Often candidates find IELTS speaking part 2 difficult. This is because they have to speak on a completely strange topic for more than 2 minutes when they only have one minute to prepare for it.

But instead of being tough, it is an easy one. It is said that you can learn better with the help of examples. Therefore in this article, we aim to give you all the important information to solve cue cards with the help of an example describe a creative person that you admire cue card topic.

IELTS: A Brief Overview

International English Language Testing System is a standardized English language test that tries to test the English skills of the test takers. Basically, every organization of English speaking requires an English language scorecard to get admission or work over there. This is to reduce any language barrier between the person migrating and others.

The IELTS exam is jointly organized by the British council, IDEP Australia, New Zealand, and Cambridge Assessment. The exam is conducted throughout the year in different countries. IELTS has different centres in almost 200+ countries to help test takers to apply for this exam. Moreover, it is one of the most popular choices among students and workers who wish to move abroad.

IELTS is a reliable and secure English language test that is accepted by 200+ countries including English-speaking and non-English speaking and also by more than 11,000 organizations.

IELTS Speaking Module

IELTS has four sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking through which the test aims to evaluate each dimension of the test takers’ English skills.

But if you are going to ask around among candidates which one they find hardest then most of them would be pointing towards speaking.

In the Speaking module, they are set with an interviewer face to face and have to answer their questions directly. It includes three parts:

#1. Introduction

In this part, candidates have to answer general questions about him and related to his daily life. This may include:

# Tell me about yourself.

# What are your weaknesses and strengths?

# Tell me about your work experience

#2. Cue Card

In cue cards, candidates are given a random card with a topic on it. They would be allotted one minute to think about it and after it they have to speak on it continuously. They cannot pass any topics and have to speak about what they have given.

For example,

# Describe a creative person you admire the most

# Describe the tallest building in your locality

# Describe an event where you were very happy

#3. Debate and Discussion

At last, they have to debate on a topic with the examiner. This topic would be related to the one given in the second part.

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Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

IELTS Exam Cue Card Sample Answer One

Everyone is born with some creativity in themselves but only some are unable to use it. I am a creative person myself and therefore I usually have around with people of the similarities first but if I have to reckon on a particular what I would look like to talk about my aunt Rebecca.

Aunt Rebecca is an innovative woman I have encountered. Hardly she said idli and you can find her busy in pottery. The house is full of different pots, vases, pitch vessels, and many more even separate rooms in which she makes them and a separate room where she stores them. She even sells it online and in the nearby neighbourhood.

Pottery is the process where a potter makes a vessel using clay and other ceramic materials. It is made on the moving wheel where the potter gives them shapes by patting. It is an ancient practice but now people are losing the importance of it. But I like how Rebecca is trying to keep this art alive.

Moreover, I am quite inspired by her. Pottery is not only her hobby but also a way to become independent. She has set up a small business and sells pottery online. Her business even roared higher during the pandemic. She also understands that pottery is an important part of Indian culture. She doesn’t want this art to diminish and therefore she also gives classes to nearby children. I have also enrolled myself in her classes.

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Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire Sample Answer Two

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about a creative person I know. I have been counted many creative persons in my life but today I would specifically like to talk about my best friend Saloni.

Saloni is the most talented girl I have ever encountered in my life. She is a multi-talented person and is blessed with different skills such as cooking, painting, sketching, and many more.

But she is an exceptional cook. Well, cooking is a basic skill but she elevates it with creativity. She transforms a simple dish into a sophisticated one that looks more like an art. If you see your food you will want to glance at it more than taste it. Believe that food is firstly eaten by eyes, then nose and at last by mouth and therefore it should be appealing for all.

Though creativity seems to be a result of abundance and affluence, she denies it. According to her, people can do wonders with simple ingredients if they know what to do.

For her cooking is a medium to express herself. She expressed her love and care when she cooks food for her loved ones. She loves to do experiments in the kitchen fusing different cuisines together to form something new.

Once I tried her Indian-Mexican taco and that was awesome. She used Indian ingredients to create this delicate Mexican dish. She does such experiments often and that’s why you can easily find me in her room at mealtime waiting for her exceptional dishes.

Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire Sample Answer Three

Today I would like to talk about my sister. She is quite an artistic person and loves to create something out of nothing.

Every house produces some garbage such as papers, boxes, and old clothes. While most of the people throw them out, that causes landfills and pollution. My sister is completely different. She collects all of them and takes them to her workshop.

