In today’s blog, we will be discussing the recent speaking cue card question that had come in Ahmedabad during November 2022 – Describe an important event you celebrated.
IELTS Speaking exams need ample IELTS preparation and the best manner of preparing for them is by going over numerous IELTS speaking topics.

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Analysis Of The Question

Events come and go in our lives but some of them leave behind a mark. There are many important events that you may have attended. The question is asking us to describe an event of importance that we’ve celebrated. It could be any event that you may have celebrated and remember well. It could be your birthday or your graduation ceremony. It could even be a memorable festival that you celebrated at some point in your life.
Your first task should be to write down an event that you wish to talk about. Next, write down pointers related to the event such as when it took place, what it was, how it left an impact on you and so forth. You will be able to deliver a flawless speech once you have your pointers ready.

Mind Map


Let’s create a mind map of the topic at hand – Describe an important event you celebrated.

Creating a mind map helps us remain fixated on the topic we are presented with and avoid deviations. Writing the main topic in the center and then jotting down relevant points associated with it will help us build our speech systematically.

Let’s observe the mind map drawn below.

IELTS speaking


Events are a major part of our lives as they always bring about memories. Most events are pleasant and involve a lot of thought and planning. Today, I would like to speak about an event that I had celebrated while I was in school. Just when I was about to finish school, I had the opportunity of celebrating my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

It was a momentous event for we had family coming in from different parts of the globe. Since everyone wanted to be present on her birthday, everyone had decided to get together for this occasion. Her birthday was planned by my dad and my aunt. She had just fought off a life-threatening illness and we felt that her birthday needed to be celebrated since it was a milestone. The event took place exactly eight years ago and we still remember all the memories that we created.

We had sent out personal invites to the members of our family as well as to friends. The invitation cards were designed by my mother and were quite tasteful. Our cousins took care of the planning such as the design and flavour of the cake, the decor, the guest list, the venue and food as well as other nitty gritties.  Just planning for it filled us with excitement and something to look forward to doing.

On the day of the event, my grandmother had a huge smile plastered on her face. She did not know how to react as she had just recuperated from an illness and was still frail. We knew that she was happy to see her entire family together and that is what mattered. I too was quite happy to meet all my relatives and cousins after a long period of time.

The days that were spent planning for the event were truly selfless days and to this day, I cherish the event. My grandmother passed away two years after her 90th birthday. I am glad that we got to celebrate her birthday. Events such as these always leave a lasting impression on peoples’ minds.

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