Preparation for the exam got more fun with the introduction of the best app for IELTS preparation. For all 4 sections of IELTS, practice is important. All of them are equally important. If you want to get a high band score in all of the sections, you must be prepared with everything you have got. In this article, we have created a list of the best apps for IELTS preparation. Don’t forget to check out our tips for each section at the end of the article. This article has all the information related to the best IELTS online coaching so that you can prepare with the best IELTS coaching to reach your dreams.

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Importance of Apps in IELTS Preparation Online

A legitimate question because you already have access to a world of infographics related to IELTS online training, tutorials and your personal trainer. Let’s look at the reasons why experts think apps are genius:

# You will always have help at your fingertips.

# Apps use a simple user interface.

# They get constantly updated.

# They help you stay in touch with your practice even when you are not at your desk.

The bad news, however, is that the app store is flooded with exam preparation apps. While some are greatly commendable, others obviously lack the grit. We are here with a list of tried and tested apps that you must check if you are preparing for the exam. Before picking an app, you must check out the pros and cons of each app and the features as well.

List of The Best Apps for IELTS Preparation

We’ve compiled a list of the top IELTS apps according to the rating on the play store and app store. Check them out one by one and get the one(s) that looks promising to your needs.

#1. IELTS Ninja App

This is the most incredible application that provides the aspirants with the right tools to prepare for their test – anytime and anywhere. You will get personal mentors and a custom training program to acknowledge all the knowledge and components and get perfect in each IELTS section.

The key features of this app are:

# Masterclasses by IELTS experts and professionals who will guide you perfectly to know all the information along with the tips and tricks.

# Get all the right tools for the test.

# Practice speaking cue cards with the feature available. Connect with the other users to prepare for the speaking section.

# To boost your IELTS scores, connect and chat on the community chat.

#2. IELTS Prep App

This one is developed by the British Council and is available both on Android devices and iOS. It is a clever little tool that gives an overview of all the components of IELTS: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing tests.

The key features of this app are:

# Instant access to all the right tools you need

# Free unlimited practice tests, grammar tips, exercises, and quizzes.

# Videos of IELTS speaking interviews

# Vocabulary exercises.

# IELTS online coaching preparation checklist and a progress tracker.

This is a free app and is a must-have for every exam candidate.

#3. IELTS Test Pro

Another comprehensive app that gives you access to free practice tests and flashcards. This too is available both on Android devices and iOS.

The key features of this app are:

# 3000+ questions created by experts.

# Detailed statistics of your progress for every question

# Support offline mode.

# Daily review calendar based on your study.

This is also a free app you should totally check.

#4. IELTS Skills

Written by Sam McCarter, the author of best-selling books, this is available on both Android and iOS. A well-designed app focusing on all the skills you need to score well in the exam.

The key features of this app are:

# A wide range of innovative and interactive exercises.

# Each skill is explained with examples, for clear understanding.

# Score yourself on the interactive can-do statement section.

# A full range of questions to practice.

This app is quite handy and free to download.

#5. IELTS Word Power

This is arguably the best app available for vocabulary. Developed by the British council, this app is a must to improve your English.

The key features of this app are:

# Learn English and improve vocabulary.

# Over 100 questions to test your word power.

This is a very helpful app to have.

#6. BBC Learning English

You simply cannot expect to learn English without the BBC. The most trusted organization, when it comes to anything English. Available on Android devices and iOS, you should install the app immediately.

The key features of this app are:

# Strategic practice

# New lessons daily

# Notifications to help you continue learning.

# Easy-to-find programs listed by the series.

This free app should be your go-to guide for English as this is the most helpful app you can get for supporting your IELTS course online.

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#7. IELTS Vocabulary

Available on both Android and iOS, this app covers the most important words used for IELTS online coaching.

The key features of this app are:

# Tests with multiple levels to improve word power.

# Words on different topics like academic word list, education, work, environment, health, etc.

# IELTS flashcards.

# Most important words are added to the favourite word list.

# Navigation drawer to go to specific word list categories easily.

# Offline pronunciation.

# Add the word to the Mastered list if you are familiar with that word.

# Search for words using the intuitive search functionality.

#8. Learn English Podcasts

Developed by the British Council, this app is available both on Android and iOS. You can boost your listening skills with this entertaining podcast about everyday life.

The key features of this app are:

# 60 episodes and over 20 hours of free listening.

# Listen and read along with the moving audio script.

# Downloadable episodes for offline use.

# Wide range of different topics in English.

This is a free IELTS online training app. It provides a good balance of learning and entertainment.

#9. English Radio IELTS/ TOEFL

This is available in the app store for both iOS and Android. It is a big platform to practice speaking and listening.

The key features of this app are:

# A good collection of radios from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries.

# Easy to find and listen to popular radio stations.

# Rich content.

# Make friends with other users and chat with them.

Another interesting app to hone your speaking and listening skills, available for free.

#10. IELTS Writing 2019

A comprehensive guide to building your band. This is available both on Android and iOS.

