The aspirant needs to speak on a cue card topic for a certain duration. The examiner will give you a few minutes to think about the cue card topic that they gave. Depending on how you speak about the topic the examiner will give you scores.

The aspirants can write down a few points to help themselves while speaking. It depends on the candidate if they want to not down the points or not. Read on to learn how to speak on the IELTS cue card topic, describe a habit your friend has.

Describe A Habit Your Friend Has-Sample One Answer

Describe a habit your friend has cue card topic for the Speaking Test, you need to speak on:

# Who is your friend?

# What habit does he/she have?

# When did you notice this habit?

# Explain the reason why you need to acquire this habit?

Who Is Your Friend?

Shivangi is my best friend, we have been friends since childhood. She has lots of good traits and habits which makes her different from the rest of the crowd. My parents love her because of the kind of person she is sweet, simple and kind.

What Habit Does He/ She Have?

To be honest she has too many good habits that I want to develop. I would mention a few of them below:

# She wakes up early in the morning and prays every single day.

# She drinks warm water and goes for a run every morning.

# She doesn’t procrastinate on things and never keeps things to the deadline.

# She does a skincare routine at night. Which gives her glowing skin.

Every habit she has adds to her personal growth and makes her think positive thoughts, and she becomes a better version of herself every time I see her.

When Did You Notice this Habit?

Actually, in one of the events in our university, there was an awareness drive going on about mental health. The speaker was an old lady who was a psychic. She had years of experience, currently a guest lecturer at our university.

She said she came across so many teenagers who are facing problems related to stress, anxiety, peer pressure and many more. She highlighted that this generation is a depressed generation, and only they can help themselves. She mentioned everything starts with habits, if you pick good habits you will have positive thoughts and lead a healthy life. Self-love is important, personal growth is important.

She motivated a lot of students in our university to pick up good habits because everything starts from the roots. Since that time I noticed a change in Shivangi, she practised everything that she heard and I, on the other hand, was waiting for the day when I will begin with it.

Explain the Reason Why You Need to Acquire this Habit?

Lately, I am getting exhausted very frequently so I realized that my body and mind need a change to cope up with my day to day work. I know exercise has several advantages. Taking care of your skin will make your skin glow and will make you feel good about yourself.

Self-love and growth are very crucial in life in order to survive in this world. It not only gives you a good body, but it also gives you a stable and positive mindset. It’s very important to have good physical and mental health for the long run, to fulfil all the goals that you desire. That’s why I want to develop the habits like my friend Shivangi as I can see the good change in her.

Ending: It is very simple to lead a healthy life but all you need to do is work on yourself.

Describe A Habit Your Friend Has – IELTS Cue Card Sample Answer Two

Describe a habit your friend has of the IELTS Cue Card. It is better if you prepare yourself beforehand with the questions that have the potential to be raised by the interviewer. Given below are few questions which can be asked by the examiner:

# How to motivate yourself to follow good habits?

# How should parents make their children follow good habits?

# What kind of impacts do bad habits have on you?

How To Motivate Yourself To Follow Good Habits?

You will only be motivated nicely when it comes from within you, not from external bodies. All you have to do is set a habit that you want to follow. Daily try to give some time to that, you might not be consistent with the routine but it’s fine because we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Always try to see the advantages of the habits.

For example, if you follow the skincare routine every night, what benefits you will get glowing skin, an active mind etc. Think of yourself as your competitor, you will see the change by yourself.

How Should Parents Make Their Children Follow Good Habits?

Children grasp things very quickly so if you teach a child at an early stage they will follow that through life. How can you teach your kid to follow good habits? You can do that by rewarding your kid for his performance.

For example, if your kid brushes his/ her teeth every day twice without you telling them then by the end of the month you can take them for movies as a reward. It will not only teach them good habits but also will teach them you have to work for something in order to get something without being lazy.

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What Kind of Impacts Do Bad Habits Put On You?

Bad habits are very easy to follow, and they are a kind of addiction. Once you fall into the trap of a bad habit it’s very hard to break but not impossible. Bad habits make you lazy, your willingness to work deteriorates, your concentration and memory power decrease and you tend to procrastinate on things.

There are many health effects as well both physical and mental. You stress a lot, have anxiety attacks, depression and others. These are common symptoms that your body is not supporting the habit that you are following. So still there is time you can make things right and live a healthy life.

Describe A Habit Your Friend Has-Sample Answer Three

Who is Your Friend?

Kabita is my college friend, is a hotel management student who loves to cook and always tries to create something new, and she is very dedicated to her work because. Her love for food never compromised her health.

What Habit Does He/ She Have?

She has a habit of eating healthy food. Even though we all know that when someone is crazy about food and cooking they tend to compromise their health in the process. But it’s not like that for her she took her fondness for food to living a healthy lifestyle.

When Did You Notice This Habit?

