The IELTS exam is the entry pass for you to study or work in a country other than your home country. Common Language used in other countries is English, thus to evaluate the candidate’s English proficiency IELTS examination is conducted by IDP and British Council. But only scoring will not get you entry, every country has a minimum band score requirement for the IELTS examination.

Requirement for IELTS Exam Score

To get the entry in your desired country you will need to achieve a score that is equal to or greater than the required score. So before starting with your IELTS preparation make sure that you know about the score required.

This way you will have an aim to work towards and you will know what you have to achieve. To achieve that score you are required to practice all 4 sections, together and also separately. For the IELTS exam, you are given 2 hours and 45 minutes. You have to learn about the smart technique to use in the exam and then you have to practice it. To practice the IELTS speaking section you can take cue card topics like- Describe a Piece of International news that you have recently heard.

Describe a Piece of International News that You have recently Heard – IELTS Exam Sample Cue Card Topic Introductions

You can start with the importance of news and how frequently you read the news, and what types of news do you read. Then you can come straight to the topic that is the international news that you have recently heard about.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer – 1 for IELTS Preparation

“My Father knows the importance of news and he has a very good habit of reading the whole newspaper in the morning with his cup of tea. He wants us to follow the same habit but we are not so dedicated like him towards reading newspapers, so we fail to bring this into our habit. But after his continuous reminder, I have brought reading newspapers into my habit and I am really thankful to my dad for this.

Pursuing my Bachelors I now realize how important reading newspapers is for us not only for the present state but for the future. So I have started reading news: local, national and even international. Along with the e-newspaper I also prefer reading old types of newspapers. So while I was reading the newspaper, a piece of news caught my eye’s attention, Which was the spread of Covid-19 in China.”

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer – 2 for IELTS Preparation

“I was always intrigued by the things of the space, be it galaxy, the planet and how we are able to see the picture of an outside world. When I grew up with this intriguing question in my mind, then I got to know about satellites. Back then I only knew about the word satellite but I failed to understand its meaning. But when I was 6th standard I understood that a satellite is any machine that is launched in space to get the alerts and other necessary information about the space and which helps in monitoring earth.

A month ago I heard about the news “SpaceX has launched a “rideshare” mission of carrying 143 spacecraft in a single launch”. When I thought about satellites and such machines there was only one organization that I can think of which was ISRO. But now I think there is another organization in the race that has come on the equal pedestal”

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Main Body Answer 1

Covid-19 a virus which was spreading in Wuhan, one of the cities in China. Since I was born, the world has not experienced any such disease, but 2019 showed us such a disease. All the international flights were on halt and many countries like South Korea began taking this virus seriously as it was spreading to other countries at a rapid spread. But Many countries like Italy were not aware of the consequences this virus was having on the world. The Covid-19 was declared as the Pandemic by WHO in March 2020, as it was not restricted to any one country. India was one of the countries that were taking this virus seriously and as soon as the government had foreseen its effect, international flight to India was put on halt, the lockdown was announced and all the operations in India were stopped. Covid-29 was a news story that shocked the whole world. It impacted various countries in all aspects: Economic, Population, social and ecological factors. Many lives have been lost since.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Main Body Answer 2

So the international news that I heard was surprising, an organization that is giving a tough competition to ISRO. SpaceX is an American Aerospace Manufacturer and also provides space transportation services. IT is headquartered in Hawthorne, California. It was found by none other than Elon Musk in 2002 with the mission of reducing the cost of space transportation so that colonization of mars can be possible. When I heard about this organization I was enthralled.

So this recent news about SpaceX was about it breaking the record of launching 143 satellites in just one succession. It beat the record of India which deployed 104 satellites in February 2017. The ride was of the name falcon-9 and the mission was named Transporter-1. The 143 satellites that were launched included commercial and government CubeSats, microsats which are known as orbit transfer vehicles along with 10 Starlink satellites.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topi Closure

While closing you can mention how this particular news affected you and your family if applicable. If not applicable you can close by sharing your thoughts about the news, what can be changed or done in order to make things right.

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Answer 1

“Each and every country is affected by Covid-19 directly or indirectly. And when a country is affected its people are the ones suffering. So, because of covid-19 I also faced some problems. As college was closed, the classes were going online, we had our exams a bit late from the actual time. We were to complete an internship and due to this pandemic, many summer internships were cancelled, because many organizations did not have work from home projects. We were locked in our own house for many months because for safety purposes there was a lockdown in the country. One or the other day we hear about the news of hundreds and thousands of lives being lost. As the pandemic affected the elderly people the most, this news was a great source of our worry for our parents and grandparents. This international news was not a good one and it affected the lives of many.

Answer 2

Reading it all, I was overwhelmed by the progress that we humans are making each day in one or the other sector. Space was of that aspect which is considered difficult to explore but now with the development of such advanced machines nothing seems impossible, we can clearly see how easily we can colonize the planet Mars. I am looking forward to the day when this will not just be a dream but will come true. This news was a piece of good news for all of us and we can see the continuous growth of our space industry with the entry of SpaceX. Now it is not a monopoly but there is a tough competitor to ISRO.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Followup Questions for IELTS Preparation

After you are done describing the topic given to you, the examiner will be asking you for the answers to questions that are related to the topic. Questions that can be asked are:-

  1. What is your newspaper reading style?
  2. Do you think reading international news is important?
  3. News that you have described do you think will impact the world? If yes then how?

A speaking section in IELTS is an important one, and while you are preparing for this section you not only have to see your English fluency but you need to keep in mind the other components on which you are evaluated by the examiner. Mantra to score good marks in the speaking section of IELTS is to practice on the cue card topics, so you can take topics like “Describe a piece of international news that you have recently heard”, you can see the sample answer for this cue card given above and practice accordingly.

Reading the answers given above for the cue card topic you can have the idea about how you can go about describing the topic that is dividing your answer into 3 phases: introduction, main body, and Closure. This way you will have a structured answer in your mind that you can speak in the final speaking IELTS exam. You have to give a good impression in just 14 minutes, so you need to have a clear and structured answer for the topic given.

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