the above-mentioned suggestions while preparing for the IELTS speaking test. These are some of such tips and tricks and examples, for more check out IELTS ninja.

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