It is tremendously important to know about the most ravishing, excellent, and effective ways to answer in the IELTS speaking part. If you are a candidate for the IELTS test, you might be searching for some sample answers on IELTS cue card topics.

Well, you need not stress now as this article has the topic of cue cards to describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop. You will learn incredibly from the two given sample answers.

The candidates must know that this section is the most essential because this is the interview part where you are required to speak before the test-takers.

So you need to be comfortable speaking the language fluently. Let’s get ready to set the test on fire with amazing skills.

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The IELTS exam can be called the most profitable and prominent one as it gives the most beneficial opportunity to the aspirants who have the dream of getting higher education from abroad. The exam enables the students to broaden their horizons of studies and personality by enrolling in their choice of course/program from prestigious universities.

Education makes you a worthy human being. It can be used to change the world. Those who want to get admission to different colleges across the globe must start preparing for the test at the earliest. This exam is conducted by the British Council to test the proficiency of the students in English. You need to upgrade your skills and make your upcoming future sparkling.

IELTS Speaking

Speaking is something that makes you a valuable person in society. When a person is good at speaking/communication, he/she becomes an excessively magnificent personality. If you want to make your mark in the future, you have to be equipped with ways of representing yourself through communication.

The IELTS speaking test is conducted to test your speaking skills, confidence, representation, thoughts, creativity, and presence of mind, and passion towards your goal. You have to enrich your mind and soul in all of these traits to excel in the test.

So prepare for it by speaking regularly in English and acknowledging vocabulary and diction. You will achieve your dreams by consistently putting effort into them.

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Significant Points to Speak while Answering the IELTS Cue Card Topic

Every question has a proper way to get answered. If someone asks you something, you must know how to start answering and finish your perspective. You should not speak uselessly. So you must know a few questions to be answered for each cue card topic. Here are two sample answers to describe a habit your friend has with an IELTS cue card. Go through the complete article and learn effective and sequential ways to answer the topic: describe a habit your friend has and you want to develop. Below given points must be answered for this particular topic.

#. Who is your friend?

#. What habits does he/she have?

#. When did you notice this habit?

#. And explain why you want to develop this habit?

Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want To Develop: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer One

Who is Your Friend?

I believe that there is no denying that habits play a pivotal role in our lives. Good habits lead us to achieve exponential success and bad ones lead us to go through a difficult phase or lean patch in our entire life. Everyone should have good habits to live life happily. As I am a success-oriented and passionate person, I believe that acquiring good habits from others is significant and fantastic.

Today I will discuss the quintessential habit of my friend that I want to develop. My childhood friend Raghav has a wonderful habit of maintaining fitness. He is a fitness-driven person and works on a healthy regime. My friend used to be a very heavy and bulky person earlier but now he is an adorable and smart person. He has acquired such a personality through his hard work.

What Habit Does He/ She Have?

Raghav, my friend, has a habit of keeping himself fit and healthy. He has managed to reduce a bulky weight by exercising and changing his food habits. He used to do intermittent fasting which is fasting for a few hours. In this, he was eating only between 12 pm to 7 pm and was fasting from 7 pm to 12 pm. He has worked very hard to maintain his fitness.

This weight loss has not only made him look smart and dashing but also has helped him to look 10 years younger than his age along with being super active and fit. His habit has inspired me tremendously because fitness has its numerous advantages in changing the complete personality of a person.

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When Did You Notice This Habit?

I noticed this habit when I saw his weight loss which was after quite a few months since he started working on it seriously. I have noticed that he has become so conscious of his fitness now that he eats in moderation and perfect portions so that he gets all the proteins, carbohydrates, and required things for his body. He sleeps on time and does exercise regularly. One we went for a trip in the Himalayas.

That was the second time when I noticed his intermittent fasting and fitness approach. Moreover, I have noticed that by indulging in fitness, he has become a very composed and disciplined person which is another good thing to learn and develop.

And Explain Why You Want to Develop This Habit?

I want to develop this habit because I think it is of utmost importance to be fit and healthy. It gives you strength from within, makes you composed, cool, and concentrated towards things in life along with reducing your age and transforming you into a disciplined, smart, and great personality. I think I should lose weight which I have tried earlier too with very little or no success.

This time I have got inspiration from my friend. So I will work on it and become a fit person. Therefore, I would only like to say that we must always strive hard to embrace the good habits of others. It makes us amazing people from inside as well as outside. Good habits must be inculcated in every human soul.

Describe a Habit Your Friend Has and You Want To Develop: IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer Two

Who is Your Friend?

I firmly believe that good habits are a virtue that everyone must possess but very few have. I believe that most of the habits of the people are incorporated in them by their parents and the other ones are adopted by them according to their thoughts and interests.

Today, I would like to discuss my friend’s interesting habits that I want to develop to be grounded and to get immense success in life. My friend’s name is Puneet. He has a habit of touching his parent’s feet whenever he comes home. If he is at home, he regularly touches his parent’s feet after waking up in the morning. I feel immensely touched by this gesture and habit of my friend.

What Habit does He/ She Have?

My friend, Puneet, has a habit of touching his parents and elders’ feet after waking up in the morning or meeting some elder person at home or outside. He always bent down to touch the feet of the elders to get their blessings. Blessings from elders are a great way to be connected to the roots and virtues along with giving them respect.

My friend’s habit is different yet satisfying and proud. I have learned to give love and respect to my elders by asking for their blessings forever. It makes you a successful person in life as well as turns you into a humble and polite person. No matter what position you are in, you must always respect your parents and elders. I think everyone must have this habit to rise ahead in life.

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When Did You Notice This Habit?

I have been noticing this habit since my childhood. I have learned this good habit from him. I also touch the feet of my parents and elders whenever I meet them somewhere. I believe this is the greatest value to stay connected to them and show that we always need their hand on our heads to keep heading towards success in life.

Our elders always give us extremely great and enriching blessings along with guidance to stay incredible to achieve greater heights. My friend has been doing it since his childhood and continues doing so. I think everyone should learn to respect him and Inculcate this great habit.

And Explain Why You Want to Develop this Habit?

I want to develop this incredible habit because in my opinion there is no one above our parents and elders. They always manage to bring happiness to our faces since our birth. We must be thankful for all their great efforts in making us who we are and should give them utmost respect and regard.

Touching the feet is a warm way to convey our regards and respect to them and ask for their blessings. Nobody can flourish without their elders’ attributes and efforts. So many good habits are always motivating and magnificent to have. This habit makes us nicer people in life.

IELTS Preparation

Everyone will agree that the hard work done during the preparation phase leads you towards success in the main battleground. You have to put your best in terms of determination and consistency during the preparation to be extraordinary and perfect.

IELTS preparation is quintessential to turn you into professional, communicative, and worthy well-being along with upgrading your knowledge and skills in the language. The English language is essential if you are aspiring to study abroad.

You need to focus on all the aspects of growing proficiency in the language to ace this extremely significant test. Keep learning about the reading, writing, listening, and speaking shores of English and make your place in the greatest colleges to make your future flamboyant.

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This article is for you to learn effective and flawless ways to speak English fluently before the examiners and everyone else. We hope that you have equipped yourself with the best information and guidance of the IELTS speaking section. This portion of the test plays a pivotal role in bringing success to you.

If you need to ask anything related to any section of the IELTS exam, you can comment below. Feel free to reach out to our professionals to resolve your queries. When you are free from confusion, you can create wonders.

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