Generally, we all have the idea of an IELTS exam, but before proceeding further, let’s have a glance at the introduction of IELTS. The full form of IELTS is the International English Language Testing System, and by the full form itself, we can tell that it is an international test of English language proficiency for foreign English language speakers. It was established in 1989 and is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English.

The IELTS exam can be a bit challenging but not when you start your preparation on time. Basically, it evaluates you on four language skills which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. It is a three-hour test for which you need to prepare with the right strategy in which you will be managing your time and giving the correct answers simultaneously.

To prepare for an exam, you need to go through the IELTS exam guide so that you can plan accordingly. So, here we have come with the answer to the question “how to prepare?”. Read along to know the answer.

IELTS Exam Guide

In this section, you will find answers to your many questions related to the IELTS test. Also, this section will help you to prepare for your test in a more efficient way. So, without further adieu, let’s dig into the exam guide.

#1.  The Test Format

It is very important to understand the test format first when you start preparing for an exam. Because without the format, you will not know what to study, which is an important part of preparation.

You can understand the test format by reviewing the content of the test and by reviewing the questions and task types of each section. Also, there are certain rules and regulations of IELTS which are included in the application form, and it is important to read through these rules and regulations.

#2.  Sample Questions

We have often heard that practice makes a man perfect, but I would like to add to this part that practice in the right way makes the man more efficient. So is the case with the practice for the IELTS exam. As we have discussed in our first point, it is important to understand the format, so one more way of doing this is by practising the sample questions.

In this way, we will have one arrow and two targets, i.e., by practising, we will be able to understand the format in a much better way, and simultaneously we will be practicing the questions for an exam which will ultimately help us to score well. Also, sample questions help us to get an idea of what can be asked in an exam.

#3. Progress Check

Well, practicing alone may not be enough to crack an exam if you don’t know where you stand after all that practice. So to know where you stand before your test, you can do a progress check.

IELTS progress check is an official online practice test for IELTS. It is marked by IELTS-trained and qualified markers. It will help you to prepare and understand the areas where you need to improve, as once you take the timed or untimed test, it will give you feedback, which will include an indicative overall band score and individual band score for each section.

#4. Practice Materials

Practice materials are very important as they help you to understand the test format and the types of questions that may be asked. Attempt the practice test for every section.

Watch more and more sample videos of students taking the speaking test. The more you attempt the practice tests and the more you through the practice materials, the more efficient you will become in your English.

#5. Preparation Course

Sometimes some test-takers like to have assistance with the test preparation, and if you want the assistance, then there are IELTS centers and language schools around the world that offer IELTS preparation courses. It will definitely help you to improve your performance. You can even take these courses online and prepare from your home.

Evidently, you have landed on the right page if you are planning to take the preparation course because, at IELTS Ninja, you will have the best experience of learning as we help you to get the desired band by making your concepts clear from head to toe.

After reading all this, you may be under a truckload of stress thinking about preparing for the IELTS exam, as it may seem a big task to accomplish all the above at a time. Well, do not worry, we have a solution to your every problem. And here we are with IELTS general exam tips and tricks, which will definitely help you to improve, and it will obviously reduce your stress.

IELTS General Exam Tips and Tricks

We take exams of the English language in our schools, but we have never worried about them as we are worried about the IELTS exam because the IELTS exam format is different from regular school exams, and so are the rules of the IELTS test.

So, here we are with some tips and tricks, which will help you to prepare for the test. If you want to get your desired score, then take a few minutes and read along to know these tips.

#1. Strengths and Weaknesses

First of all, you need to identify your strengths and weaknesses while preparing for the IELTS exam. It will help you to know where you need to improve or on which section you need to focus more. Then, you need to work on your weaknesses so that your score is not negatively affected by your weaknesses.

For example, you find understanding English difficult while listening, then focus on the listening test more and watch more English movies. After the listening test, focus on the rest of the sections like writing, reading, and speaking tests.

#2. Study Plan

Study plans help us to remain determined for what we are preparing. Therefore, make your study plan before you start preparing for the IELTS exam and make it in a way that is based on your strengths and weaknesses.

#3. Preparation Courses

Preparation courses help you to improve your score. Also, it provides you with the IELTS study material that will ultimately help you to score well. If the preparation courses are out of your reach, then you can hire a qualified private teacher who will help you to make your study plan.

#4. Feel Confident

It is very important to feel confident while preparing and also while taking tests. And as we know, practice makes the man perfect; well, it also boosts confidence. So practice until you feel confident. You can practice for a speaking test with your friend and ask him to always converse in English with you.

