Amman is a modern city of Jordan. There are candidates who apply for IELTS exam for Permanent Residence or want to go abroad for further studies. The main problem is to find a good trainer for in IELTS in Amman . We solve your problem here.

Best coaching methods for IELTS in Amman.

Amman has coaching mode but the confusion is which would be the best coaching method for IELTS in Amman.
1. Offline IELTS coaching classes- Offline coaching is for candidates who are looking for some basic training for their IELTS. Here it is rare that you will get personal attention.
1. UniHouse –  Second Investment Building, 3rd Floor, Jordan.
2. Qasid Institute-  Next to Mukhtar Mall, Jordan.
2. Personal Training- Personal training is basically for candidates who want some personal training. The individual trainer is hard to find. You can find them on Facebook.
3. Online IELTS coaching classes- Online IELTS coaching is where you get quality trainers with personal tutor. Candidates prefer this mode of coaching as it is flexible with its time and easy to access. You can check some online websites: 

How to choose the right IELTS training institute?

For candidates who are appearing for IELTS exams the main difficulty they face is in choosing the right mode of coaching. The right mode of coaching is where you get quality trainers and personal attention. A right trainer should create a healthy environment for the candidate to practice speaking and writing task.

What Coaching methods candidates are using in Amman?

For you to know the review of coaching methods adopted by candidates in IELTS exam in Amman.

IELTS Training trends in Amman

IELTS Training trends in Amman

How are students performing in IELTS in Amman?

For you to know the review of how candidates are studying for the IELTS exam in Amman. We present you the score band as a statistical data:

IELTS students performance in Amman

IELTS students performance in Amman

IELTS exam dates in Amman.

The exam dates for Amman in 2017 calendar year are as follows:

Test Date Module Registration
15/07/2017 IELTS Academic 09/07/2017
29/07/2017 IELTS Academic 23/07/2017
29/07/2017 IELTS General Training 23/07/2017
12/08/2017 IELTS Academic 29/07/2017
19/08/2017 IELTS Academic 05/08/2017
19/08/2017 IELTS General Training 05/08/2017
26/08/2017 IELTS Academic 12/08/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS Academic 26/08/2017
09/09/2017 IELTS General Training 26/08/2017
16/09/2017 IELTS Academic 02/09/2017
30/09/2017 IELTS Academic 16/09/2017
30/09/2017 IELTS General Training 16/09/2017
14/10/2017 IELTS Academic 30/09/2017
14/10/2017 IELTS General Training 30/09/2017
21/10/2017 IELTS Academic 07/10/2017
28/10/2017 IELTS Academic 14/10/2017
28/10/2017 IELTS General Training 14/10/2017
04/11/2017 IELTS Academic 21/10/2017
11/11/2017 IELTS Academic 28/10/2017
11/11/2017 IELTS General Training 28/10/2017
25/11/2017 IELTS Academic 11/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS Academic 18/11/2017
02/12/2017 IELTS General Training 18/11/2017
09/12/2017 IELTS Academic 25/11/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS Academic 02/12/2017
16/12/2017 IELTS General Training 02/12/2017

How to score a good band in IETS?

To crack IELTS exam you need to score a good band for that you need a good trainer. The candidate needs to develop their skills. The focus should be more on writing and speaking task where there is more practice needed. You can check some online websites for free tips on task and free guidance.

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