IELTS speaking tests are now being approached from a different perspective. Instead of having face-to-face interviews, the tests are now taken online via video calls. Now, practicing for the speaking tests can be a daunting task in itself, but doing it regularly in your coaching institutes might not be helpful enough. For a better preparation method, you can opt for online classes that mentor you in a way that you would be confident enough by the time you have to take the test.

Read this article till the end to know about the test method and a great way to approach it.

Online IELTS Video Call Speaking Test

Due to the recent pandemic situation, everything we do has to be shifted online. Be it taking classes or tests. The IELTS exams are no different. They have been shifted online in a way that the Reading, Writing, and Listening tests are carried out in one session but the Speaking section is carried out later via video calls. But how do the online sessions for speaking work? What are the steps to be taken and how does one go about it?

They are taken live as the candidate sits in front of the screen and takes the exam like they would under normal settings.

IELTS Speaking Online Exam Pattern

The test takes place through a secure video link, and it is conducted at the candidate’s local IELTS test center. The test-takers reach the center on time, along with their IDs and they have to wait in line for their turn. Once they reach the room, they have to sit in front of the computer screens and communicate with their examiners for further instructions.

The exam pattern, content, and timings are the same as that of an in-person test. The only difference is that the examiner is on the screen before you instead of being physically present there.

Since the test is conducted online, the candidate needs to be sure they speak clearly into their mic and the headsets they receive are working properly.

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How to be Prepared for the Online Exam?

Since the tests have not been carried online before, it may seem to be a hindrance to your normal exam strategy. While offline coaching institutes may prepare you for your in-person test, you need to find an approach to practice for the exam just the way it is conducted, that is, online. But how do you choose the right fit and the perfect online classes for yourself?

How about choosing a platform that has been working on the same idea for years and includes mentors who can give you a real-life experience of the test at the comfort of your home?

Take a look at the unique features of IELTS Ninja, an online platform made just for you to make your IELTS exam preparation more convenient and easy.

Features of IELTS Ninja

IELTS Ninja is a unique platform that provides a real-time experience of online mock exams through their pedagogy that drives you to work with personal mentors and prepares you through the online mock tests. Take a look at some of the distinctive features of the platform-

  • Private Mentors- you get to indulge in one-on-one sessions with the best training experts in the field who provide you with doubt sessions, feedback, and pay attention to you individually.
  • Access Anytime- you can learn at the comfort of your own home and access the videos that are replete with diagrams and examples that you can watch whenever you want to.
  • Customized Plans- each student is assessed based on their strengths and weaknesses and their study plans are made accordingly, ensuring growth in all aspects
  • Comprehensive Tests- You get to take mock tests after every module, including evaluation for the speaking section with the personal mentors.


The pandemic is still at its peak, and it is not safe for anyone to go out, even for their tests. So give up on the age-old idea of traditional classes, sign up for a personalized experience in IELTS training, and prepare yourself for the future of test-taking. You can also get a free trial class and understand how IELTS Ninja can actually work in your favour. So, hurry up now!

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