The key features of this app are:

# Freewriting test

# Academic and General writing samples

# Specific guidelines

# A large number of topics to choose from

This is a free app and can become your best friend while preparing for the writing section.

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Top-Rated IELTS Preparation Apps

#1. IELTS Ninja App by IELTS Ninja is the most effective and beneficial application for the IELTS candidates. It will prepare you for your upcoming IELTS Academic and IELTS General test to let you study abroad. It gives you instant, unlimited access to the right tools required for IELTS preparation. You can also meet the professionals for guidance and support along with the practice material.

#2. IELTS Flashcards App by Magoosh

Magoosh is a top-tier firm that prepares students for tests like the GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and others. This programme is a Test Preparation & Vocabulary Tutor that also includes a list of the most significant IELTS words to learn in order of difficulty.

The terms can be learned at your own leisure by a test taker. It also includes a number of study aids, IELTS shortcuts, and external links to further learning materials. This software was created with the help of a number of well-known IELTS teachers, making it well worth the download.

#3. IELTS Prep App by British Council

This app is a direct result of the testing process. This software from the British Council offers a comprehensive guide to the IELTS exam. It has a large series of questions for each exam segment. It’s simple to use and includes grammar exercises to help you avoid grammatical blunders throughout the test.

This software is highly engaging and entertaining to use thanks to features like  IELTS Words Ready, IELTS Word Power, and Learn English for sound/video. Because this software was created by the British Council, it includes a number of original free practice exams and activities.

#4. IELTS Full – Bands 7.5+

The IELTS Full app is a great tool for audio practice and improving speaking skills. This software includes both offline and online IELTS practice. For practice, the test transcripts may be conveniently shown.

The IELTS complete application includes a level-by-level segregated questionnaire that allows you to select the ideal questions for your preparation. This aids in both boosting the score and learning from mistakes.

#5. IELTS Exam Preparation by Magoosh

It’s another Magoosh Inc. app that’s one of the most popular on the Android Play Store. It also includes 600 vocabulary-building words selected particularly for the IELTS exam. It also includes helpful hints to assist test participants in efficiently answering questions.

Magoosh applications are known for being simple to use, and this one is no exception. It is self-sufficient in terms of IELTS preparation since it can enhance all of the essential abilities. Old practice exams might be looked at to obtain a better understanding of the questions that have already been answered.

#6. IELTS Word Power by British Council

This app is ideal for learning new terms that appear often in the real test. This is an excellent tool for beginners who want to learn as many words as possible in order to improve their band. This software is simple to use and provides a lively environment for learning. It provides a method for anyone to quickly learn new words.

#7. IELTS Vocabulary and Preparation

It is one of the most popular apps in the app stores. It also gives pupils advice on how to answer questions accurately and fast. It is expected to earn the pupils an 8 or higher band score.

The user can acquire the terminology at his or her own speed. To learn quickly, the words can be classified categorically using the best pattern. For simple and long-term learning, words can be categorised by topic.

#8. IELTS Practice and IELTS Test

This LT Software offline software simulates a genuine test with patterned practise tests. This software is ideal for IELTS candidates since it includes a large question bank. It includes over 380 real-time IELTS tests to simulate the actual IELTS exam.

In a downturn, this app has a lot of add-ons, but the overall experience is still good. This software includes over 600 essays, phrases, text-to-speech options, and more. This software is one of the finest in terms of aesthetics, with unique features like “Dark Mode.”

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Speaking Tips for IELTS Preparation Online

Speak Fluently and Clearly

Your oral proficiency, consistency, and flow of speaking will be used to determine your score. Also, don’t speak too quickly or too slowly; both will result in a penalty. Strive for a fair mix of speed and clarity.

If you’re having problems estimating your speaking rate, consider using the examiner’s speaking rate as a guide. This attempt demonstrates to the examiner that you are knowledgeable about the subject. Note that they are IELTS specialists, so use what you know about the test’s format.

Use Rich Vocabulary

In the IELTS Speaking test, vocabulary and grammar are essential themes. This is why it is critical to prepare ahead of time by learning terminology on themes that are relevant to you, such as everyday life or other topics that you may be questioned about on the test day.

You’ll feel more at ease answering questions and knowing what to say to the examiner if you have some vocabulary

Practice your Accent and Pronunciation

Make sure you speak everything properly and with the greatest English accent you can. Work on expanding your vocabulary and learning to pronounce terms that may appear challenging at first.

After some practice, you will feel more at ease. It will make you sound more pleasant and confident, as well as make it easier for you to pronounce and be understood.

Practice Tests Sample Questions

Obviously, practising example questions is the greatest method to ensure that you are properly prepared for your IELTS exam. When the moment comes, you will not be shocked, and you will feel more at ease answering. Prepare by answering practice questions numerous times ahead of time.

Expand your vocabulary by learning about the following subjects that will be covered during the speaking portion: Tourism and travel, education, transportation, the ecology, friends and family, sports and recreation, criminal justice, the internet, advertising, commerce, and agriculture are all topics that people are interested in.

