There are millions of candidates who appear for the International English Language Test Examination which is popularly known as IELTS. So, if one needs to stand above all then they need to practise their language well and need to see that they are speaking, writing, reading and listening only to English. One needs to understand that they judge your English on various scales and categories.

This article will provide you with various sample questions on types of movies and cinema which is necessary for both speaking and writing as this topic is very important and has been asked in both these sections. Read the full article to know all about the tasks in the IELTS examination and how you should prepare.

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IELTS Speaking Topic Cinema 

As the speaking category is divided into three types, we will be closely looking into those three types and what kind of questions can be expected

Part One 

#Do you prefer to watch movies or read books?

#Do you go frequently to a movie or cinema?

#Can you recollect the first film that you had watched?

#What kind of films or cinemas do you like?

#What genre of movies or cinemas do you like the most?

#Which was the first movie that you have watched in theatres?

#Which genre of the movies do you dislike the most?

#Which genre did you prefer the most when you were a child?

#Did your interest in the genre of the movies change when you started to become more mature?

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Part Two 

#Talk about your favourite film. You should say:

What is the name of the film

What is your favourite type of the movie

Plot and why do you like it?

What moral does the movie provide in the end

What is the Name of the Film?

Many movies that exist either have no effect or have an everlasting effect on our life and can help or destroy us in various ways and forms. I would like to talk about a film which has made my life heaven and this film is ‘3 Idiots’ which is a very popular and epic film in the history of Bollywood which was directed and produced by a well-known Indian director, Raj Kumar Hirani.

What is Your Favourite Type of Movie?

My taste of films was always classic and message-oriented, though I have my interests in fantasy and action genre when it comes to films, I want it more social and I also find foreign films more interesting like the  ‘Fault in our Stars’ and ‘James Bond’, though I am very attached to Bollywood and this is one of my favourites though choosing is very hard because there are many films have great insights and morals.

Plot and Why do You Like It?

This movie focuses on three college friends who study engineering in a renowned institution in India. They all belong to different cultures, backgrounds and status who have their own goals, interests, strengths and weaknesses. One of the members likes photography but is forced into college. Aamir Khan joins the college because he likes studying engineering. The third member is always afraid of his life, though love’s engineering but is afraid of the results and how to raise his family.

The film was released in cinemas in 2009 though it was a long time ago, watching the film now also gives me goosebumps and every person can watch this film and never get bored of it because it was also an all-time favourite hit. The movie was nicely directed and the twists that it gives are exciting.

What Moral Does the Movie Provide in the End?

One can learn many things from this movie, because it provides many messages and morals that one should learn in this world, about friendship, success, and the education system of India. It teaches us that life is not a race, life does not only revolve around grades and jobs because life revolves around you. One should have skills not high grades or status and this film has depicted it very nicely.

Part Three – Follow-up Questions from IELTS Speaking Topic

#What is the difference between the movies that young and old people watch?

#What is your opinion on movies depicting real life?

#What is your viewpoint on people watching cinemas in theatres in future?

#Will DVDs and online platforms overtake theatres, what is your opinion on this?

#What genre or kind of movies is popular in your nation?

#What is your opinion on watching movies at the theatre or at home?

#What do you think is the difference between the cinemas between your nation and Hollywood?

#What do you think about action films?

#Do people like watching films or reading books?

#What is the biggest and popular source of entertainment in your nation?

#What is your opinion about the drastic change of the entertainment world and how is it changed?

#This is the world of digitalisation, will people stop going to theatres and watch movies in the comfort of your home?

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IELTS Speaking Topic Cinema 

Many believe that watching foreign films over local nation films can prove the destruction of their culture and can have a negative impact on their traditions.

To what extent do you favour or oppose this, write your viewpoint


There are some people that interpret that cinemas and movies have a great impact and that’s why watching foreign films can affect their culture but, some believe that cinemas can also have a positive impact when viewed globally. From my viewpoint, excluding the boundaries of cultures, one should view the film for morals and the cinemes should also be made message oriented on global causes

Cause and View 

Those careful about the malevolent impacts of movies from different nations highlight the significance of broadly delivered films. At the point when a nation imports not many movies from abroad, they are constrained into making more and better films to draw in crowds. For example, during the 1980s following the social unrest in China, scarcely any unfamiliar movies appeared. Studios rather financed driven Chinese movie producers like Zhang Yimou, who might later proceed to lead the mid 1990s rising of Chinese new wave film. This equivalent example has been rehashed in South Korea, Japan, France, and various different nations at various periods in the twentieth century. The total impact on culture for each separate country has been enormous and, by and large, addresses their latest characterizing social accomplishments.

Effects and Contrast

In any case, watching unfamiliar movies permits people to appreciate the best amusement on offer. It is remorseless to boycott unfamiliar movies and implement a disappointing review insight in nations with immature entertainment worlds. Film is, all things considered, chiefly a pleasant type of unwinding. The most well-known films will in general come from Hollywood and incorporate blockbuster superhuman establishments, Oscar-commendable shows, and comedies. Numerous nearby auditorium chains would battle to remain in business without unfamiliar movies and the new internet real time choices imply that crowds would likely buy into Netflix or download motion pictures illicitly. The real common advantages of such limitations may accordingly be complicated while theater-attendees would certainly be denied of value amusement.

Wrap Up 

In the end, the instances of disconnected films or movies industries have no effect on the value of the films or movies. There are many methods that help in preserving and helping cultures to have their importance in this society.

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IELTS Writing Questions 

#There are many people who believe that violence and action films have a negative impact on society and children. Whereas other people oppose it and don’t have any big effect on their behaviour. What is your viewpoint?

#We see that there are many TV movies that are available right now. But, people who have to watch news, educational, documentary and other shows have been replaced by movies which have also a negative impact. Will this destroy the knowledge and thinking skills? What do you think about it? What are the central factors of this behaviour?

#What is convenient, to watch movies or cinemas on television/applications or go to a theater. What do you think, will theatres be closed in the mere future and the grace of cinemas will decline? What is your viewpoint on this?


Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information and also the sample that you were looking for. Your IELTS preparation does not stop here, there are many blogs and courses on IELTS Ninja which will help you in all the possible ways and help you achieve your desired band. This article has covered all the samples about the cinemas and movies topics which might be asked in the IELTS speaking and writing rounds. Any doubts, please feel free to comment in the comments section below.

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