Among the four categories of the IELTS examination: Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking, the speaking section is extremely polarised to the nominees, where one aspect understands that the IELTS speaking section is very sensitive and the unique one believes it is certainly difficult. For both districts, they need to exercise the speaking category to enhance their speaking abilities and to even structure their impression for a good score.

The IELTS speaking session not only just requires good speaking abilities but also vocabulary, body language, and precise information matters a lot in the IELTS speaking phase. A candidate who possesses reasonable interaction skills can easily smash the speaking assessment of the IELTS examination.

In the following article, we deliver you an example of the speaking topic for IELTS preparation. A cue card topic for you to prepare well and know the structure of answering the questions.

Here is a sample, Describe an Art and Craft Activity That You Had, a cue card topic for the IELTS speaking quiz with model answers for you to know the pattern and type of answers expected for the speaking test. So do read this article till the end to get a pure idea of the cue card category of the IELTS test.

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IELTS Speaking Test

In the second part of the speaking test, the candidate is provided with a cue card topic and is expected to speak about it for 2-3 minutes. A minute will be given to the student to rehearse well before starting speaking. The IELTS cue card can be of any topic related to personal issues or general interests. The aspirant should understand the topic deeply before starting speaking. The IELTS topics provided are not very difficult to understand and talk about.

An aspirant can easily comprehend the topic and prepare himself well in the time provided to him. Without knowing essential information about the test, one cannot answer the test properly and precisely. Therefore it is significant to know the various details about the topics asked in the IELTS assessment.

IELTS Preparation

If you are planning for the IELTS quiz preparation, you must have been worrying about your writing or reading abilities or vocabulary. The IELTS speaking phase is a segment where you lack in the examination because of insufficient interest and preference. You must work with commitment and devotion in this component. Even if you are reasonable at writing, it does not make you adequate at speaking too.

You must practice the question topics and note down the creative ideas you get about any theme. Sufficient practising and considerable direction are all that is needed to smash any of the tests.

In the IELTS quiz, you will be examined a variety of cue cards questions. For this round, candidates must prepare suitably and precisely. Start observing your ability and noting the concepts that come to mind while comprehending something if you’re preparing for it. It will improve you during the interview process. You must effectively answer the questions within the period given.

The test takers expect a reasonable answer to each subtopic of the cue card. In the meeting, not only will your interaction abilities be tested but also the manner in how you represent the answers in front of the panel will be observed and affect your total score.

It is crucial to understand the issue well before resolving the topics. Below there is an adequate guide to assist you to educate well for the IELTS cue card section. Several questions with standard answers are delivered for you to comprehend the pattern of the IELTS speaking session well. So, do read the article till the end to get an obvious opinion of everything.

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IELTS Speaking Test Cue Card Topic Questions and Sample Answers

Along with hard struggles, a productive assignment is also required as not much duration is given to a candidate for obtaining the test. The advice for attaining the dream band in the achievement is to practice every sector with productive strategies for it.

To start with your IELTS preparation you can take up many examples of cue card topics and rehearse them well. It is the best way to prepare yourself for the IELTS conference. It will not only help you to prepare but also increase your vocabulary and grammar skills.

The IELTS speaking factor constitutes a lot of cue card themes. To exaggerate such themes as the one given above, a pupil must know some information in mind. Establish the sub-questions of the issue, that is distribute the answers into sub-topics and formulate fascinating justifications for each one of them.

Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had

For the above topic, we can subdivide the issue into the following questions:

# What you made?

# How did you make it and how did it look?

# How did you feel about the activity?

Below are a few model answers for the above topic for you to get a clear impression of the structure of answering each sub-topic of the specific theme. The essential tool for smashing this session is the proper elaboration of each subtopic and precise answers to the point. Nothing unnecessary information is required to be spoken in the session, it just wastes time and puts a negative impression on the examiner.

Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had: IELTS Cue Card Topic Model Answer One

What You Made?

The best part of my school was it provided us with various kinds of activities to choose from and learn something new. The activity session was different from the regular classes and hence didn’t disturb my education. I was about 11 years old when I chose my first activity in school. I always showed interest in learning something different and extraordinary.

