Going to a different country for studies can be a life-changing experience. Whether it is the global exposure of different cultures, people, ideologies or new discoveries, and realisations, or being able to complete post-graduation in engineering from an international university.

To get this golden opportunity, one needs to start doing their groundwork through entrance exam preparations and especially planning out the expenses smartly to make studies economically viable.

Is It Economical to do M.Tech from Abroad?

Whenever we think of going abroad for higher studies, the first question that comes to mind is, “Is it economical to do M.Tech from abroad?” Generally, in India, Government colleges are not only affordable but also provide scholarships that cover food, accommodation and college fees.

However, if you choose to do M.Tech from abroad, it can turn out to be an expensive affair. Though with smart planning of your expenses, you can make even your education abroad economical.

Making it Economical

Doing M.Tech from abroad might lower a bit of your savings. However, there are some tactics and alternatives you can follow to plan your expenses smartly and save economically while completing your M.Tech!

1- Go for Work-Study

Look for programs which allow you to work during your course. Be it part-time or paid internships, anything can contribute to help you cover your expenses. However, beware of the different labour laws in different countries and prepare yourself accordingly when selecting a country.

2- Don’t Miss Out on Scholarships

Many countries and programs provide different grants and scholarships which you shouldn’t ignore! These can cut down your academic costs to a large extent, leaving only food and accommodation fare to cover. Sometimes some specified scholarship can cover your whole expenses plans in some foreign countries.

3- Virtual Study Programs

Even though not physically, you can still get an academic exposure virtually on virtual platforms online. Through this, you can actually study abroad even if you are not in that country. This is a great option to gain knowledge at an affordable cost. You should look for colleges which provide such virtual programs or even transfer schemes.

4- Opt for Affordable Study Abroad Programs

There are many universities in countries like Germany, Italy, China, Australia and Scotland that provide study and education programs, especially for foreign students at a reasonable and affordable fee.

5- Education Loan

Many students can opt for minimal interest educational loans for their course and then return it by working and earning gradually.

But first, it is important to understand how you can get into universities abroad!

How To Prepare For M.Tech In Abroad?

Except for your B.Tech scores, there are certain tests you need to clear with a minimum percentage in order to get admission abroad. However, more than cracking the exam, sometimes it gets too competitive. Sometime, you might have to get yourself into the top 400-500 universities for a confirmed seat in a university. That is why you should be active to not only prepare for these given examinations but also to ace in every aspect.

1- Language Exams

To get into any college abroad for any course, it’s compulsory to give English language tests which consist of reading, writing and listening assessments sections. Whether it’s getting an M.Tech in Canada from IELTS or TOEFL or PTE, you have to score a minimum of sixty to seventy percent to get into the best colleges.


To get M.Tech abroad through IELTS, you should start your groundwork now itself. You can take language tests from the age of sixteen itself, and by giving it again and again, you can improve your scores, which can help your quick selection by the time you graduate. So keep on taking English and other language comprehensions that will ultimately help you excel in your IELTS.


However, in countries like Germany, they focus and value more on their local German language than any English language tests. So, select universities on the basis of your strengths. You must be well versed with their local/national language and should probably take their language proficiency test.

2- GRE Exams

Getting into M.Tech from abroad by GRE exam is preferred by most reputed colleges, especially in countries like Canada, Australia, Europe, Singapore and the USA. The GRE examination assesses your skills of critical thinking, verbal reasoning, analytical writing and some qualitative reasoning.

Compared to the GATE, this examination is considered to be much easier and requires three to four months of preparation to crack the exam.

3- Portfolio

Build an impressive resume, which not only includes top academic scores but also the valuable corporate experience of internships or certifications. Build a reputable portfolio that attracts evaluators in the first impression.

IELTS is Important!

People can pursue M.Tech abroad from IELTS. It can be completed in two or less than two years. Institutes will help you gain practical skills in your field only after completing graduation and clearing English language tests like IELTS exams. However, different countries hold different requirements and career options for certificate and diploma holders, so you should research for the same while preparing for a future prospectus.

For countries like Canada and the UK, IELTS is the frontline examination accepted by many reputed universities in these countries. M.Tech in Canada from IELTS is the only option for M.tech aspirants. In such cases, knowing some of the most advisable tips and techniques related to IELTS for Canada universities for M.Tech can help you ace your IELTS examinations.

IELTS Attempting Tips

  • Read your questions before the examination starts. Even in the listening test.
  • Proofread for any grammatical, spelling or vocabulary errors, repetition of words or phrases, excess of passive voice before submitting the paper.
  • Try to Attempt all the questions as there is no negative marking.
  • In the speaking test, avoid any long pauses and focus more on relevancy and clarity. Don’t panic and abrupt your fluency
  • Play smartly with your given time and prepare your answers mentally while analysing your assigned tasks.
  • It is advisable to use all capital letters for your answers
  • Practice writing for the IELTS to gauge the word limit by just looking at it
  • Don’t waste your time on the questions you are not well versed with. Instead, finish the rest of the paper and then come back to it.
  • Don’t involve in any malpractices because it might cause some serious repercussions and blacklisting.

Job Opportunities

There are ample opportunities to get a job in abroad countries with an M.Tech degree. Gaining the credentials of an M.Tech brings in a good amount of professionalism and knowledge, which the companies look for.

Also, with the global economy going highly technical, there is an opportunity in not only the IT companies but also in companies from other industries. Multinational companies, especially in countries abroad, look for technical professionals and engineers like M.Tech to efficiently run their operations. Some of the designations, M.Tech graduates usually secure are –

  • Senior Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Research Associate
  • Teaching Professional
  • Software Developer

Aid by IDP

The IDP is an International Development Program, which is an international organisation that offers placement opportunities for students in abroad countries. The IDP has got your back because they specifically aid in providing student placements in countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

They are an authorised organisation as they have partnered with the British Council and the University of Cambridge for the IELTS and ESOL examination. The best part about them is that they don’t demand any fees for agents or application. Applying through this will benefit you in ways like –


  • Many times, universities waive off your application fees.
  • Insightful advice on visa applications, accommodation options, education loan, alumni associations, course application assistance, renting property agents, etc.
  • Quicker processing of applications.
  • Provides free counselling sessions.

Whether giving IELTS for universities abroad or exploring various course options available abroad, organisations like IDP are right there in your country to provide you with an assistant in every possible manner. So when in doubt, you must approach them to get a clearer picture.

Final Words

The passion for engineering made people opt for the high stature of masters, but now with the increasing competition among the engineers, it has become necessary to gain an edge from the rest to excel.

Many B.tech graduates feel M.Tech is the most probable direction to get better job options in future. Also, securing your M.Tech degree from abroad can yield many opportunities in multinational companies abroad.

M.Tech in some of the reputed universities abroad can yield you quality education which can mould your career as a whole. Though to get into these top universities, you need to pass certain language and other related exams. Excelling these exams can make your way clear to the abroad countries while helping you with scholarships and reimbursements.

Getting maximum results with minimum effort is now possible with IELTS Ninja. Our incredible IELTS masters and mentors will guide you through the best online-led programs to help you achieve your goals. Stay tuned with our regular articles to check some of the most informative IELTS blogs and newsletters relating to IELTS and education abroad.

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