Probable IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Model Answer

  IELTS Speaking Cue Card              Talk about a health problem that you once had. Please say:...

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Probable IELTS Speaking Cue Card and Model Answer

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IELTS Speaking Cue Card

             Talk about a health problem that you once had. Please say:
                    -What the problem was?
                    -How it happened?
                   -What you did to get better?
            And explain what you could not do during that period?

IELTS Speaking Model Answer

I am quite a healthy person and rarely face any health related issues. But here I would like to talk about a health related problem that I once experienced. One day it so happened that my book fell to the floor and as I bent down to pick it up, I developed a painful spasm in my back. It was so painful, that I could not even stand. I had to call out to my mother. She some-how managed to carry me to the bed. I do not know the reason why this nasty spasm developed. It might have developed due to bad posture, I presume.
Well, there were a number of things which I could not do due to this problem. I could not get up, nor could stand. In fact, I could not move at all. And yes, attending to my routine work was totally out of question. Moreover I had to miss my classes during this period. For these reasons, it was a very depressing and painful experience.
Furthermore, my well-wishers gave me many pieces of advice to remove the pain but nothing seemed to work. Finally my father decided that we should consult a bone specialist in order to over-come this problem. He prescribed certain drugs as well as instructed me to do certain exercises of the back. As a result, I started feeling better in about a week’s time. It was really an awful experience. At this point, I learnt, how important it was  to maintain a correct posture. Although I learnt this the hard way.

Rounding off:
  1. Did you have such problem again?

Ans. No, I never had such a problem again. I have realized the importance of maintaining correct posture.

IELTS Speaking Task 3

Q.1. Have people become more conscious about health nowadays? Why? Why not?

Ans. Yes definitely, there is more awareness nowadays as people have realized the importance of being healthy. This awareness is created by media especially.

Q.2. W hat do the people of your country do to remain healthy?

Ans. Well, the people of my country follow different methods to remain healthy. Of course this choice depends on the factors like the age of the person, the nature of his work and so on. For instance, the older people mostly like to indulge in yoga and meditation.

Q.3. Does the life-style of a person effects his health?

Ans. Yes of course. Lifestyle of a person has a direct bearing on his health. A healthy and active life-style results in good health whereas a sedentary life style has a negative impact on a person’ health.

Q.4. Have the eating habits of the people changed? Why? Why not?

Ans. Yes. In fact the eating habits of the people have undergone a drastic change.
This is due to a number of reasons like change in life-style, availability of junk and exotic food and many more.

Q.5.How can healthy eating habits be inculcated in children?

Ans. Healthy eating habits can be inculcated in the children in a number of ways. The first and foremost role can be that of the parents. Healthy and tasty food should be cooked at home and served to the children. This will stop their craving for junk food. Parents too should refrain from having junk food. Not only that, in schools also, the teachers should tell the children about the importance of healthy food. Moreover, junk food should not be available in the school canteen. Rather healthy food and drinks like fruit juice and flavoured milk should be sold.
Now that you have gone through IELTS Speaking Cue Card, what would be your answer?
Post your answer in the comment section below.

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