The IELTS examination is conducted by IDP and British Council to evaluate the English proficiency of the candidate, who is planning to go abroad for studies or for work. A candidate is evaluated on the basis of these sections which have further sub-criteria, on which candidate is evaluated.

Once you have decided that you will go abroad and for that, you have to give the IELTS examination, do thorough research on it. Thorough research on each section will give you a clear idea about in which direction you should work.

The IELTS Examination

The IELTS examination time limit is 2 hours and 45 minutes. In this time frame, you have to complete each section, which further has the time frame. The time given for the Reading section is 60 minutes.  The writing section is also for 60 minutes. The listening section is for 30 minutes and the speaking section is for 11-14 minutes.

So such a short time frame calls for bucking up your speed so that you complete the examination. For this, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you increase the speed and you are able to complete the entire section with accuracy. In this section you will be given a clear structure to answer the cue card topic: Describe your favourite singer.

Introduction – Describe Your Favourite Singer Cue Card Topic

When you are starting with your answer, you can take a general pitch about music, what type of music do you like, and with what type of singing you can relate to. Then you can come to the topic that describes your favourite singer. You can tell the name and about his singing

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer Module – 1

“I am really fond of loud music that makes me groove to its beats. I like the kind of music that has a high base and the car vibrates when it is played. But there comes a time in everybody’s life where they prefer more silent and smooth music. So that phase has come in my life too, and in this phase, I have started to listen to a piece of smooth music, that can calm my nerves down and relax my mind.

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Listening to such music I discovered the Singer Atif Aslam, with a meticulous voice. I heard his song in the morning and it just makes my day. Where the loud music sets me on fire with lots of energy, the music of Atif Aslam brings my nerves down and calms me all through. He has sung so many songs for the Bollywood industry, and in every song, he has t. When his song is up the channels, we get to know that this is Atif Aslam’s song. Getting such a recognition, I think, is a blessing for the singers.”

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer Module – 2

“I Believe that Music has the power to reduce our anxiety, it has the power to make us energetic, and it also has the power to make us cry. Sad songs have the power of catharsis, and the feeling that we are not able to vent out in any way, the sad song does it in seconds. There are so many songs, that after understanding their lyrics, we feel that this song is just made for me. I have gone through such a feeling several times.

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And I love the singers who have that power in their voice which can bring goosebumps to a person. And for me the count of these types of singers is not much, I get goosebumps only on the singing of a few singers. One such singer that I like is Neha Kakkar. She is a beautiful singer with such a mellifluous voice. Some of her songs are so good that they just leave me dazed. Neha Kakkar is a female Punjabi singer, but she sings in such a way that it is understood by a layperson who is not a Punjabi.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Main Body

In the main paragraph you can describe, why you like the singer, how is her/his personality and how does he/she performs.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer Module-1

Atif Aslam has a quiet personality which can also be understood from his singing style. He has that soothing singing style that mesmerizes you and takes you to the world of calmness and positivity. I am fond of many of his songs, and he has sung a good number of songs in the Bollywood movie, the favourite one is “Kung Faya”, which he sang in the movie Jodha Akbar.

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It is such a wonderful song that no matter how disturbed you are, it will calm you down, will give you the right kinds of thoughts, and will give the Halo light to see the right direction. I don’t think many of the songs have this kind of magical power to calm the other person down. I listened to his song while I was going in my car to some destination, and it made me a fan of Atif Aslam. Reading more about him, I can associate him with his singing style, a calm personality who does not believe in talking too much.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer Module -2

I believe that Neha Kakkar is a versatile singer that is the reason she has reached to so great heights. He came in a reality show as a contestant and now she has reached a pedestal where now she is judging the singing show. I think it’s a great and tough journey that she has crossed. I love the realness in her music. She has a beautiful voice and whether she is singing a Punjabi or a Bollywood song. We can identify her voice and her lyrics are so clear and easy to understand.

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When she sings in the show as well we can get to know that her real voice and the voice in her albums are the same and that her original voice without any music, is also so meticulous that you can listen to her for hours. She has appeared in various reality shows and we have got the opportunity to know how she is in person.  She is such a jolly person and her smile is the star in her personality. She is the kind of person who laughs easily and even cries easily.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Conclusion

You can talk about how you associate yourself with the singer and how you feel about the singer.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Answer Module- 1

When there is a song playing and it is sung by Atif Aslam, we can identify his voice. I think it is a blessed voice that you can be identified in the crowd of thousands just by your voice. Atif Aslam has sung many great songs and after listening to Kung Faya I searched all his songs, and listen to them. I became a fan of most of his songs and they are at the top of my listening list nowadays.

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But the one at the top is Kung Faya and I think it will remain for a long time. And one of the magical things is that one you hear him in his launched song and when you hear his original voice in various shows, you will get no difference. That is the least filtering of voice is done in his song. This is the quality that makes him a good singer, better than many of the singers who have filtered recording.

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IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic – 2

I love both types of her singing style, slow sad songs, and fast Punjabi songs which are so energetic. But when she sings smooth sad songs, no one can beat her singing style. She is a person that can be associated easily with anybody and she is also a small singer who had big dreams and she fulfilled them all. She is an inspiration to many women in the country, and she is continuously doing one or the other thing to make the singing talent of the country grow. So not only in singing but by her actions, behaviours, and personality, she can steal anybody’s heart. So I think I’ll continue to listen to her songs and will continue to love her singing.

IELTS Exam Cue Card Topic Follow-up Questions

After you have described the cue card topic, the examiner will ask you a few questions that can be related to the topic or what you have spoken in the description. So some of the followup questions are:-

  1. What do you think about the role of singers on the national level?
  2. What qualities do you find in a singer to feel associated with?
  3. Do you prefer to live performances?
  4. Have you met any singers? If given the opportunity whom will you meet?

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Preparing for the IELTS speaking section, because you have a plethora of such cue card topics with answers available for your practice section. But now it’s up to you how authentic you are in the examination by giving your real answer. When you are starting with the IELTS preparation, keep in mind the structure of the exam, because when you have a structured answer prepared for the topic, it gives a more good impression on the examiner because you know what to speak and when to speak

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