We were at first college mates then we shifted out together and then I noticed her food habits which were very surprising for me as I have seen many who love eating unhealthy food and I am also one of them. She wakes up in the morning, drinks hot water, eats a light healthy breakfast, and carries salad as a snack. Every single day she follows the same routine, she never skips meals.

Explain the Reason Why You Need to Acquire this Habit?

I want to acquire her healthy eating habit because I have noticed the change in me as I am eating with her, it brought a good change in my body, and I used to skip meals if I am busy which lead me to live an unhealthy lifestyle. Which puts an impact on both your mental and physical health. So it’s high time I change my food habits. Health is wealth.

IELTS Speaking Test

The IELTS Speaking exam duration is between 11 to 14 mins and includes a discussion between the candidate and an examiner who is a trained and certified professional. You may be worried about appearing on your International English Language Testing System Speaking exam, but with the help of the tips and tricks from the trained professionals and hard work, you will achieve the score that you desired with full confidence, given below are few tips that you should follow:

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Answers Should Not be Memorised

Do not memorise your answers, particularly in Part-I. When you memorise your answers you aren’t able to deliver the true and original meaning to the examiner and also it does not give the interviewer a precise estimate of your English-language abilities, and it’s very easy for the interviewer to find out whether you memorized your answers or not and this might impact your ultimate band score.

Do Not Use Uncommon Terms

You might wish to impress the interviewer with huge and complicated terms in your IELTS Speaking exam. But to be careful, ignore using terms you aren’t aware of. There is a bigger opportunity of making errors by either not pronouncing terms correctly or using them in a false sense context. Errors can put an impact on your last band score.

Use Proper Grammatical Pattern

Use a spread of grammatical patterns

When the IELTS interviewer assesses your speaking abilities, they scored you against the subsequent assessment requirement:

Try and use a range of grammatical pattern victimisation complicated and straightforward sentences to specific what you would like to mention. recognize your own errors and apply to talk to friends in English, or record yourself to examine if you’ll be able to spot errors. If you hear a mistake, check that to correct yourself. you’re assessed on your ability to use completely different grammatical structures accurately, therefore it is important to practise speaking regarding the past, this and therefore the future victimisation correct tenses.

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Do not Concern Yourself about Your Accent

With a direct interview Speaking exam, the International English Language Testing System examiner perceives a good variety of accents, therefore, is ready to understand what you say, in contrast to an AI machine. If you’ll be able to communicate well, then there’s nothing to stress concerning.

However, bear in mind sounds that you simply have an issue with and ensure to use anxiety and intonation as English could be a stress-timed language. follow with friends and that they can tell you if they can not perceive what your language is.

Take Your Time to Think

You should take a pause. We all need some time to process the questions. You can also use phrases in your sentence so that it will buy you enough time to think about what you want to say next. It will as well make your answer more attractive.

Prevent Yourself from Using Fillers

Try to Speak confidently and ignore using filler terms. We commonly use fillers when we do not understand what to speak, nonetheless, this exhibits to the interviewer that you can not access the proper speech or opinions so it’s crucial to prevent them. Given below filler words need to be avoided:

You know

Expand Your Answers

When the examiner asks a question, try to answer in full. Expand your answers and do not pause for the interviewer to encourage you with the question. When you finish your answer in short it implies that you don’t have any knowledge and can’t talk in precision, which puts a bad impression on the examiner, and affects your grades. If the interviewer asks ‘Why?’, they are encouraging you to provide a justification for your answer and to expand more broadly.

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Smiling is Compulsory

Smiling can calm you down which helps you in boosting confidence and improves your pronunciation. Ensure to express clearly, the sound of words should come out properly, do not eat words. You will notice when you smile your mouth will grow big and the voice tones become more friendly. Speak in clear pronunciation and tone that will show the interviewer that you can utilize a spectrum of articulation characteristics.

Correct Words

We all know we get nervous when we appear for an exam. So in the Speaking test make sure you use correct words in your sentence you might not notice but the examiner will which will affect your scores.

Nervousness leads to the use of wrong words in a sentence which change the meaning of the sentence, you might want to say something about something and you will say something else. So make sure you don’t make this kind of silly mistake as it puts a big impact on the band score. Speaking slowly will give you enough time to speak the next correct sentence.

Practice as Much as You Can

Practice is what you need to do if you are not fluent in the English language when you practise on different topics for example tourism, Internet, society, politics, environment and many others. It will help improve your language skills, and you will get more ideas about what to speak, how to speak. You will be able to frame sentences quickly without getting stuck with words. It will also build your confidence as it will improve your proficiency.

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In the above article, we discussed how to speak on a cue card topic. Hopefully, it helps you with your International English Language Testing System examination preparation. For more assistance, you can join IELTS Ninja where you will be provided with excellent materials to study, great guidance, one on one sessions to clear doubts and understand certain topics, move tests and other things that help you in your preparation. So hurry up and join now, don’t let the opportunity go away.

So how are you preparing for the Cue Card Speaking test? Share your thoughts with us. Comment in the below section.

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