When you are preparing for the speaking section of IELTS, you have to keep in mind that apart from being fluent in English, you are being evaluated on many other grounds like your grammar usage, pronunciation, vocabulary, and luxury resources. Once you know these criteria, you have to make sure that you involve these points in the practice session. For practice, you can ask your family members, friends, or your mentor/ teacher to give a cue card topic and listen to your description. After you have finished your description you need to take constructive feedback from that person and work on improving areas.

Improving yourself with each practice session is really important. Until and unless you improve yourself, you will not be able to move forward in the direction that can make you achieve the desired IELTS band.

Cue Card Topic for Better IELTS Preparation

Now it’s time for you to check out the sample answer for the cue card topic: describe a leisure activity near or on the sea that you did in the past. Understand the structure of the answer and follow the same structure to practice.

1. Describe a Leisure Activity Near or on the Sea that You did in Past: What is It?

I have recently been to Goa, which is a beautiful place. It is especially for the people who love beaches and want to chill around the place with no pressure. It was a refreshing trip for me, as after so long I went on a vacation with my family.

We chose Goa because it has beautiful beaches, churches, fun water sports, and a cool aura that we love. We have so many options to spend our leisure time there. We lived there for 5 days and each day we decided to do one or the other thing. As we love beaches, going on a beach each day was a must for all of us because it was an hour relaxing time. Sitting near the beaches was one of our favourite times.

 2. IELTS Speaking Topic – What was the Activity?

We enjoyed sitting on the shacks and sharing things that we usually don’t. We used to have our lunch and snacks of the evening in the shacks only. Many people would judge us for this saying do you visit goa to sit on the shacks all day? But the reality is somewhat yes, we love seeing the sunset lying on our shacks and munching pasta, noodles.

We feel relaxed while seeing the sun setting down beyond the sea calmly and smoothly. At that time we all became so philosophical and we shared what we learned in these years. I love this moment with my family where we all are sharing and expressing the fragile moments of our life. When we are at home we don’t share this much but at that time we all are so enthusiastic to share and vent out whatever we are feeling.

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3. IELTS Cue Card Topic – How do You Feel About It?

We love parasailing as it is one of our favourite water sports that we love to do whenever we are in Goa. We all went for it one by one and we also tried to make videos while the other member was doing it.

When we were doing the para ceiling it’s all so good up in the sky that I was in the mood of not coming down, but just being in the air without worries. But when it was time to come back to earth we all felt so gloomy, but that was just for few minutes because after that we took a break to have lots of food.

The time near the beach was a happy time for me, it was s a vacation away from all the worries of the world, and I resist going back home after vacation comes to an end. This was not the one-time effect it’s every time whenever we go for a vacation on a beach destination whether it is Goa or Maldives.

IELTS Speaking Follow Up Questions from Cue Card Topic – Describe a Leisure Activity Near or on the Sea that You did in Past

When you have finished your description of the IELTS speaking cue card topic given by the examiner, you now have to prepare yourself for the follow-up questions on the same given topic.

Many candidates make mistakes while giving the answer. They forget the points that they have to remember in their mind, and they just randomly say things. But this makes a bad impression on the examiner that can lead to a huge cost for you. As you want to achieve a good score in the IELTS examination, each point is worth it. To answer follow-up questions, recall all the criteria on the basis of which you are being judged and then speak the answer.

Don’t give one-liner answers or two-liner answers, make sure that you are being elaborative while giving follow-up answers. Let’s check out some of the follow-up questions for the cue card topic: describe a leisure activity near or on the sea that you did in the past.

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1. What Type of People like the Beach Area?

People like me prefer sitting and chilling around a beach area. When I am anxious or my mind is not at the calming stage, I don’t prefer moving to areas that are crowded or that are noisy, instead, I like places that are calm and not many people are around.

Beaches are such places which fulfil our requirements. Beach places are calm without many people being around. It’s so soothing that if I close my eyes, I feel so peaceful there, especially in the evening time where everything is so calm, waves are subtle and the sun is setting down, I found peace at that moment.

2. What Activities can People do Near the Sea?

There are so many water sports that one can enjoy near the sea: kayaking, snorkelling, boat sailing, scuba diving, windsurfing, parasailing, ringo ride, banana ride, white water rafting, flyboarding, speed boating, wakeboarding, kite surfing, surf board, jet ski, sportfishing, dinghy sailing, water zorbing. We can enjoy such a variety of water sports at sea and there are many more that take place according to the destination.

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3. Do Old People like Spending Time Near the Sea?

Yes, I have seen my grandparents enjoying their life while sitting on the shacks relaxing. They have lived their life and in this phase, they just want to calm their nerves down and look for moments where they have no worries to take care of. While they are near the sea, they just refuse to go anywhere but the beaches. They just love sitting near the sea and watching beautiful scenery while having their favourite cup of coffee or juice.

 4. Is There any Disadvantage of Being Near the Sea Area?

Yes, there is. When I went to Goa for the second time in my life, I enjoyed the jet ski ride, but as the seawater is very salty and the sun was on our head dropping so much heat, after coming from the ride with all wet clothes, I had to stand under the sun because that beach area had no shelter or shade. Due to the salty water and standing under the sun my skin tanned badly. So this is one of the disadvantages that the sea area has.

 Tips for IELTS Speaking Section

If you keep these mantras in mind, you will surely find yourself near to the score that you wanted to achieve. Check out the mantras given below:-

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1. Structure Your Answer

It is important to structure your answer to give a good impression on the examiner. To structure your answer, you should start with the general introduction of the topic given, then cover the main body where you have to talk about the topic itself. Then end your description by giving a nice conclusion about how you feel about the topic.

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2. Vocabulary

It is advised that you should use uncommon words, but it is also advised to keep their frequency less. If you are speaking a sentence that is full of uncommon words then the trick might backfire on you only.

 3. Pronunciation

Keep your pronunciation subtle which can be understood by the examiner. Unless and until the examiner understands what you are saying, he/she will not be able to evaluate the candidate, this will act negatively on the candidate’s performance.

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For IELTS exam preparation, in particular, for the speaking section, you have to pick a few cue card topics like describing a leisure activity near or on the sea that you did in the past. You can find the sample answer to this cue card topic given above in the article. The more you practice, the better you become in the speaking section. So don’t waste any more time and check out the IELTS Ninja website to get more cue card topics with sample answers and take your preparation to the next height.

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