The University of Saskatchewan (USask) is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Canada. USask, founded in 1907, is a member of Canada’s U15 Group of research-intensive institutions and one of just a few universities to hold numerous Canada Excellence Research Chairs. Are you planning to enrol at The University of  Saskatchewan? In this article, we will answer all your queries related to ranking, program and IELTS requirements.

USask, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Western Canada, is recognised for its collaborative, multidisciplinary approaches to addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues, including water and food security, energy sustainability, and infectious disease. Nearly 26,000 students from more than 110 countries attend USask, which has 13 colleges and three graduate schools. The University of Saskatchewan provides over 130 academic programmes.

What are the Courses Offered at the University of Saskatchewan?

The University of Saskatchewan is a research-intensive university with approximately 25,700 students from over 130 countries. Through its 13 colleges and three graduate schools, USask provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in over 200 topics. Agriculture, engineering, the environment, and veterinary medicine are among the main subjects available at USask.

B.S.A. Agricultural Biology.

B.S.A. Agricultural Biology (Honours)

B.S.A. Agronomy.

B.Sc. Animal Bioscience.

B.S.A. Animal Science.

B.Sc. Applied Mathematics.

B.Sc. Applied Mathematics (3 Years)

B.Sc. Applied Mathematics (Honours)

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Master’s Courses

Are you interested in studying at The University of Saskatchewan? Want to know what about University of Saskatchewan courses? Let’s find out.

The University of Saskatchewan provides a wide range of programmes. In its 13 departments, there are around 80 Masters and Doctoral programmes. Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine, Business & Management, and Travel & Hospitality are just a few of the popular degrees available at the institution. The Masters of Engineering degree at USask is one of the most popular, with its graduates being placed in the top ten most demanding jobs.

What is the University of Saskatchewan Ranking?

For many international students, ranking is amongst the decisive factors for choosing a specific University. Let’s find out The University of Saskatchewan Ranking.

For the previous four years, the University of Saskatchewan has continuously maintained its place among the world’s best institutions. It rated first in Canada in terms of water resources. The purpose, vision, and values are all very clear, and they encourage innovation, sustainability, relationships, value diversity, and reconciliation. It is a member of U15, Canada’s foremost partnership of research-intensive universities. It is well known.

Ranking Agency 2021 Rankings 2020 Rankings
Times Higher Education 400 – 500th 400 – 500th
QS Rankings 465th 439th
UniRank 335
CWUR To be announced 438th
U.S. News 538 541

Does the University of Saskatchewan have An IELTS Requirement?

USask is Canada’s first higher education school to collaborate with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, allowing students to spend a year studying at the famous St Anne’s College. Every year, USask gives over $24 million in scholarships, bursaries, and prizes to its students. Among USask’s alumni are 72 Rhodes Scholars, two Nobel Prize recipients, and five Olympic gold medalists.

English Language Proficiency Test: TOEFL 86, IELTS 6.5.

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What is the Application Process?

International students applying for admission to USask must meet all prerequisites and submit a completed application form. Admission-related information for a successful application to the institution is provided below.

#TOEFL 86, IELTS 6.5 are the English language proficiency tests.

#Official transcripts.

#VISA and study permit

#Letter of acceptance

#Financial evidence.

Why to Choose this University?

Now that you have read about the University of Saskatchewan ranking, IELTS requirement and the programme offered, let us also look at the reasons why to choose this University over others.

#The student satisfaction rating is around 90%, making it quite good.

#The degree of research excellence is unrivalled and well recognised.

#It provides the greatest facilities and a very rewarding research atmosphere for students.

#International students are eligible for the awards.

#There is a high likelihood of employment following completion of the degree, and it is an excellent university.

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Dreaming of studying abroad? We hope that this article has been informative about the University of Saskatchewan ranking, IELTS requirement and the programme offered. Studying abroad has fantastic benefits. You not only get exposure to a new culture but also learn how to face challenges in life. You can also learn a language or two!

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