To score well in IELTS, you need to go through 4 parts:- composing, listening, communicating coherently, and reading. You are given 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the whole IELTS exam. In the speech part, your English speaking skills are measured. Not only does it analyse the way you express yourself, but several small points are based on as you answer the contextual questions.

‘Describe a time when you were really close to a wild animal’ is one of the subjects of the cue card that is addressed in this blog. Go through it for the IELTS exam to get better.

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Points that You must Cover while Answering the Cue Card Topics

What was that animal? Where have you seen it? What does it eat? And clarify how you felt when you saw it.

Ask the following question to yourself:

Describe the moment the wild animal came very close to you.

  • What was that animal?
  • Where have you seen it?
  • What does it like to eat?
  • And clarify how you felt when you saw it.

A IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Sample Answer

A Model answer with band 7+

Yes, it’s, of course, a shivery scenario, especially when somebody is terribly getting close to a wild animal.  This is as a result of the fear that it might be dangerous generally. Here, I might wish to name the time once I was terribly closed to the wild animal and conjointly during a safe manner. I saw a tiger, however, I was not terrified of it.

I have been to the installation and there has been an excess of untamed animals like Snakes, Lions, Gorilla, Tiger, and lots of additional. This installation is found in Hyderabad a town in Bharat. I had been there for a family trip and alongside, my wife and children even they have seen these wild animals terribly closely.

Lead to Conclusion

Tiger is a carnivore animal, so that is why they largely eat meat or the flesh of animals. I noticed that the management of installation takes care of all wild animals and offers them the correct food from time to time. Tigers usually attach to the opposite animals as their food and eat them.

As of that day, I had seen tigers solely on video or picture, thus once I saw them in real I was afraid and stared at them from a secluded corner. As I learned that they’re within the cage, I stirred more closer and saw closely how vast their body is. If I have an opportunity within the future I might like to see them once more.

Another Sample Cue Card Topic Answer to Prepare for the IELTS Speaking Test

Oh, any life in this world has its own obligations, and so are the animals. They are the basic portion of the life chain that human beings can not live without. Humanity is directly or implicitly hugely dependent on them. It’s pretty normal to work with farm animals or keep pets at home, but here I would like to speak about a time when I got incredibly close to a wild animal.

Where did You see It?

Actually, a year ago I created a thought with my friends to go to a park in Chandigarh. it absolutely was extremely fun there because the atmosphere was pleasant and therefore the park is immensely large. We had a chance and we saw plenty of untamed animals there, whereas, we weren’t allowed to travel near to the cage wherever they were kept. Then we set to travel on a Jungle expedition where the animals were in the open. For that, we were in a Land Rover that was protected with robust metal because of safety reasons.

Lead to Body and Conclusion

Why are you loving it? And what did they look like?

There was a moment when, for different reasons, I saw a lion, which is my favourite species. First and foremost is the presence of his long, colourful fur on his body. It makes him completely distinct from others. Secondly, his dominant aura, which is known to be the king of the forest.

Once our Jeep came very close to this beast and all the people in the jeep got terrified as it is a carnivores animal and is so strong that it can also harm the vehicle.

We actually got out safely and enjoyed this journey a lot. So, this is a wild animal I’ve seen up close, and it’s my favourite, too.

Prepare for Follow Up Questions in Your IELTS Preparation

Question 1

Besides the animal, you only spoke concerning, what alternative wild animals are there in your country (or, around wherever you live)?

There are several alternative wild animals in my country like tigers, leopards, snakes, camels, deer, giraffes, rhinoceros, lions, hippos, alligators, crocodiles, monkeys, etc.

Question 2

In general, how is that do folks in your country feel concerning wild animals?

People have completely different feelings for wild animals. Some folks are frightened of them, some worship them, some like them and particularly visit the zoos to envision them. Some even hunt wild animals for his or her body elements.

Question 3

In general, what’s the angle of individuals in your country towards wild animals?

People have totally different attitudes towards wild animals. Some folks are totally frightened of them, some worship them, some like them and especially head to the zoos to examine them. Some even hunt wild animals for his or her body components.

Question 4

Do you like (all) wild animals? (Why?/Why not?)

Yes, I favour all wild animals however from afar. I like to even watch programs that are on wild animals on different channels like the National Geographic Channel and that I even love to observe them in zoos.

Question 5

Do you suppose, in general, people prefer wild animals?

Yeah, they do, I guess. The Discovery Channel is very popular, along with the National Geographic Channel. Even people head to zoos to visit them. I see a big rush of people out there anytime I go to any zoo.

Question 6

Are there any creatures you hate that are wild? About why?

When I see them on TV or at the zoo, I don’t hate any wild animals. I’m confident, though, that I don’t want to be close to them in real life. They really tend to scare me

Question 7

What do you like about lions and tigers?

I like that they eat humans, after all. Usually, lions and tigers are happy to eat other wild animals like zebras, but only when people provoke them to eat them.

Question 8

In your country, are the attitudes of people today towards wild animals the same as the attitudes of people in the past?

Now, people’s mentality toward wild animals is very different than it was in the past. Earlier, people were terrified and used to worship wild animals. They were also used in large numbers to hunt and kill them. Today, though, people are more mindful of the importance of wildlife. They like them to be conserved. Such societies, such as the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Animal Cruelty), are taking action to protect the interests of animals.

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Other Cue Card Topics

Linked themes for the speaking element of the cue card

You may also be motivated by the willingness to talk about this cue card to speak about the following cue cards:

Describe a journey or a ride you’ve loved.

At your college or college, define a memorable incident.

Describe a study tour you’ve had at college.

Describe a trip to some location you’ve taken.


By speaking parts, and not just one, several aspects of speech are calculated. You are only given 15 mins for the speaking part, so it becomes important for you to time yourself well. If you don’t, so what you wanted to say could not go the way you thought it would.

So, when speaking, you need to keep all these pointers in mind so that you don’t lose them. It seems that the simplest segment of all is speaking certainly However that comes with great practise. For more tips check out IELTS ninja.

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