IELTS is an English proficiency test taken by students who wish to study abroad, but since Germany is not a majority English speaking country, you may be pondering on questions like- Is IELTS required for Germany? Or, is IELTS accepted in Germany?

If yes, what is the IELTS band score for Germany? Let’s find out the use of IELTS in pursuing MS in Germany in the article below.

Why Study Masters in Germany?

Germany is blessed with an excellent higher education system and a rapidly growing economy, which attracts a number of foreign students to study and work in Germany. There are many courses offered by German universities in English medium, and this attracts many students for postgraduate courses.

Reasons Why Students Choose Germany for MS Degrees

  1. Germany is the hub of industries. The country is growing rapidly in the field of science and engineering, thus generating extensive employment and opportunities for foreign applicants
  2. Apart from Science, Germany is also known for its courses in Literature, Philosophy, and Theology. As the universities in the UK, Germany is also home to multiple Arts courses.
  3. Germany is a country of modern universities, which beliefs in academic freedom.
  4. Students from abroad comprise 13% of the total students in Germany. The German universities also provide post-study work opportunities for both European and non-European students.
  5. Germany has more top-ranked universities in the world than any other country in Europe.
  6. Education in German universities is much more affordable as compared to universities in the UK and US. The courses in German universities are likely to be fully funded or offer a number of scholarships.

What are some German Universities for Masters?

Types of German Universities

There are mainly four types of German university based on the courses:

1. Research Universities (Universität): These universities carry out the original academic work; they are more involved in research in various subjects. They provide a range of Masters and PhD degrees.

2. Technical Universities (Technische Universität): These universities are specialised in technical subjects like Science, Technology and Engineering research. However, many of these universities are now providing courses in other subject areas.

3. Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen): They focus on practical subjects such as Engineering, Business or Social Science. They are often linked with commercial or professional organisations to provide post-study work to their students.

4. Colleges of Art, Film and Music: These universities focus on creative subjects like writing, film and music.

IELTS Score Required for German Universities

The table below provides the minimum asked IELTS score by the top ten German universities.

Universities IELTS Score Required
Technical University of Munich 6.5
Ludwig Maximilians University Munich 5.5
University of Heidelberg 6.5
Humboldt University of Berlin 6.5
University of Freiburg 6.0
RWTH Aachen University 6.5
University of Tüebingen 6.0
Charite Universitatsmedizin 6.0
Free University of Berlin 6.5
University of Bonn 6.0

What are the Other Requirements for MS in Germany?

The main requirement to apply for a German university is a Bachelor’s degree that is recognised by them. The degree does not necessarily have to be from Germany, but it must be a suitable degree that can be recognised by the universities you are applying to.

There can also be additional requirements for different universities, they can usually ask for the following:


Although not necessary, some universities may ask for the details of your secondary education. Because of the competition in the admission processes, they may look after your education history. They may also ask for certificates like character certificates and school-leaving certificates.

Video Interview

It may be possible that there can be an interview round in the admission process. In order to discuss your application and intention of studying in Germany, they may ask for a video interview.

Entry Tests

There can be entry tests for some of the courses in some German universities. These tests are basically competitive tests to ensure your entry to the postgraduate programs of German universities. GRE and GMAT are the most common entry-level tests for universities in Germany. They are usually required for business schools and some majors in specific subjects.

What are IELTS Requirements in Germany?

IELTS for Masters in Germany

So, Is IELTS enough for MS in Germany? The accessibility of the German education system to international students is because of the fact that the universities there are increasingly accepting English as one of the teaching mediums. However, there are still many courses that require proof of proficiency in the German language.

Thus, because of the options between English and German courses, one can either go for IELTS/ TOEFL or TestDaf to prove their language proficiency test. All the programmes with English as the medium do not require German proficiency tests, similarly, the courses in German do not require you to go for IELTS.

IELTS for Work Permit:

But, is IELTS required for a Germany work permit? No, IELTS is not necessary for work-permit in Germany and can be opted out if you are doing a German course with proof of German proficiency test, however, when it comes to better job opportunities, your application may stand out with a good IELTS score. A decent IELTS band is one of the major requirements for jobs in the many multinational companies in Germany.

IELTS for Student Visa

Study in Germany for Indian students or for any foreign student requires a student visa, but what are the requirements to apply for a student visa in Germany, Is IELTS accepted? Yes,  IELTS Germany is one of the requirements for a German student visa. However, you can choose between the TestDaf (German proficiency test) and IELTS on the basis of the medium of your course. The IELTS requirement for a Germany student visa usually varies between 4.5 and 6.5 band score.


IELTS is of the major requirements to study, work and engage in a German environment. From degree to work-permit, a good IELTS score will always help you to ace in your respective fields. To know more about how to prepare for IELTS, read more blogs on the IELTS Ninja. Also, know about the various IELTS preparation courses offered by IELTS Ninja.

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