I took part in the gift wrapping activity. It involved art and craft in-depth. It was really fun making different kinds of gifts and cards using several chart papers of different colours. I remember in the first class of my activity, the teacher showed us various gifts that can be made in the duration of the training. She showed us a huge gift of a box with a good combination of colours and having handmade flowers on it. I liked it so much that I made up my mind to make it for sure.

I rushed up to my teacher and requested her to teach me how to make that gift box. She politely said that she would be glad to instruct me how to make it. The next day she helped me to make the gift box. It was so beautiful and handy. I also decorated it with a few handmade flowers which made it more attractive and elegant.

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How Did You Make it and How did it Look?

It was very easy to make. All it required was a few pieces of chart paper of different colours, sticking tape, scissors and glue. The chart papers were folded in such a way that they formed a huge box. The borders were joined together using tape and bent without any creases.

The four sides of the box had different colours. We also added handmade flowers which were made using the same chart paper. The flowers were attached to the box at the top. The gift box looked gorgeous and unique. The box we made had nothing inside. It could be used as a wrapping material. Anything would be covered using this technique.

How You Felt about the Activity?

The gift wrapping activity was amazing and very useful. I had so much joy and fun making the gift box using different colours of chart papers and a variety of flowers. Many things can be utilised using the papers and our hidden talent. The gift box was so handy and cheap.

A few days later after I made the gift box, it was my friend’s birthday. I thought of buying her a gift and wrapping using the technique I learnt in the activity. I decorated the gift box in such a beautiful way that it looked like the best gift at my friend’s birthday party. She also liked it so much and appreciated me for the efforts I put into making the gift box for her.

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Describe an Art and Craft Activity that You Had: IELTS Cue Card Topic Model Answer Two

What You Made?

In school, I used to participate in many handwriting competitions, and also won a few prizes too. I liked writing in different fonts. I still remember the compliments I used to get from my teachers and adults during school days.

My ability to write in good handwriting helped me a lot in presenting my answers well in the examination. I was very fascinated by the different fonts and textures of writings. I used to learn many prints of writing from the internet. It was a good pastime activity for me.

In summer vacation, my school organised a calligraphy workshop, where students can take part and learn different calligraphy. The workshop looked so attractive and interesting to me that I forced my parents to let me take part in it. My parents permitted me to learn calligraphy. I was so excited to learn and write in different styles.

On the first day of the workshop, they asked us to write basic print writing of all the alphabets. One of the volunteers there took my book and saw the basic calligraphy I tried on the very first day. He asked me whether I had joined any calligraphy activity before.

When I denied him he was shocked by the work I did. He appreciated me and said to focus on the size of writing. The size should be medium. In the following days, they taught us many more fonts and different calligraphy writings. The workshop was fascinating and productive.

How Did You Make it and How did it Look?

My best style to write was using cursive. The cursive font looked more attractive and easier for me. I tried all possible calligraphy styles in print as well as cursive. The pen I used for calligraphy was different and unique. The flow of the pen was so smooth, it had the wave of putting thinner and broader lines wherever necessary which enabled me to write the calligraphy easily.

When I learnt calligraphy, I decided to write my house name on a canvas board and fix it at the entrance of my house. I used the best font I learnt so far. I wrote the house name big and clear in beautiful calligraphy style. I used sky blue as the background colour which made it more attractive and elegant. My parents loved the work I did and appreciated learning calligraphy so well in just a few days.

How You Felt About the Activity?

The calligraphy activity is one of the most creative and productive of all. It requires a lot of attention and determination while writing in different styles. Even small interruptions or a slight move can destroy the whole calligraphy work. Once you learn calligraphy font you can develop your style and write it in unique ways making it more attractive and gorgeous. After a few days,

I learnt calligraphy. I tried many quotes on big canvas boards and gave them to my family members and friends. I tried to make it more elegant by adding different colours and small decorations at the edges of the board. Calligraphy is a very useful activity to learn and perform several tasks in life. You shall never regret learning different fonts.

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Hoping that the above article was useful to you to know about the IELTS cue card topic: Describe an Art and Craft Activity That You Had. It is one of the best topics of the IELTS speaking session. If you are facing any difficulty in preparing for the IELTS. Then do visit the website IELTS Ninja which delivers you with a reasonable guide and best notes for you to assist you to prepare better for the IELTS examination. If you have any queries regarding the above article then do let us know in the comment session below.

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