In the International English Language Testing System Speaking test, the aspirants are provided with one cue card topic (you do not have a choice to select or change the cue card topic) and they need to talk about the Cue Card topic.

The examiner will provide you with a specific period to prepare yourself (usually it’s 2-3 mins). You are given the option of writing down a few points which you can take help of during the time you speak on the topic. After this, you have to speak on the cue card topic for 11-14 minutes or until your examiner tells you to stop.

You get scored based on your English language skills. Try to minimise your errors, do not take log gaps and be confident. Read on to learn more about the topic, describe an activity that you usually do that wastes your time IELTS cue card. The IELTS speaking course will equip you with the potential information required for this section. Let’s join the best IELTS online coaching.

Describe an Activity that You Usually do that Waste Your Time – Sample One Answer

The International English Language Testing System Speaking test cue card topic describe an activity that you usually do that waste your time, you have to speak on the mention below points:

# Introduction

# What is the activity you do that wastes your time?

# When do you generally do it?

# What is the reason behind doing it?

# Explain why it is a waste of time?


There are a lot of activities a person does to divert their mind from certain things sometimes but when they keep on doing it, it leads to wastage of their time and they don’t even realise it. The moment they realize it, it’s already too late and we all know we can’t get back the time which we have wasted.

What is the Activity You do that Wastes Your Time?

I waste a lot of my time using my phone. Throughout the day I use my phone for hours without even noticing the time. I use my phone from the moment I get up just to check my notification till the night. In the middle of my work, I take small breaks which turn into hours when I use my phone.

When do You Generally do It?

I use my phone a lot on my weekdays when I don’t have any work to do, I keep on scrolling my Instagram, watch movies or youtube channels and don’t even keep a track of time. By the time I get off my phone, it will already be evening. Within a blink of an eye, you don’t even realize how much time you wasted.

What is the Reason Behind Doing It?

Social media has become an addiction to our generation. So I am kind of addicted to it, I won’t say I am fully addicted to it otherwise, if I was fully engrossed I wouldn’t be working. The reason behind using my phone is to get important notifications (work-related) and to have a little break to divert my mind from work.

Explain Why it is a Waste of Time?

Scrolling social media won’t get you anything, it is simply a waste of time and energy. I could have done other productive work instead of using my phone like going for a walk or reading something. When you once start using your phone you won’t realize the time just flies. Just like sand from your hands.

Ending: It is very important to manage your time properly because time is money. If you don’t invest in the right place you won’t get any returns, benefits or profit.

Describe an Activity That You Usually do that Waste Your Time – Sample Two Answer

What is the Activity You do that Wastes Your Time?

I waste a lot of my time sleeping. I take very frequent naps during the daytime (It is due to medical reasons). But somehow I think if I could control it I would have done a lot of productive things.

When do You Generally do It?

I generally take naps during noontime. When I have a break from work and have my lunch. It doesn’t take much longer for me to fall asleep. It happens very quickly and the moment I get up is in the evening.

What is the Reason behind doing It?

The reason I take frequent naps is because of medical reasons. When I get too stressed my body itself starts relaxing which makes my body light and I fall asleep. Without me even noticing.

Explain Why it is a Waste of Time?

It’s a waste of time because when you are asleep you are not doing anything. So that means you are not being productive at all. When you are awake directly or indirectly you are going to do something.

You will use your physical or mental strength to do something but when you are asleep you are not using any of your physical or mental strength. So you are not only wasting time, you are making your health weak as well.

Ending: It is very important to keep yourself active, if you don’t move, you won’t be able to complete a task. This means you won’t be productive, if you are not productive you are wasting time.

Describe an Activity that You Usually do that Waste Your Time – Sample Three Answer

What is the Activity You Do that Wastes Your Time?

The thing that I do most of the time is to overthink a scenario. I overthink a lot. I know it’s not a good thing to do and a complete waste of time but even if I try hard I still can’t stop overthinking.

When do You Generally do It?

I generally overthink at night and in the morning. Several things make me overthink like why something is going in the right way, worrying about family, worry about health and future, and normal day to day things. Not a single day has passed by when I haven’t overthought about a certain scenario.

What is the Reason Behind Doing It?

The reason I overthink is that I want to keep myself in that position and imagine the circumstances and what are possibilities. It happens automatically without me forcing it. It is out of my hands now.

Explain Why it is a Waste of Time?

I overthink so much that when I am working I think about am I doing it in the right way, what if it’s wrong or while doing some simple chores, what if I break a glass while washing it.

This process takes a lot of time for me because I think too much, for others, it will be like 5 to 10 mins of the task. I spent half of the time analysing the situation which is a complete waste of time. I could have spent more time with my friends and family in the meantime instead of overthinking.