Here she and her friends create something out of it and transform simple garbage into a decorative piece. Let me give you an example to explain it. One day she and her friends set out in the nearby locality and ask them to hand over their useless items. They started in the early morning and soon they collected a huge pile of newspapers, boxes, colourful paper, plastic bottles, and many others.

They separate the garbage into different sections and start transforming them. They decided to make flower pots, arts, and different decorative things. She even asked me to bring my friends to see their work. I was just shocked at how well she was transforming a simple plastic bottle into a self-watering plant.

In the meanwhile, one of her friends made a wall hanging with those things as she instructed. After that, they took them to the market and sold them for a huge profit. She donates the money to the nearby orphanage.

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Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire Sample Answer Four

Today I would like to speak about my mother. She is quite a productive and resourceful person. Though she excels in different things I am most impressed by her gardening skills

My mother was quite fascinated by gardening from childhood. She always wanted a house with a big garden. Though today will live in a house with no garden she stills knows how to fulfil her dream.

She does rooftop gardening. Rooftop gardening is a garden strategically constructed on the roof for decorative, food, or ecological purposes.

She has divided the roof into several sections, for instance, one part is for flowers, while the other is for vegetables and also one for ornamental plants. With the change in climate the colour of our roof changes. In summer the garden is full of different vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, pumpkin, cucumber, etc.

In winter, it’s full of greenery and roses. The most beautiful part is in spring where different butterflies and honeybees come to sip her beautiful flowers.

Through the roof is not quite spacious enough to grow everything yet she has adopted some modern ways to utilize each part and grow them in small places. She is quiet on the internet learning new ways of gardening and how to improve herself.

Her hobby not only makes our roof look awesome but it’s quite cost-effective. We don’t have to spend money on herbs, tomatoes, and seasonal vegetables as she has got ample of it. She also holds gardening classes to educate other women of the locality.

Describe A Creative Person Whose Work You Admire Sample Answer Five

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak today. I would like to speak about my best friend Deepti. She is a multi-talented person.

She has a list of skills including painting, calligraphy, acting, dancing, and singing. But she is a prolific makeup artist. She is quite a professional in it.

When she started doing makeup back three years she was a complete noob. Then for her makeup was only lipstick and eyeliner. One day, our school organized a fashion runway. Different girls participated in it and were looking fabulous.

Deepti got quite inspired by it and decided to learn this art. Makeup is an art. Similar to the art they use different brushes, create strokes, blend different colours to create magic. For makeup artists, their canvas is the bare face on which they create magic.

Now she not only does makeup for herself but for others too. She is called by my different friends to do the makeup and she does enjoy it. She has discovered that makeup is more than a hobby for her and therefore she wants to pursue a career in it. Next month, she is leaving to complete her studies as a makeup artist.

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Vocabulary to Ace IELTS Speaking Module

























Out of the ordinary

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How to Answer Cue Card Topics?

# First of all, when you get the topic and the instructions read it carefully.

# Remember you will be given one minute to think about the topic before you have to speak.

# You need to utilize this time strategically. Don’t try to write everything as the time is very less.

# Infact, write all the keywords, phrases, and main points to cover.

# Then start your talk by rephrasing the topic. For example, Today I would like to talk about a creative person whose work I admire.

# After this start covering all the sub-topics you have written in this first one minute. You can take the help of real-life incidents and experiences to speak better. Or you can use your imagination to make up a story.

# Try to use good vocabulary in your speech. This can help you to score higher and make a better impression in front of the examiner.

FAQs Related to Cue Card

#1. Can I change my cue card topic?

No, you cannot change your cue card topic. You have to speak on whatever topic you have been given.

#2. Should I speak for more than two minutes?

You can only speak for 2 minutes. The examiner will stop you after the 2 minutes are completed. The food will try to say everything you want to say in the first two minutes only

#3. Will Examiner ask questions after I finish speaking?

After you have completed speaking, the examiner will ask one or two follow-up questions. These questions would be related to the topic for just now and you only have to answer in one or two lines.

#4. What if I speak less than two minutes?

You will be given two minutes to speak but if you can express yourself and do them justice with the topic in less than 2 minutes then you can still score a higher band scale.

#5. Can I choose my cue card topic?

No, you cannot choose your own cue card topic. You will be given a cue card topic on which you have to speak.


I hope this article helped you to get a clear idea of the IELTS Cue card topic. Remember cue cards are super easy but candidates find it difficult as they are not well prepared. But if you are well prepared and determined nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

For more such solved cue card topics and other IELTS preparation tips visit the IELTS Ninja website. IELTS Ninja is a website devoted to IELTS and other similar English language tests.


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