Giving the IELTS examination needs a lot of patients throughout the journey. From practicing for to giving the international English language test and finally while waiting for the IELTS result time. But even if you get a little excited or impatient while waiting for the result it is fine, but make sure you practice calmly and you give your international English language testing system examination calmly without any distraction.

When you give the International English language testing exam, you eagerly wait for the result right? But, hey! We have got your back here.

Here in this article, you will get to know everything about the IELTS result time that is at what time the IELTS result is declared along with the  IDP IELTS result time and British Council IELTS result time.

So, let’s not waste any more time and dive deeper into this information.

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British Council IELTS Result Time

British Council conducts paper-based international English language testing system examination and thus to fetch out the result it takes more time than the IDP IELTS result. For the paper-based examination, British Council generally announces the result of the examination on the 13th day from the test date at 12 noon. So you can wait for the date to come or you can calculate the 13th day from your examination date to get the result.

To see the result, you can go to the British council site and check your score after entering a few necessary information like test date, identification document number, date of birth, and the candidate number. Make sure you don’t lose out on any of the information because it is imperative for you at the time of checking the result.

IDP IELTS Result Time

IDP is the first organization to introduce a computer-based IELTS examination in India. It is made more convenient for the person to do it all on the computer rather than on paper. So when you appear for a computer-based examination you can check your result on the 5th or 7th day from the test date. Make sure that you calculate the date and note it down to check your result on the website of IDP.

Also, the paper copy of the international English language testing system exam is sent to the candidate’s place in the form of a Report card which is called the Test Report Form (TRF). You can get a paper-based test via mail after 10 days of the result declaration date. For computer-based tests, you can get the TRF after the seven days of the result.

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IELTS Exam Dates

Let us also take you through the IELTS exam date that is available for the candidates. To give an international English language testing system examination is very convenient for the candidates as candidates’ flexibility and convenience are kept in mind while giving the exam dates. You can get the British Council exam dates information and IDP exam date information.

Candidates can take the examination 4 times in a month that is in a year you get to choose the date 48 times. You can choose the date according to your preference, and you can choose the test centres according to your preference. But test centres follow the first come first serve basis so it’s advisable that you should book your slot as soon as you can.

To book your slot you can go to either of the websites and book slot. But if you want to go for a computer-based international English language testing system examination then you have to apply for IDP as it is the organization that introduced this system in India.


Candidates need to clear many milestones to live their dream or pursue their studies abroad or work abroad. They need to get their application visa approved and also need to get equal to or above the minimum band score in international English language testing system which is specified by the country he/ she wants to move in.

Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to give you information on when you can get the paper-based IELTS results and the result of the computer-based international English language testing system examination. To get more informative posts like this, keep your eye here and to take your preparation to the next level.

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