The IELTS speaking exam is conducted in 3 parts, the first part is personal questions about the candidate and the second part is a cue card topic, on which the candidate has to speak for 1-2 minutes of time. The third part is more about broader and abstract questions, with the general world and life situations, and the answers require evaluation, opinion, judgment, and explanation. Read along to know more about IELTS speaking part 3 questions and answers.

The examiner asks 5 to 6 questions, and the overall duration for part 3 is 4-5 minutes. So, the candidate must give answers that fill the time frame accordingly, and support answers with adequate details and examples.

What to Expect from IELTS Exam Speaking Task 3 Questions?

There are several examples below, of common topics which comprise of IELTS part 3 questions:

  • Art and culture
  • Clothing and appearances
  • Education and technology
  • Family and Society
  • Food, health and wellness
  • Internet
  • Media and News
  • Travel

The questions asked in IELTS speaking task 3 are commonly extracted from part 2 topics, and asked in an abstract and generalised manner. Following ahead will be a few examples of questions and answers from the above topics, for IELTS speaking exam part 3

IELTS Speaking Part 3 Questions and Model Answers

The following questions and answers are each from the topics which have been discussed above.

Question One with Model Answer (Topic- Art and Culture)

How has art changed in the last few decades in your country?

IELTS Model Answer

I would say that the art in my country has reformed in several ways. The forms of art which were, and have been prevalent until two decades ago were handicrafts, pottery, and hand stitching. I suppose these forms of art still exist in many parts of my country, but they have lost their value over time due to modernisation. Also, the introduction of modern art, abstract art, paintings, architectural art, and people’s changed perception about looking at art has made impactful changes in the art and culture of my country.

IELTS Question Two with Model Answer (Topic- Clothing and appearances)

Can clothing tell you much about a person?

Model Answer

I don’t believe that clothing has to do anything with the character of a person. Clothing is more of a personal statement and preference, which they like to carry around as per their comfort. However, there may be certain factors, like colors or shades of clothing, which indicate their choice of colors in general. Clothing in formals and uniforms, may indicate the person’s attachment to professionalism, whereas people wearing loose clothes may be because of their preference of comfort. I would still be against people stereotyping and judging others on the basis of the clothes they wear, and creating an imaginary character about them.

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IELTS Question Three with Model Answer (Topic- Education)

Do you think computers will replace teachers in classrooms one day?

Model Answer

Well, to me, it does not sound a very far off concept. In the present, we have smart classrooms in educational institutes which are making the best use of technology to make their students learn in more interactive ways. Technology is already playing a vital role in the current education scenario worldwide, making students involved and harboured with computer skills. With the developments in technology and introduction of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it seems that the day is not far when teachers might be replaced by computers in the classrooms.

IELTS Question Four with Model Answer (Topic- Family)

What role do grandparents play in the family in your country?

Model Answer

That’s a very interesting question. Well, in India, grandparents are the most wise members of the family and their consent and decisions are always valued in any important family matter. They are enriched with knowledge about culture and tradition, and their experience is sought in most situations. Their blessings are considered to be essential on every special occasion, and so is their advice. I think grandparents are pillars of the family in my country, and they carry the legacy and family tradition, which is passed on to other members of the family.

IELTS Question Five with Model Answer (Topic- Food, Health and Wellness)

Why do you think diet is important?

Model Answer

I believe that diet is a very important aspect when it comes to a balanced lifestyle. It’s true that food is essential for humans, but it is also important that what we eat is balanced, nutritious and beneficial for the body. There are several vitamins and minerals which the body needs for proper functioning and damage repair, which can be drawn from fruits, green vegetables and natural food items. Healthy diet will not only keep the body fit, but it will also promote mental health and fitness, and this will increase the person’s overall productivity. Bad eating habits will lead to unhealthy minds and bodies, and it is not good in the long run.

IELTS Question Six with Model Answer (Topic- Internet)

Do you think all information on the internet is true?

Model Answer

I do not believe that all information on the internet is true. With the social media growth and the increased number of people joining the internet, it has become a platform where everyone shares their own point of view. A point of view might not be the truth, and also all views might not be the same to agree upon. There are genuine and verified pages on the internet, which provide authentic and reliable information on the desired topics. Sometimes, people on the internet spread news which is fake, and there is no evidence and research work done to back up the news. So, all information on the internet is definitely not true, and we need to keep a watch on it.

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Question Seven with Model Answer (Topic- Media and News)

Do you think TV influences the way we think?

Model Answer

I think that TV is a strong audio-visual form of media and it definitely influences the way we think to some extent. The commercials, programs, news items and shows are presented in a way that makes viewers relate to them, and they feel a connection. Also, it may lead to people making opinions about certain topics, for example, if they see the news on TV a lot, they tend to think and make others believe the same way. Also, children are impacted a lot from what they watch on Television. TV introduces us to a whole new world, and we become influenced to try new things out, explore new places, buy new products, try new cuisines and so on.

Question Eight with Model Answer (Topic- Travel)

Why do you think some people like to travel alone?

Model Answer

I feel that the most important aspect of travelling alone is freedom and self exploration. You don’t need to consider anyone else to change the itinerary or plan. Another reason why people travel alone could be that they get to make new friends and meet new people easily. What i mean is, people are more likely to chat with someone who is alone, rather than in a group. So, I think travelling alone has its own perks and it can be quite interesting and enjoyable.


After looking at all examples from various topics for IELTS speaking exam part 3 questions and answers, hopefully you have learned the common format and answering pattern. Practicing and constantly preparing is key to getting the band score of your choice. So prepare well and give your best.

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