The education sector has dramatically expanded as students are willing to cross borders for better education and career opportunities. Today several students from India are opting to study abroad to build a better future.

Every year thousands of students aspire to get admission to a foreign university. For this, students have to appear and qualify in the exams that test their proficiency in the English language. The Pearson Language Test (PTE) is accepted in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, and Singapore.

If you too are aspiring to qualify in PTE, you must be curious about how to remit the PTE exam booking fees and register for the test.

The Overview

The Pearson Language Test (PTE) is a computer-based, online exam to evaluate the candidate’s English proficiency. It is carried out in four sections – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. The PTE is a well-known language ability test accepted by many foreign universities.

The first of its kind, the PTE uses an AI-powered technology that gives rapid and accurate results. An advantage of the PTE is that it eliminates any human bias or mistakes. The test is prevalent across 180 nations and taken by students speaking 115 languages.

How to pay PTE exam fees? Does a debit card work to pay PTE exam fees? We will answer all these questions but before that, let us look into the eligibility criteria for a candidate to appear for the PTE examination.

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Eligibility Criteria to Appear for PTE

To appear for PTE, the following criteria have to be met:

#1. Nationality of the Candidate

There is no restriction on the nationality of candidates to appear for PTE. However, the person must have recent, valid, and legible ID proof (usually, a passport) to be eligible.

#2. Age of the Candidate

Any student over the age of 16 years is eligible to appear for the PTE. The students of the age 16-18 years have to submit a parental consent form. It could be downloaded from the official website of PTE.

There is no specific upper age limit for the exam. The only requirement of the governing body is that the candidate should have completed the high school education. Another requirement is that the candidate should know the English language.

#3. Registration Fees

To understand how we can pay PTE exam fees, it is necessary to know that an Indian student has to pay INR 13,300. This is applicable if the candidate books a slot at least 14 days in advance. However, various other optional fees must be paid if you fail to comply with the guidelines discussed below.

#. If the candidate books a slot 48 hours before the date of appearance, an additional late fee of INR 695 will be applicable.

#. If the candidate places the reschedule request at least 14 working days before the test date, they do not need to bear any additional charges.

#. If the candidate reschedules 7-14 days before the test date, an additional 50% of the original fee will be applicable.

#. If the candidate reschedules seven days before the test date, they will not be eligible for any refunds. A full fee has to be paid again.

#. The same goes for cancelling the PTE exam. A full refund on at least 14 days prior cancellation, 50% refund for 7-14 days prior cancellation, and no refund for seven days prior cancellation.

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How to Pay PTE Exam Booking Fees?

To pay the PTE exam fees, the candidate must follow these steps:

#1. Create an account on the official website of Pearson and log in. The candidate must select PTE Academic. The account gets activated within 48 hours.

#2. Locate the suitable, nearest exam centre and book a seat. The candidate should select a convenient date and time to appear for the exam based on availability. A list of exam centres will be available to choose from.

#3. The last step is to pay the exam fees. The candidate may use a debit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or JCB) for payment.


The Pearson Language Test (PTE) has been an acclaimed test to check language proficiency. Any candidate who wishes to study abroad has to appear for a language ability test to be eligible for applying to a foreign university. The PTE test is one such language ability exam. The computer-based AI marking scheme adds to its advantage.

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