Take Time to Think

You are not required to respond to the examiner’s inquiry immediately. Take some time to consider what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it. This will enable you to provide a more comprehensive and organised response. If this method helps you, try memorising responses.

Give Extended Answers

You must include explanations to your responses and offer the examiner the chance to speak with you. Remember that the speaking test should seem like a two-way discussion, not merely a question-answer exchange.

So, once again, don’t use canned responses and add passion to your words. Don’t be afraid to talk too much (as long as you keep on the subject); if you do, the inspector will notify you that you have exceeded your time limit.

Reading Tips for IELTS Preparation Online

Skim Through The Passage

There will be three distinct reading passages on your reading test. To get the idea of the paragraph, you can simply scan it. It is not essential to read each sentence in detail; this is time-intensive and useless. Look for major points that characterise the paragraph in the headers and subheadings. This will aid in the search for answers later on.

Focus on Introduction and Conclusion

In the opening and conclusion, the writer’s point of view is frequently stated. When you study these two portions of the reading passage, you will be able to properly answer the majority of the questions. After you’ve read the introduction and conclusion, skim through the content of the chapter.

Identify Important Terms

A keyword will assist you in identifying the passage’s idea. When you’re skimming over the paragraph, look for these essential terms and underline or highlight them. This will assist you in answering the majority of the questions that abide by the passage.

Read All Questions First

Take a quick glance at all of the questions before you start answering. Note that questions come in groups of three, four, or more, so examine that group before diving into the text.

Make sure to underline the important

information terms in your questions; since you’ve previously reviewed the material and selected keywords, it’ll be easy to discover the answers.

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Listening Tips for IELTS Preparation Online

Predict The Topic

It is easier to listen if you are aware of the type of talk that is going place and can visualise it in your mind. So, in the time allotted, go through each part and make sure you understand who is speaking to whom and what the context is.

Speculate On The Questions

You should also try to anticipate what sort of information you will be hearing. In part one, for example, you must often listen for names, contacts, and addresses. In the time you’ve been given, read over the questions and figure out what needs to go where.

Is there a name? Number? Is there a street address? You’re more likely to notice it now rather than when the solution appears.

Use a Minute to Look Through

At the end of each part, you get 30 seconds to double-check your answers. After that, you’re instructed to turn over and spend 30 seconds looking at the following part.

Even though some IELTS listening tips advise you to double-check what you’ve written, you won’t be able to do so for the preceding part since you won’t be able to hear it again. Instead, skip ahead to the next section.

After that, you’ll have one minute (rather than 30 seconds) to read the following part. This is a better use of your time.

Careful With Question Order

Often, you’ll be given a table to fill out, as well as a diagram or chart. The questions will not always move from left to right, so double-check the sequence or you’ll become lost and confused.

Writing Tips for IELTS Preparation Online

Read The Questions Carefully

The initial stage of your assignment should be this. Read the question attentively and determine which kind it belongs to. Is it requesting a solution or a viewpoint? Are you expected to refute or support the argument? This is half the battle, and it will help you a lot with your essay writing.


You’ve just finished reading the prompt, and your mind is probably humming with ideas. Work with them to create a plan for your essay. Take 5 minutes to scribble down the key themes and instances that come to mind.

These concepts and ideas will be essential in your writing. When it comes to drafting the essay, mapping it out ensures clarity. This is one of the most crucial suggestions available.

Personalize It

While composing the essay, it is beneficial to include relevant examples and your own ideas (if the prompt permits it). The essay will be reviewed by an examiner, which can be a bit intimidating.

Assume you’re writing the essay to a buddy, and express your views and ideas as openly as possible. The most important thing is to understand what the prompt asks of you and organise your easy around that.

Stick to Formal Language

This suggestion does not imply that you should personalise your essay to the point that it becomes casual and colloquial. In your writing, avoid using text shortcuts or social media jargon.

Ignore 1st and 2nd pronouns like I, you, your, and others when writing a full, grammatically acceptable phrase in a professional tone. This can be used sparingly in the final paragraph. The tone of the article should be scholarly and formal/semi-formal throughout.

Avoid Repetition

Task achievement, coherence, and grammatical range & correctness are the other three factors used by the IELTS to assess your essay. The right use of punctuation, spelling correctness, word construction, and vocabulary breadth are all covered in this lexical resource.

Make your language more interesting by avoiding monotonous, repeated word usage, which leads the examiner to believe you don’t understand the language.

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Many students who wish to study in the majority of English-speaking nations need to pass the IELTS exam. Examiners grade test takers on the four core skills of listening, speaking, writing, and reading in an IELTS exam. Each activity has a maximum score of 9 bands that a test taker can get.

These apps are a great method to study for this exam in a short amount of time. Advancing technology does have its benefits. Even the app world nowadays is full of quality resources to help you crack IELTS and help you in time management. Use them well and see the results for yourself.

Check out IELTS Ninja to find a wide range of courses that will help you achieve a good band score. Let’s join the best IELTS online coaching on IELTS Ninja to get guidance from the specialists. Also, the best IELTS coaching will let you gather good practice on all the sections.

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