Ireland is one of the most sought out countries in Europe for higher studies. This is facilitated by the rich history of the country and the friendly residents. Ireland is known to be a residence for colleges such as Trinity College, University College Dublin, and the University of Limerick.  Ireland is also a hub for economic activities in Europe, which makes it easier to find work in the country.

In this article, you can look for the major universities and courses offered in Ireland for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral students along with the ways to obtain a study visa in Ireland, and the cost of studying in Ireland.

Benefits of Studying in Ireland

Ireland is known for its rich history, culture, cuisine, festivals, scenic beauty, and it’s art and architecture. It has been a well-known fact that Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe with a very low crime rate. The residents of Ireland are warm, welcoming people and you would feel at home in their country. The living costs in Ireland are quite affordable for Indian students.

Ireland is home to some of the most reputed educational institutes. The tuition fee in these institutes is lesser compared to other universities in Europe. If the candidates need to work along with studies, there are several part-time opportunities available. It is also easier to obtain a study visa for Ireland.

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Major Courses and Universities in Ireland

Here is a list of courses and the universities you can apply for if you plan on studying in Ireland.

Data Science

Data Science is one of the most important fields in today’s time. If you are planning on pursuing your Masters in Data Science, take a look at the top 5 colleges in Ireland offering the course.

  1. University College Dublin
  2. Trinity College
  3. Maynooth University
  4. National University of Ireland, Galway
  5. Technological University Dublin

English Literature

If your mind is set on English Literature, here are some famous colleges providing Post Graduate and PhD in the subject.

  1. Mary Immaculate College
  2. Trinity College Dublin
  3. University College Cork
  4. University of Limerick
  5. American College Dublin

Cloud Computing

Ireland is home to several Cloud Computing firms and there is a higher chance of getting a placement offer after your studies. Some of the top institutes offering the course include:

  1. Technological University Dublin
  2. Dublin Business School
  3. National College of Ireland
  4. Athlone Institute of Technology
  5. Letterkenny Institute of Technology

Data Analytics

While Data Science and Data Analytics are the two courses that are often confused with each other, these are two completely different courses. Here are five institutes that offer the course.

  1. Griffith College
  2. University College Dublin
  3. National College of Ireland
  4. University College Cork
  5. Institute of Technology, Carlow

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Study in Ireland- Scholarships and Visa

Once you have decided on the course you want to pursue, take a look at the scholarships you can avail by the colleges in Ireland. The scholarship programs mentioned here are offered by the Government of Ireland for the final year of the Undergraduate program, one year Master’s degree program, or one year of a research program. The other programs listed are funded by the Universities themselves.

1. Government of Ireland International Scholarship Programme

The scholarship is provided by the Government of Ireland and the learners receive a stipend of €10,000, and some candidates might even receive a full waiver off their tuition and registration fee.

2. Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin waivers off the tuition fee for the selected students in addition to the scholarship they receive by the government.

3. Walsh Fellowship Programme

The Walsh Fellowship Programme is provided in the memory of Dr. Tom Walsh, a leader in agriculture and food research in Ireland. The scholarship is provided to those who are studying in the areas of food, animal and grassland, crops, environment and land use, economics and rural development.

Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarships

The Galway Mayo Institute of Technology provides scholarships to students with a 6.5 or higher band score in IELTS exam. It may vary based on the GDP of the country you belong to.

Maynooth University Scholarships

Maynooth University has a list of scholarships for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Doctoral candidates. These scholarships provide a discount on the tuition fee along with other benefits.

There are several other scholarships that are provided by the Irish Government and the institutes in Ireland to encourage students to study in the country. The Indian Government also provides scholarships for students who want to study abroad. You can look at the list of more such scholarship programs here.


Have you changed your mind concerning the country you’d like to choose for higher studies? While there are several other countries in Europe that might seem like your dream destination, Ireland may prove to be more cost-effective and safe for you. It is one of the most peaceful countries and a dream for history, art, and museum lovers. Do mention in the comments below if you would like to know about more such countries in the UK or US.

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