The IELTS examination, also very famously known as the International English Language Testing System, is an examination that is taken by thousands and lakhs of students every year from all over the world. But do we have to take some training for the same? Are there any good and free online sites for IELTS preparation? We’ll help you with all of this. But before that, let’s get to know each other.

But why do these students take this examination? Well, let us help you.

Importance of IELTS Examination

This examination is taken so that these students, aka, aspirants can move out of their resident country to settle in a country where English is the native language. These countries could be Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

The candidates have to go through a series of examinations that test their reading, writing, speaking, as well as listening skills and based on that they are provided with a score ranging all the way from 1 to 9. The higher the score, the better their English is.

Now, let’s check out some of the amazing tips and tricks that one can follow for the preparation of this examination.

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IELTS Preparation Tips

Starting the preparation of any examination leaves the students in a state of confusion as to where they start the preparation for the same. There are so many things to cover and a limited time period for the same. So, how should I cover the entire IELTS preparation course in this time period?

Let’s find out everything. Given below are a few steps that you can follow to prepare for your IELTS examination:

#1. Take a Practice Test

Practice Tests? What are these practice tests? Let’s check.

The IELTS Online Practice tests are tests that an aspirant can take in order to check his/her preparation for the examination. This way, he/she can find out their strengths as well as weaknesses for this examination and know where they are lacking in this examination and what all needs to be done so that they can improve themselves and turn their weaknesses into strengths so that they can move forward in life successfully and clear this test with an amazing band score.

#2. Understand the Test Format

Yes, it’s extremely important to understand the test format and what all needs to be covered in this test and how do they have to start preparing for this test?

So, before you begin your practice for the IELTS examination, clearly and completely understand the test format because that is one very important thing to do.

So, being an IELTS exam aspirant, you need to completely understand the test format to know what all is there in every section of the exam and the test pattern and formats.

#3. Time Constraints

Time Constraint is one very important thing that one needs to keep in mind while he/she is there to give the examination or while even preparing for the examination so that they know in how much time they have to finish this test.

It is extremely important for one to finish the test in a limited time constraint – this is because this test contains so many sections like the reading, speaking, etc, and for each of them they have limited time and if they are not able to complete one section in the required time, the other section will have to suffer and there will be less time then to cover that particular section.

So, always try to complete each section in the given time only.

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#4. Develop Your English Vocabulary

Is it necessary to develop your English capabilities and vocabulary for the IELTS examination? Yes, it is.

It is extremely important for one to develop their English capabilities and vocabulary because the IELTS exam only checks one’s English capabilities in this exam. One has to improve their language skills to an extent that it becomes super easy for them to converse even with a native language user of this language and get good scores in the examination.

The Best Free Online Sites for IELTS Preparation 

Want to know the mystery of getting high band scores in the IELTS examination? Well, we can help you with this. It’s nothing more than hard work & great practice for the exam.

Practice & Hard Work – these are the two terms that one needs to learn as soon as possible to get good scores in the IELTS or any other examination.

But can you do this at home or take the help of some amazing sites that are available on the internet? Of course, you can.

There are “n” number of sites on the internet that help their candidates to prepare for this examination and that too without charging any price from them. So, let’s find out more about them.


IELTS Buddy is an astounding website that helps their aspirants to study well for the examination and prepare well in advance for the same, It helps them in providing them tons of great advice, help them understand almost all the grammar lessons effectively, and also provide them with a lot of sample questions and answers for the exam so that they can study the pattern and start preparing for the exam.

#2. The British Council

The British Council is another amazing website that can help students with their IELTS preparation. There are lots of pre-recorded videos from the previous IELTS students who have scored some great band scores in the examination and are here to provide the other aspirants of the exam with some fantastic tips so that they can use them to achieve amazing band scores like them in the examination.

There are some really fun games that can help the students improve their grammar skills as well as learn some amazing words and add them to their vocabulary.

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Best Free Online Sites for the Successful IELTS Preparation

#3. EngVid

This website has tonnes of free videos that can help the candidates to improve their vocabulary, learn some really good grammar skills, and improve their skills for the exam as much as they can so that they can score some really good band scores for the examination.

Like the other websites, there are tonnes of videos on this website also that can help the students to learn as many topics of grammar and idioms, proverbs, and other things as they can and add this to their daily vocabulary so that they can achieve some really good band scores in the examination and get to visit a country they have always desired to.

#4. IELTS for Free

With tonnes of previous years papers, plenty of material over all the sections of the exam, some really amazing quizzes, fun games to add words to your vocabulary, sample test papers, as well as time constraints to follow, this website is another of the amazing website that can help candidates achieve some really good scores in the examination and a chance to fulfil their dreams.


IELTS is one such exam that requires the candidates to focus on it with all their heart. It is such an amazing and fun exam for those who have an astounding habit of reading books on a daily basis because they can then take the help of these books to add more and more words to their vocabulary, improve their language skills, and a chance to read as many of them as possible.

This exam can help candidates to fulfil their dreams which they have seen for a long time. And with the help of IELTS NINJA, you can easily score a really amazing score in the IELTS examination. With the help of some of the best teachers from all over the country, they provide their candidates with an opportunity to have the best that they can. These teachers are extremely well-trained and are individuals who know all about this test and can really provide some amazing information over the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Just enrol yourself with them to get great scores in much less time.


With the help of the above article, we really hope that you must have understood a lot of things about this exam and if you have any doubts, queries, or questions regarding the same, feel free to comment down below and let us know all about it so that we can help you with the same.

Also, for more such information on the IELTS or other materials related to it, check out some of the amazingly well-written blogs on our page to gather some more information on the same.

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