IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is an international standardised test for English language proficiency for non-native English speakers managed by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English.

It is the world’s leading test for English language proficiency, and anybody over 16 years old is eligible for it, regardless of background or nationality.

When we talk about IELTS; one of the questions that come to mind would be; is TRF 7 a good score in IELTS, etc. In this article, you will learn about the required score for IELTS and the preparation tips to crack the test.

What is TRF?

Before covering other topics of IELTS, it is essential to know what is TRF in IELTS? The full form of TRF is the Test Report Form, which is a copy of your IELTS result. It gets printed 13 days after the test day.

How Can I Get TRF in IELTS?

The candidates can collect the TRF at IDP IELTS after the result declaration. The candidates need to bring the form of identity they used to register for the test to collect the TRF. You can also contact your IELTS test centre to collect more information.

The Calculation of IELTS Score

There are two types of IELTS scores:

#1. Sectional Band Score

As the name states, the scores obtained by a candidate per section are called Sectional Band Score.

#2. Overall Band Score

The average of all sectional band scores is known as the Overall band score. For example, if you score band scores such as 4.5 in the listening test, 3.5 in reading, 6.5 in writing, and 6 in speaking, to get the average, add all these scores and divide it by 4. The overall band score is 5.125. The score becomes 5.0 upon rounding off.

Overall band score represents your overall English ability. Band score description is given below in the table; please take a look:

Band Score Skill


9 Expert The candidate has a fully operational command of the language.
8 Very good The candidate handles complex, detailed argumentation well.
7 Good Generally, the candidate handles complex language well.
6 Competent The candidate understands the fairly complex language.
5 Modest The candidate is not able to use complex language.
4 Limited Frequent breakdowns in communication.
3 Extremely limited The candidate has great difficulty understanding spoken and written English.
2 Intermittent   The candidate can use only a few isolated words of the English language.
1 Non-user The Candidate did not answer the questions
0 Did not attempt the test

What is a Good TRF Score?

What is a good TRF score? Well, it entirely depends whether you are taking the test for a visa or study purposes. For example, if your score is 6.0, you can apply for a visa. But for Postgraduate studies, an overall score of 7.0 would be more likely.

When there is a discussion about the TRF score, band 7 falls in the excellent skill level.

What TLF Score Do You Require for Taking Admission in Top Universities?

Foreign universities for undergraduate and postgraduate programs consider TLF or IELTS scores. Not only English but non-English speaking countries also require an IELTS score for the courses taught in English. Do you want to pursue your studies in one of the best universities in the world? The following table tells the minimum requirement of the IELTS score in the top universities:

Country Institution Minimum IELTS Score for UG courses Minimum IELTS Score for PG courses
USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology 7 7
USA California Institute of Technology 7 7
USA Harvard University 7 7
UK Oxford University 7 7.5
UK University of Cambridge 7 7
UK Imperial College London 7 7
Australia University of Melbourne 7 7
Australia Australian National university 6.5 7

Top Tips to Obtain Good Score in IELTS exam

When you know the importance of an IELTS score, it is also essential to get a good score in the exam. Preparing for the IELTS exam can be daunting. But do not worry, here are some tips that might help you to obtain a good score:

#1. Start your Preparation in Advance

Start early. It is the first and foremost preparation tip for all the students out there who plan for IELTS. It is advisable to start the preparation preferably five to six months before the test.

Trying out different questions for each section and regular practice aid you get a grip over the essentials of the test. Also, you become used to its pattern and requirements.

#2. Try Practice Test

Taking practice tests help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, you can improve on your weaknesses and buildup on your strengths to create a solid foundation for the IELTS examination.

#3. Do Not Forget to Consider Time Constraints:

The chances of completing the test successfully increase within the allocated time frame when you develop a clear understanding of the test structure.

Before taking a practice test, set a time and try to complete the test accordingly to become habitual to the pace of the test.

IELTS has a time limit to complete the test. So, you must complete the modules in the allocated time.

#4. Develop a Strategy

Trying different practice tests and answering questions help you to identify the test pattern. You can develop a strategy or use time-saving methods to answer the questions more efficiently.

For example, attempt the writing section first if you find it easy. And invest extra time in the difficult sections.

#5. Having a Study Partner could be Beneficial

If you have friends with excellent English skills, ask for their help. Taking their help could be a huge advantage. For example, if you mumble while speaking, rehearse with your friend and ask for feedback.

You can improve your speech through feedback. Enough rehearsals help slowly rewire your brain to think in English. You can also list down the word you are having trouble enunciating. And carry out more practice for the improvements.

#6. Additional Tip

Here’s the best tip; join IELTS online preparation classes. Online preparation covers all. From listening to the speaking section, you get excellent help with every section.

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