You get interesting topics in the speaking section of the IELTS examination. They are so interesting and relatable that you can speak for hours on that topic, but you are given only 15 minutes to introduce yourself, describe the topic and answer the follow-up questions and that makes it important to learn managing your time well in this section. You just have 15 minutes to impress the examiner and fulfil all the criteria on which you are assessed.

So, do you have any idea about how you can impress the examiner with your English speaking skill in just 15 minutes?  It is quite simple if you understand the mantra. The first mantra is to practice regularly, the second is to know the criteria on which you are being judged and the third is to know the smart tricks while practising the IELTS section.

Read the article till the end to find out the right structure to answer IELTS speaking cue card topics – Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first.

Describe Something you Bought that was Difficult to Use at First – Sample IELTS Cue Card Topic Answer

What was It?

There are so many instances where I was fond of one thing and when I finally bought it, I had second thoughts about it then. As online shopping has become so prevalent nowadays, everything is online. I prefer online shopping because of its convenient nature. Whatever I have to buy, I can do that with just one click. Once I decided to buy a hair straightener from an online store. It seemed very simple at first when I saw it on the online site.

I needed one very badly because whenever I decided to go on an occasion, I was clueless about my hairstyle. But I always had an inclination towards making my hair straight. So I wanted to fulfil this desire of mine and I had this desire for a very long time. I was mainly influenced by my friends who had silky long straight hair.

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When You Bought It?

I bought it two years ago when we all were preparing for my brother’s wedding. We were so excited that a big event in our family is finally taking place after a very long time. All were excited and prepared for the wedding 2 months prior to the date of the events to be held.

All event dates were decided and according to those events, dresses and accessories were bought, but one of the perplexing questions was what hairstyle will we have for the particular event and on a particular dress. This was a question that all the ladies in my house were troubled by. So we started searching for hairstyles according to the decided attire we were planning to wear. We searched on various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. We had so much fun during that time because we had so much to talk about, and the bond that all of us had was becoming stronger and stronger.

What Does it Do?

When I finally decided on my hairstyle for one of the events, I ordered the hair straightener machine from one online portal and when I received it, I was way too excited to use it. Luckily just for experimenting with the machine I opened it and tried to use it on my hair, but within 10 minutes I realized that it wasn’t easy to use this machine. It looked easy in the photo that I saw, but in reality, it wasn’t.

That was an upsetting moment for me, but as I showed it to my cousins and relatives they tried experimenting with it and one of my cousins got the use of it right. She taught me how to use the straightener. It was such a relief for me to be able to see that the accessory that I needed the most was sound and worked right.

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Do You still Use It?

Once I got my hands on it, I became an expert at using it. As I bought the machine from a good brand it is still in use without any defect. I use it many times and I plan to use it further as well. It is used by my cousins as well. Whenever they need it, they borrow it and return it after use. I think my fear of the first 10 minutes of using the machine flew away once I saw my cousin using it greatly.

 IELTS Speaking Follow-up Questions & Answers from Topic – Describe Something you Bought that was Difficult to Use at First

When you have completed your description, you will be given space to answer a few follow-up questions asked by the examiner. These follow-up questions will be asked from the IELTS cue card topics given to you.

What kinds of Products are the Most Difficult to Use at First?

For me, buying electronic items is difficult because of their technicality. For buying such things I mostly take advice from my brothers so that I don’t have to return them. Once I get the heads up from my brother to buy the specific electronic gadget, I move further to buy it.

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What Perks Online Shopping Has?

There are so many advantages that online shopping has brought to us. By just sitting back at our home with a coffee mug in our hand, we can buy anything in this world. There are so many platforms that offer items at reasonable prices and it is easy to compare the price from different portals by just sitting back on the couch.

What are the Drawbacks of Shopping Online? 

As everything in this world has two sides:  perks and drawbacks, online shopping also has drawbacks. One big drawback is that we are not able to access the items in physical proximity and many times we receive fake or damaged products. This thing shakes our interest in the online shopping method and for a time being, we switch to an offline method of shopping.

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Hopefully the IELTS speaking topics with answers will help you structure your answer for the cue card topic – describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first. Knowing the structure of the answer will help you in the IELTS speaking exam preparation. For more informative tips and greater chances to achieve the score that you want, click here.

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