For the listening test, surround yourself with English movies, English songs, English news, which will improve your listening; for the reading test, read English magazines, English novels, which will ultimately help you to improve your reading.

#5. Time Pressure

Practicing under time pressure will make you more efficient, and in the end, it will boost your confidence too. On the exam day, you have 2 hours and 45 minutes so test yourself under the same time frame to know how it feels to take the reading, listening, and writing tests consecutively. Practicing under time pressure will eventually help you to manage your time in a better way.

#6. IELTS website

Check the official IELTS website as it is the best source of information for candidates. You can read about the test format, rules, and regulations of the test and find useful exam tips and materials like tests, books, and videos on the website.

#7. Location of the Exam

Reaching on time on the exam day will automatically lead to a good start, and in order to do that, you need to make sure that you know exactly where the IELTS exam center is and find out how to access this location.

Let’s now discuss some more tips and tricks for your test day.

Test Day- Tips and Tricks

Below are some more tips and tricks for your test day, which will ultimately help you to concentrate even more on your exam and will also help you to perform better.

#1. Good Night Sleep

Reading the headline “good night sleep” may confuse you whether this article is telling you tricks for an exam or to relax. But here a good night’s sleep will help you to relax, which will help you to concentrate while taking your exam. So, make sure that you get good rest the night before the exam because tiredness can affect your ability to concentrate.

#2. Eat Breakfast

We have often heard that an empty mind is the devil’s house, so is the case with an empty stomach. Because our brain functions better if we are not hungry, therefore, have a good meal before the exam. It will help you to concentrate better on the IELTS exam rather than daydreaming about the tasty meals you can have after it.

#3. Be Comfortable

The more you are comfortable more you will be able to perform better, which is why wearing comfortable clothes is recommended. Wear clothes that won’t distract you from concentrating on the exam. Also, prefer layering while dressing up because the exam room can be cold or warm, and layering will help you to subtract or add a piece of cloth depending on the atmosphere there.

#4. Soda to the Exam Hall

It is one more additional tip for IELTS exam takers. Candidates are allowed to take a pencil, transparent bottle of water, eraser, and passport to the exam hall. But, prefer to take a soda bottle with you as it contains both caffeine and sugar and will help to keep you aware and maintain blood sugar.

#5. Spelling and Punctuation

Usually, spelling and punctuation have not bothered us as much. Also, using abbreviations has become a trend now, but you can not take this habit to the exam hall. Spelling and punctuation are very important in the IELTS test. If not properly used or not properly spelled, you can lose points. Therefore, be extra cautious while using punctuations or while writing spelling.

#6. Word Limits

When in school, questions demanded from us to write the limited words in the paragraph, we tend to ignore that. But this can’t be the case with the IELTS test. In the IELTS exam, you can lose marks if you will not take care of the word limit. You are required to stick to the word limit while completing the writing tasks, which are usually 250 and 150 words.

These were some of the tricks and tips, which will help in IELTS online preparation. Also, these tricks will eventually help you to boost your confidence while preparing and will tell you how to proceed with your preparation.

But other than these tips and tricks, we have some more tips, which will help you in your exam on the exam day. Read along to know what the tricks for each section of the exam will help you to improve your score eventually.

Tips for the Writing Test

#. Divide your time smartly.

#. Write task 2 first and contribute 40 minutes to it as it is lengthier and carries more marks.

#. GIve 20 minutes to task 1.

#. Always do proofreading.

#. Your handwriting should be clean, tidy, legible, and neat.

Tips for the Reading Test

#. Be very precise while answering.

#. Make a habit of underlining the keywords in the questions before reading every text.

#. If you are not able to find an answer to any question, then move to the next question, and then you can come back to that question if there is any time left.

Tips for the Speaking Test

#. Speak slowly and fluently.

#. Answer only when you are sure of your answer.

#. Avoid taking long pauses.

Tips for the Listening Test

#. Read the questions first before listening to the recordings.

#. Take notes while listening to the recordings.

#. Avoid crossing the given word limits while writing your answers.


These were the tips and tricks, which will help you to attain the desired score. Also, IELTS Ninja makes sure that it provides the best information to the candidates as it is a gateway for thousands of people who are looking for a better life abroad.

We at IELTS Ninja are a team of creative individuals who help people to attain their goals. We believe in getting a maximum band score with minimum effort. For the best learning experience and to learn from the best mentors, join the online-led program and let your dreams turn into reality.

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