The IELTS exam is the most important one to prepare and get high scores to achieve your target if you have a dream of studying in the best universities. If you want to know about the answer delivery to describe an item on which you spent more than expected, you should keep reading the article ahead. It’s extremely critical to understand the most beneficial, precise, enticing, outstanding, perfect, and successful approaches to respond in the IELTS speaking section.

It requires great qualities of mindfulness to answer perfectly before the examiners. If you’re taking the IELTS test, you might be looking for sample answers to IELTS cue card questions. Let’s check them out to describe an item on which you spent more than expected IELTS cue card topic.

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IELTS Preparation

The ones who succeed in achieving their dreams are the ones who never think of quitting rather prepare for it with dedication and consistency.

If you are dreaming of getting selected in the most prestigious examination to get admission to the most renowned and incredible universities, you have to put a lot of effort into preparing for this test.

The preparation needs to be done in all the sections of this exam along with the practice, revisions, and self-assessments by mock tests. You should learn time management skills and practice efficiently for the test.

Do you want to know the correct method of answering to describe an item on which you spent more than expected before the test-takers, you should read the article below.

Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

The things done in a proper format and sequence not only look good but values higher. You should be aware of the answering techniques used in the IELTS speaking section. It makes you a person of your words as you use precise statements and sentences to define a particular topic.

This article will provide you with the best learning about the questions to be included in your answer to describe an item on which you spent more than expected IELTS cue card topic. Well, before jumping into the sample answers for this cue card topic, check out the note of the points that a candidate should cover while answering in the IELTS speaking exam. Have a look below to gather the important knowledge.

#. What is it?

#. How much did you spend on it?

#. Why did you buy it?

#. Explain why you think you spent more than expected?

Describe an Item on Which You Spent More Than Expected: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample One

What is It?

Everyone says and agrees with the thought that money should be saved instead of wasting on unnecessary materials. Well, I must accept that I am a frugal spender. I do not believe in wasting money and spending it on unnecessary things. I only buy the necessary things. But, at times it becomes necessary to not think about money but go for the happiness and joy of a particular occasion.

I ended up spending more than expected for my sister’s wedding. It happened because we are three sisters and she is the eldest. We have been the closest. I wanted to look best at her wedding and tried to arrange everything that she likes.

I was extremely excited about her wedding rituals and everything else. I purchased some expensive party wear for her wedding that I will discuss today.

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How much Did You Spend on it?

I entered the brand showroom in the mall situated in my city to buy the best party wears for my sister’s wedding. I spent 15,000 on Lehenga which was a little high for me. It was a beautiful lehnga with golden embroidery. I liked it tremendously when I saw it. I thought it would be the best choice to be worn for my lovely sister’s wedding.

Moreover, I spent 7,000 on the heels. It was very pretty and matched my dress. So I purchased the heels which were too high to spend but I didn’t think of money at that time and purchased the things that I liked.

Why did You Buy it?

I bought the expensive dress and the heels for my sister’s wedding. I am very much connected to my sister and wanted to look the best at her wedding. She selected my outfit along with heels and some good-to-go accessories.

Girls have many things to wear and this was the reason that the expenditure became a little unexpectedly high. I purchased a beautiful handbag along with jewellery and makeup items to complete the overall look. I bought all of these things at a high price to be the best at her wedding and don’t miss out on anything.

Explain Why You Think You Spent More than Expected?

I think that the things I bought were more than expected because I am a very frugal person in life. I don’t purchase too many things regularly. I always search for the necessary items at a low price. I like to save money for times when I need it.

At this time, I didn’t think of money and went shopping with my sister. I bought all the pretty things to complete my look for her wedding. I believe that I was beautifully dressed up at her wedding. I must say that I received hundreds of compliments from my near and dear ones for looking so beautiful in this dress. I got clicked by the photographers and most of the pictures were nice. In the end, I realized that it was worth spending this much money.

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Describe an Item on Which You Spent More Than Expected: IELTS Cue Card Answer Sample Two

What is It?

