If you are one of those who feel anxious while speaking in front of strangers, then you might need to push yourself ahead to clear the IELTS speaking section. Because unlike other sections it is taken by an examiner who is sitting in front of you.

You have to spend 15 minutes talking, describing, and answering the follow-up questions. So if you get anxious then you have to work on getting rid of this anxiety to achieve a good band. But the question is how can you reduce your anxiety? It is simple, the more you expose yourself to such scenarios the more familiar you become with them, resulting in reducing your anxiety every time you face the situation. So if you utilize your time well and focus on preparation everything is possible.

In such a scenario, preparation for the IELTS examination can come out as a life-changer for you, making you more confident than ever. In this article, you will get the tips to boost your confidence and you will also be able to practice a cue card topic for IELTS preparation.

Tips to Boost Your IELTS Speaking Confidence

If you are not confident enough while you are speaking, then you may encounter more anxious situations. You may try to avoid situations where you are asked to talk to a stranger, but there will be one day that will bring you back to the same scenario, so it is better to stand and fight your weakness to convert them into your strength. For people who get nervous while they talk to strangers, even when their English is very good, this may result in underperformance during the IELTS exam as well. Tips to boost confidence and get rid of nervousness are given below for you to work on.

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1. Become Social

As we are social beings we can try to avoid social scenarios but it is very difficult for us to do so. Being social doesn’t mean that you start hopping from here and there to start talking to strangers, but being social here means that you should train your mind about how you can talk to strangers? How can you bond with the people you don’t know? Or how can you work on believing that it is okay with strangers? Especially in a situation like job interviews, exam interviews, college interviews, we need to talk in order to get selected.

The first step to moving away from this anxiety is to change the thought process.  Identify what thought keeps you away from socializing and work on overcoming that.

 2. More and More Exposure

If you are afraid of a thing and you get its exposure, again and again, don’t you think that there will be a time where your fear would be comparatively less? Yes, it will be because when you are exposed to the same stimulus you become familiar with it. To speak well in the IELTS speaking section it is important for you to get exposure to the same scenario again and again. For it, you can enrol yourself into coaching and give as many interviews and IELTS cue card topic descriptions as you can. Make sure that you have researched how to give a structured answer for the cue card topic.

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3. Enhance Speaking Skills

If you already have good speaking skills, you will still need to enhance yourself further because there is always the scope of improvement. With improved skills, you will feel more confident in what you are saying. You have to be confident enough to tell the examiner what you know about the topic. When you are confident enough you will see the difference in your speaking as well.

Cue Card Topic Sample Answer to Describe Your Favourite Movie

Now let’s move on and start talking about the main thing for which you actually came to read this article. Here goes the sample answer for the IELTS cue card speaking topic – describe your favourite movie.

1. Which Movie is It?

I am a  person who is very fond of movies. Especially I love to watch movies in a movie theatre on a big screen that makes me feel that I am very close to the movie scene. But as everybody has their own taste and their favourite movie, which they can watch “n” a number of times, I also have one such preference.

The movie that I can watch even 1000 thousands times with the same interest and feeling. It is “Transformers”.  I have been fond of this movie for a long time. I had watched this movie when I was in my teens, and since then I have watched all the parts that have been launched and have watched the same ones again and again.

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2. What is It About?

“Transformers” moves around a boy named “Sam Witwicky” who has been caught up in a war between Autobots and Deceptions. Autobots are heroic Robots that have an inclination towards humans and they try their best to save humans from deceptions who want to capture the Earth and want to destroy humans.

These Robots have the ability to transform themselves into vehicles which helps the Autobots to stay hidden from humans and helps deceptions in troubling humans. In each part, Sam Witwicky has played a great role in talking to Autobots and helping them save the humans.

I liked Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky so much that I think if this character was played by any other actor in the succeeding parts, I am not sure if I would have watched it or not. Sam’s Girlfriend has also played an imperative role in each movie part, but the actor who played the role kept on changing with the parts.

 3. Why do You Like It?

I always had the inclination towards watching movies of cars that turned into Robots, I always wanted such a cartoon or movie to be launched so that I can see my fantasy come true in one or the other form. When I saw this movie I could see my fantasy world coming true, but the storyline the movie had was cherry on the cake. It was so interesting that it kept me engaged in all the parts of the movie. I was able to make an association with the movie. This is the reason behind this film remaining as my favourite movie for many years. I have watched 100s of movies but this remains my favourite all throughout.

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card Topic Follow-up Questions for Your Preparation

After completing the description of the cue card topic given to you, you will be asked a few questions on the same topic. You are expected to give the answers keeping the criteria of evaluation in mind. If you are thinking of giving one-liner or two-liner answers then you should change your strategy because you need to give an elaborative answer. See the follow-up questions that can be asked in your IELTS speaking examination.

 1. How often do You See Movies?

I am really fond of watching movies so I tend to complete 2 movies a week. If I am not able to watch the movie in a movie theatre then I prefer watching it on Netflix or any other such platform. Watching movies works as a stress buster for me hence I ought to watch it frequently.

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2. How are Movies different from Real Life?

Real-life is so different from movies. Movies are planned and in most of them, there is a hero and a villain. But in real life, there is specifically no hero and or a villain. Most of the time the way we plan things doesn’t go that way, but in movies, it is all planned and thus goes in that way, with specific characters in the movie. In Real life, we don’t know how many people we will meet in our life or how many people will contribute significantly to our life.

4. Do different Age Groups have Different Movie Preferences?

Yes, different age groups have different movie preferences, and people have different interests according to their age. So different people watch different movies. Teenagers prefer thrills and romantic movies more. Adults prefer more comedies and mysterious movies because of the pressure they are going through, they look for comedy movies to get the reason to be happy.

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For the IELTS speaking section, you need to practice with the help of cue card topics. Choose a cue card topic that can be asked in the IELTS examination and describe it in a structured way. You can ask your known or a teacher to hear your description and provide you with feedback so that you can improve. For more cue card topics to choose the form, you can check out the IELTS Ninja website, where you can get a plethora of cue card topics and to level up your IELTS preparation, do check out these amazing courses offered by IELTS Ninja.

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