Ending: Overthinking starts when you are less motivated and your head is filled with stress, so you must motivate yourself and keep yourself stress-free. Once you will be motivated you will be able to work without much stress, and you will be more productive.

Describe an Activity that You Usually do that Waste Your Time – IELTS Cue Card Follow-up Questions

The examiner may raise the mention below questions for the topic describe an activity that you usually do that waste your time IELTS cue card:

# How can you balance your personal and work life?

# Why do people get involved in activities that waste time?

# Will you still do the activity if you are aware you are wasting time?

How can You Balance Your Personal and Work Life?

Try to keep your personal and professional life separate in that way you will be able to give the required time to each. If you don’t balance it then your work-life will overpower your personal life and vice versa. You will give yourself more stress if you imbalance them. You won’t have time for yourself, your family, your friends, your work or the things that you want to or love to do.

Why do People Get Involved in Activities that Waste Time?

There are several reasons why people get involved in activities that waste their time, for example, they might want to divert their mind from their stressful work, they might overthink, due to depression and many endless possibilities as the nature of humans is different from person to person so their reasons are different as well.

Will You Still do the Activity If You are Aware You are Wasting Time?

There are some activities that I can’t stop due to medical reasons but yes I can try to stop doing the activities that waste time. I might take some because bad habits die hard. We are doing those activities because we are some way or another addicted to them.

I need to motivate myself to stop doing such activities because once you realise that you are wasting time you automatically think about how to stop doing that and according to it’s the first step itself. When you realize fully it gets simpler to stop these kinds of activities.

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IELTS Speaking

The IELTS Speaking is the section where the examiner asks certain questions and based on your answer and your speaking abilities in the English language, you get marked.

The duration for the International English Language Testing System Speaking section is 11 to 14 mins and you will be given 2-3 mins depending on the examiner to prepare the topic. You are not given the option of choice of the cue card topic.

So all you can do is prepare yourself precisely so that you don’t make any grammatical mistakes while speaking and do not take too long gaps. Try to be confident, that’s the key to score well.

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The IELTS exam is conducted 4 times a month and 48 times a year. This examination is taken by the aspirants who want to work, migrate or study abroad where the language English is the first language.

This examination checks the aspirant’s English language abilities in 4 distinct sections: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. This examination is not that tough if you prepare nicely and get the correct guidance. Many aspirants cleared the International English Language Testing System examination and did the things that they aimed for by scoring their desired Band score.

There are 2 kinds of International English Language Testing Systems: the IELTS Academic Test and the IELTS General Training Test. Both the test contains four sections: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Reading Section

The Reading exam comprises 40 questions, formulated to examine a broad span of reading abilities. These contain reading for meaning, reading for major notions, reading for attributes, personalities and objectives. The International English Language Testing System Reading test has three sections, there are 3 reading passages for the IELTS academic test and 3 sections for the IELTS general training test (every section may have 1 or 2 texts).

Listening Section

The Listening exam is similar for both the Academic paper and the General Training paper. You are required to solve 40 questions in response to 4 recordings given by the examiner. You will hear 4 recordings that are a blend of dialogues (monologues) and discussions and the recording will be played only once. So it is advised you stay attentive.

Speaking Section

There are three portions to the Speaking exam. The interviewer will ask you common questions like introduce yourself, what your family do, your interests or hobbies. This portion lasts up to 4 to 5 mins. You will be provided with a cue card task and the interviewer will tell you to speak about a cue card topic.

Writing Section

The Writing exam duration is 60 minutes. There are 2 tasks to finish. The questions are related to graphs and charts and you have to answer accordingly. You have to write at least 150 words

Aspirants who choose for the general training paper have an IELTS Writing task to write a precise essay and a letter. Writing section essays requires some serious preparation.

IELTS Preparation

The candidates should concentrate on the IELTS preparation because that will bring a change in the Band score. Without preparation, the possibility of clearing the examination is very low.

So the candidates should improve their skills in the English language, they should try to know the structure of the test, take mock tests, clear their basics, read novels, newspaper and magazine and watch English movies, talk to friends and family in English all these things will help you improve your English skills and you will build more confidence. Which will help you during the International English Language Testing System examination.

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The cue card task of the speaking test is simple if you practise thoroughly. Hopefully, the above article helps with your preparation. If you want proper guidance you should join IELTS Ninja where you will get great assistance with all the necessary things for effective preparation.

So join now without delay, and experience a new way of learning from anywhere anytime.You should join the IELTS speaking course to get perfect in this section. The best IELTS online coaching will provide you with the best mentorships to excel in every section of the IELTS exam.

So which university are you planning to apply for? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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