I believe that everyone tries to spend less on buying something instead of wasting money. There is no denying this conviction that whenever we try to purchase anything, we put in the best efforts to grab the best deal. This could be possible in some cases and for a few ones you have to spend a little more to grab the best item for your use.

This is evident that on some occasions, we end up paying more than the expected price. This is why we save money from the ones where we can spend it somewhere else where it is needed.

Money is nothing but the exchange of value so we have to decide the value for a particular thing. Today, I will discuss the situation that came into my life last year. I had to buy a computer for my office work during the pandemic scenario.

How Much Did You Spend on it?

During the lockdown period, everything became online. The deadly virus made people’s lives detrimental. Everyone was locked up in their houses to get protected from the destruction. Education and work was purely done online for institutions as well as companies. I was facing difficulty in attending the meetings and doing work online because of my computer.

I had to buy a computer during this phase to attend the meetings properly and provide work to the company. I spent 80,000 rupees on the desktop. Although desktops were available at some lower prices as well, my father asked me to buy the best one so that it could function properly and no issue should occur in the official work.

Why Did You Buy It?

I bought the computer online from the HP store. I did it because it was extremely needed during the lockdown. All the meetings were conducted online and my phone started to hang up due to the heavy load as I was taking all the meetings on the mobile along with carrying out other official functions.

I had to buy it to meet the requirements of the scenario. I bought a good one as my parents said that if it is needed I should buy a perfect computer that could function properly and meet all of my requirements.

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Explain Why You Think You Spent More than Expected?

I think that I spent more than expected on the desktop because many other ones were available at a lower price as compared to the one I bought.

Furthermore, there was a surge in the price of digital gadgets during the COVID period because everyone was buying desktops to carry out their functions as the people were locked in their houses and everything was going online.

I had to spend more because my parents insisted on spending the required amount to not get into trouble later. They said that this could function for a long time with good processing so that I don’t ask them for a new one after some time.

Finally, my computer is fantastic. It is so light, smooth, and great that I can carry out multiple tasks on it simultaneously. I have made a good choice to buy it even by spending a little more than expected.

Let’s Learn about the Follow-up IELTS Cue Card Questions and Answers!

#1. Do People Buy Things that They Don’t Need?

Answer: Yes, I think that in this modern scenario, people buy things that they don’t need. This time has forced us to fulfil our demands rather than needs. People want to go buy the trending things whether all of them are needed or not.

#2. Do You Think it is Important to Save Money? Why?

Answer: Yes, I think money should be saved as it is a prudent practice. Our saved money can help us to come out of any financial problems. Furthermore, our saved money can be used to start a new venture which will give us a way to move towards impressive growth and development.

#3. What Do You Think about the Expenditure on Unexpected Things?

Answer: Life is unpredictable and we have to spend money sometimes on unexpected things. It is not wrong to spend money occasionally to meet your needs and demands but we must be frugal so that the money is saved for the right purposes.

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#4. What Do You Think Young People Spend Most of Their Money On?

Answer: I think most young people spend their money on gadgets. Technology has built inroads in the lives of youngsters due to the contemporary epoch. Moreover, young people spend money more on eating kinds of stuff as they like to eat outside and have junk food. I also believe that fashion trends have also shifted the minds of young people towards them. Youngsters buy trendy fashionable clothes which let them spend money mostly.

#5. Do You Often Buy more than You Expected?

Answer: Sir/ ma’am, I don’t think that I spend more than my expectations on a particular thing. I usually purchase things as per my expectations as I am a frugal and minimalist person. I emphasize saving money for later use. I do not become happier by buying more products or services at high prices. I believe in the concept that one should invest in products and services as per the requirement. This makes us stay genuine. So I never indulge in impulsive and extensive purchasing due to this set of beliefs and buy things according to needs, not demands.


Therefore, we hope that you will work on your IELTS preparation techniques to increase your skills of answering before the examiners. The questions asked in this section are easy but it requires the presence of mind and confidence to be delivered.

You can develop these traits by firmly practising this section at home. You must reach out to different topics of the IELTS cue card and pen down the ideas that come to your mind. It will benefit you exponentially in the main interview.

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