How good are you at speaking English? Do you use the right pronunciation? Do you use good vocabulary? If yes then, you might need to practice it by using the criteria that are used by the examiner to evaluate the candidate. Make sure that you know the smart way of practising all the sections to complete each section with the time frame and with greater accuracy.

In this article, you will get to know how to answer the IELTS speaking cue card topic – tell me about your hometown. You will see how to give a structured description of the given cue card topic followed by answers to the follow-up questions.

 Sample Answer for Cue Card Topic – Tell Me about Your Hometown

You have to generally frame your answer IELTS speaking around “what kind of place is your hometown. Is it good or bad and what are the catchy things about it?

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 1. Where is It?

My hometown is Ghaziabad and if you have already heard about it in the NEWS, please don’t judge me or the city yet. It is a fine-sized city located in Uttar Pradesh with a fine mix of small and big industries, education, residential area, farming, and more.

I believe hometown has a lifetime impact on one’s personality even if they just spent the first 15 years of their life and lived in a different state or a completely far continent for the remaining years.

I myself have been to quite a lot of cities in the last 5 years but it never felt like home there. I recall reading somewhere “new places and new faces are scary to the human mind” and could not agree more when I stepped out of my city for education, a job, and other reasons.

2. Where is My Hometown Located and its Geographical Factors

Ghaziabad is in the northern part of India and I must mention that it is one of the best locations to reside in India when considering factors like natural calamities, agricultural plus points, connectivity with union territory Delhi and much more. I don’t recall any serious impact caused by the earthquake, heavy rainfall, and tornadoes or tsunami are just words for a Ghaziabadian. While it is a city in Uttar Pradesh, it is also a part of the national capital region which again is a geographical benefit when compared to other famous cities like Agra, Moradabad, etc.

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3. What is My Hometown Ghaziabad known For?

While students of Ghaziabad aim for Delhi, Pune, or even abroad for higher education, I must tell you there are thousands or even lakhs of students from Bihar, central Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, etc who dream about studying in Ghaziabad colleges like Ajay Kumar Garg (one of the top engineering colleges in India) Institute of Management and Studies (India’s top 10 B-school for masters), Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, ABES and the list just goes on! Ghaziabad is also well known for being an industrial area and one such area is the Kavi Nagar industrial area where you can see hundreds of large-scale factories and thousands of small manufacturers.

 4.  Historic Relations

While Ghaziabad may not have as many monuments, historic sites, or a long list of Mughal rulers killing their own family for power, my hometown Ghaziabad does have quite an old history as the name itself is kept after the wazir in the court of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah.

Originally it was called Ghaziuddinnagar, taken from wazir’s name Ghazi-Ud-Din and later shortened to Ghaziabad. My hometown is as old as 1740 A.D. and railways were established here in 1864 which is quite old when compared to other highly popular and desired cities like Pune, Bangalore, Gurugram, etc as these cities didn’t even exist when Ghaziabad already started developing railways.

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Follow-up Questions for IELTS Speaking Test from Cue Card Topic – Tell Me about Your Hometown

Once you have completed your description, you will be asked a few follow-up questions from the examiner on the same cue card topic. Make sure you give an elaborate answer to these questions.

1. Languages Used in Ghaziabad

Since it is quite an old city and was never dominated solely by one religious group or caste, it has a slightly diverse culture where one can find quite a number of languages being spoken. The few most spoken languages in Ghaziabad are Hindi, Urdu, and English but since a lot of students and workers come here for several reasons, other languages are also spoken and understood between small groups of people.

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 2. Advantages of Living in Your Hometown

While Ghaziabad is a city in Uttar Pradesh, it also counts under the national capital region and shares the border with Delhi which is a big advantage as students, working-class and small business owners don’t necessarily need to relocate. Gurugram, Noida, and Faridabad are rapidly developing to become the 2nd IT hub of India after Bangalore and all 3 cities aren’t really far from my hometown. This means the current and future job opportunities would be more than enough for residents without having to change states and having to relocate hundreds of kilometres away from home or family. A few of the most troubling issues of tier 1 cities like traffic, parking, pollution, unavailability of good residence at reasonable rates, etc don’t even exist in my hometown.

 3.  Disadvantages of Living in Your Hometown

But Ghaziabad doesn’t have nightlife at all, once the clock hits 10 PM here, you will have nowhere to go and spend time, do parties, sit and have dinner at eateries or just be at a different place that’s not your home. Not only nightlife isn’t introduced to my hometown yet but more than half of the areas of the city aren’t considered safe either. You either need to drive to Delhi, Gurugram or run towards your home once the clock hits 10. Even the cops will also question you if you decide to just walk around your home, in a park, or drive on the city roads just to chill.

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4. What are Some of the Problems Faced by the Residents?

The majority of students have to go to Gurugram, Noida, or far states for future studies and once they come back, there aren’t many jobs for the students completing higher education from reputed institutions and they must opt for Gurugram, Noida, or a completely faraway state.

While the crime rate has come down to a fine extent when we look at the stats and graphs of the last 40 years, the city is yet to develop the feeling of being safe to the residents even during the daytime at some places. If you have heard about the massive real estate projects like Wave City, Raj Nagar Extension then you must be quite familiar with the land acquisition and money distribution to farmers as compensation.

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To get a good band in the IELTS examination it is important that you practice each of the sections separately, before that you must research the smart tricks that you should use to finish the examination in the stipulated time with greater accuracy. Make sure that you know these tricks and make the most out of them. For the speaking section, you can choose the cue card topics to practice and describe them in front of your friends, parents, or mentors/teachers. Ask for their feedback and improve on those points. For more cue card topics you can go to the IELTS Ninja website where you will get a plethora of speaking section cue card topics and other resources as well.

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